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İnsan hakları aktivisti Yaka Bizil, uçuş boyunca ve inişte Rus muhalif aktivist Aleksey Navalni'nin durumunun stabil olduğunu bildirdi. Rus haber ajansı TASS'ta yer alan habere göre, Rus ... Son dakika haberleri.. Rus yatırım fonunun tepe ismi Kirill Dmitriev, eşiyle birlikte koronavirüs aşısı yaptırdığını ve elde edilen ilk sonuçların başarılı olduğunu söyledi. 29.Haz.2020 - Pinterest'te bir insan adlı kullanıcının 'rus' panosunu inceleyin. Güzellik, Russian fashion, 70ler ilham modası hakkında daha fazla fikir görün. Rus işgalciler Kırım'da insan sağlığını hiçe sayıyor! Sözde Kırım hükumetinin basın servisi tarafından 4 Eylül 2020 yapılan açıklamada, 'Eylül 2020'de Kırım'ın kırsal ve kentsel alanlarında tarımsal ürünlerin ve işlenen ürünlerin satışı için 700'den fazla fuar etkinliği düzenlenmesi planlanmaktadır.Sanayi Politikası Bakanlığı, tarımsal ürünleri ve ... insan imgesini işlediği yapıtlarda Rus köylülerinin yanı sıra, kadınların ve. çocukların acılarına da romantizmin olağanüstü ve güçlü figürlerine tamamen karşıt. HR İngilis dili insan İnsan resursları İR Rus dili Təcrübəçi İş barədə məlumat: Əmək qanunvericliliyinə əsasən işçilərin işə qəbulu, işdən azad edilməsi, əmək müqavilələrinin hazırlanması, elektron sistemə bildirişləri daxil etmək Merupakan seorang usahawan, jurutera forensik kewangan dan juga pengasas urusinsan sebuah komuniti celik kewangan. Urusinsan telah diwujudkan lebih 12 tahun yang lalu, kini mempunyai lebih dari 2000 ahli seluruh dunia.

Stuff you may want to know on the Area 51m R2

2020.09.21 23:38 Qv4n7vm Stuff you may want to know on the Area 51m R2

Hi guys, this is my first ever post on reddit. I just wanted to share some info on the Area 51m R2 since I bought this beast a few weeks ago, and was really hesitating at first with the 17 R3 or the Blade 17 pro. Reddit helped me quite a bit with nice reviewers/users sharing their thoughts and experience here, and so I thought I should spare a few hours to give some info back to the community.
Probably like most of you laptop gamers out there, my main concern was thermals. My previous gaming laptop was an Alienware 15 (2015) with a GTX 970m, that I bought in a sweet epoch where gaming laptop manufacturers were not obsessed with "thin and light", and it has been a very reliable machine for the past 5 years, though it started struggling with newer games.
I thought the 51m would be a better option than all those "thin and light" stuff with max-Q GPUs (like some razer blades, and some of the 15 and 17 Alienwares). I had already had some bad experience long ago with gaming on [thin laptops]( Since I was going to buy a gaming rig, and that either way I would be paying quite a bit of money, I did not want to have to deal with thermal throttling, or having to put a book to elevate the back of the laptop, burn my fingertips on a scorching keyboard, and have insane fan noise. Also, I'm kind of the average joe in the sense that I'm okay with changing my RAM sticks or SSDs, but I don't really take pleasure in having to repaste, or undervolt. So I was really looking for a thick gaming laptop that would deliver good performance, out of the box. The 51m was really attractive in that sense. The only thing really holding me back, for some reason, was the fact that there were two power supplies.
There are a bunch of reviews already available on the 51m R2 and the other options (namely the 15 and 17 with their infamous flipped motherboards and soldered ram) which helped me make my purchase decision, however there was one piece of info that I had failed to find anywhere: how does the 51m perform on a single power supply?
This is the main point of my post.
The configuration I have, given that I really did not want it to be hot and loud, but powerful enough to enjoy the newest AAA games at 1080p or 1440p, is the following:
The unit shipped with two power supplies, a thicc 330W and a standard 180W.
In a nutshell: the laptop performs really damn well with the single 330W unit, to the point that the difference in performance with both supplies plugged in is not really significant even during intense gaming. In fact I've spent the last week gaming only with the 330W plugged in. By intense gaming, I do not mean CS:GO, but rather Red Dead Redemption 2, Control, or Flight Simulator 2020 on maxed out (or close to) settings. With the 180W supply only, gaming performance takes a hard hit, but the rest is really fine.
For some more details, I thought I should try a few benchmarks (this is not done as extensively and as methodically as real reviews, I'm not a tech expert, but maybe it's still worthy info).
So I've done some runs on 3 configurations (510W, 330W and 180W) which respectively correspond to both power supplies plugged in, the thicc one only, and the standard one only. I'm doing the tests with no other programs running (except steam in the background, and avast). I should add that I have not tweaked anything, my whole laptop is in factory settings (no repasting, no undervolting or overclocking) with the medium power mode in windows 10, and I have not installed Alienware Command Center (thanks to redditers who reported quite a few bugs) or anything, so my fan profile is stock. My drivers are up to date, though. My room temperature is around 26 C (approx 79 F), standard warm-ish (september is hot in Paris this year). My laptop is simply placed on a glass table, with no cooling pads or stuff to raise its base. And here's what it looks like:
Testing the CPU
The ref performance is [greater than the previous generation i9-9900KS in laptops](, which is a desktop-grade CPU adapted for mobile form factors.
The 330W performance becomes comparable to the i9-9900KS and is still well above the m17 R2 with the max-out CPU configuration, or the incredible Zephyrus G14 with the Ryzen 9 config.
And finally, the 180W performance is [on par with the average i9-9980HK](, which was kind of the top-end 9th gen laptop CPU.
Testing the GPU
The ref performance, for graphics, is [slightly above the median RTX 2080 max-Q performance](,clock%20speeds%20and%20power%20consumption.&text=It%20is%20based%20on%20the,bit%20interface%20(12%20GHz))), which is the GPU that is found in the top of the line, bleeding edge "thin and light" gaming laptops. The 330W performance is similar.
As for the 180W performance...well, it does dip quite low. It is [on par with the median performance for laptops with a GTX 1050]( So using the small power brick only, will give you gaming performances similar to some low-mid tier gaming laptops from 2017.
I've also tried the DX12 test, and results are similar.
Both 510W and 330W are well above median RTX 2080 max-Q performances. The 180W performance is [slightly above median performance for GTX 1050Ti laptops](, which again, corresponds to low-middle tier gaming laptops from 2018.
Low power tasks
Finally I've run the express PCMark benchmark, to take a look at performance in "low power tasks", like browsing the web, watching youtube videos, making video-calls, editing text documents or excel sheets.
To no surprise, the lower power supply does not really affect tasks which do not demand a lot of power. I believe those will depend more on your RAM frequency, and the type of storage you are using.
Some final comments
Overall, we can see that the 330W thicc power supply alone will deliver enough power for all intents and purposes. I thought this would be a very important message to send to those buyers who are still hesitating between the 51m and other gaming laptops: if you choose the middleground in terms of specs (i.e. not the RTX2080 and not the i9 10900K), you can keep your second 180W power supply at home, and just stick with the big one when spend a few weeks somewhere far from home.
Having both power supplies will, of course, only positively impact performance.
Watch out if you go for the lower specs (1660Ti and an i5 CPU), they may not ship with the 330W brick and you'll be stuck having to carry two smaller bricks, which still sucks more than having a single big brick in my opinion.
As was announced in some posts that vaguely talked about the single power supply performance, priority goes to the CPU when the PC is power-starved (the cinebench score is not as severely afflicted by the power shortage, than the GPU test scores).
Finally, I'd like to talk about thermals: they are absolutely. Freaking. Awesome.
During long gaming sessions on pretty intense games (FS2020, Red Dead, Control...), the CPU never goes above 85 degrees, and the GPU is mostly around 65-75. This is without tweaking any voltages or fan profiles...and what really blew my mind was that the fans were not even loud! They've never spun at max.
Let it be noted that even with the single big power supply, the GPU load does reach 100% so it is not throttling in any way. With this, I get reasonable framerates. Specifically, around 40-45 in FS2020 in High-End settings; anywhere between 75-95 in Control with all maxed out, except ray-tracing at medium, FPS drop to 55-75 with max ray tracing; and around 60-70 in Red Dead Redemption 2 in ultra.
In hindsight, I think Alienware has done such a good job with the cooling on the 51m R2 that I perhaps should have gone with the RTX 2080 Super, as there is so much thermal headroom for the GPU (the temps are fine even under max load and the fans aren't noisy). However, I think the drop in performance between 510W and 330W supply with the 2080 super might be more significant than it is with my configuration, which I like to think is kind of a sweetspot.
Anyways, I'm quite satisfied with the purchase. Since I can get performances that are equal or greater than the maxed-out "thin and light" specs, but without insane fan noise and scorching temps, and without needing two power supplies, I must say I got exactly what I was looking for. Heck...thermally, it even exceeded all my expectations.
...that's about all I wanted to share. I'd be glad to try to answer any questions you may have concerning the 51m R2.
Hope it helped!
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2020.09.20 06:55 Bigggbot67 This Rus loadout is insane! Try giving it a try

This Rus loadout is insane! Try giving it a try submitted by Bigggbot67 to CallOfDutyMobile [link] [comments]

2020.09.13 17:29 Agram1416 Desolation solo

I just played a 5 player desolation controlling each faction by myself and it’s actually very fun!
I played with the og five factions but randomized all 7 player mats. My plan was for Crimea to rush enlists then keep farming food so everyone else could get their useful enlists in as well; rusviet alternated between farming oil and metal, taking advantage of repeated productions for several turns; I had planned on Polania getting every encounter possible and going for the pop star, but the first encounter didn’t get them the tools they needed to get off their starting island and soon after the desolation mechs strolled over and sat on top of them, making their contribution weak, in the end, the only white star they could get is control 7 territories which I specifically made them do since I didn’t want to waste the other factions.
Saxony became my mech rush and combat powerhouse - the one enlist became useful so they could keep getting combat cards from Crimea. I thought their ability was going to be irrelevant, but they got the two combat triumphs then dropped another star using their ability to go ahead and pick up the placed 5 stars triumph; Nordic became the filler to farm and build power to protect against mechs, they ended up getting the building star cause Polania bombed hard.
About half way through, I realized the only way to get the pop star was getting rusviet to repeat trade actions after an upgrade AND to have Crimea start building to trigger rus’s enlist - luckily I had already switch Nordic to building so rusviet had a head start. Then, about 5 turns left, I realized that rusviet HAD to be the one to get the rest of my upgrades because I planned it poorly, but I couldn’t reach pop and upgrades so thought I was screwed, but kept playing to see if I had something that could dig me out or if I could manage to defeat the rest of the mechs.
Luckily, I picked up the spend two coins to gain an upgrade and pop with rus and in a last turn desperate move found the gain four pop encounter card! I did lose, and admit that I lost, but had I taken an upgrade action the turn before instead of trade for two pop, I would have one, so I reset a little to make that work.
Fun things about playing coop: 1) coins don’t matter except to keep a few for purchases (one person needs 20 for a star) 2) pop doesn’t matter except for the one person getting the triumph - these first two together makes getting 8 workers to dedicate farming a good strat for a couple factions (Crimea and Nordic for me) 3) stacking mechs in defensive spots is great for interesting combats and a way to get around the insane amount of power the mechs end up with - this proved especially useful when rusviet picked up 10+ combat cards but was never above 3 power, he was just positioning his mechs for other players. 4) enlists kind of reverses in functionality - you sort of want to hold off on you bra’s until you neighbors unlock their enlists to give them boosts, everyone getting the combat card enlist is great for getting enough cards to defend.
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2020.09.10 02:18 COD_Mobile_Official Call of Duty: Mobile - September 9th

Call of Duty: Mobile - September 9th
Greetings Call of Duty: Mobile Community! We made it to September 9th and that means it is time for yet another brand-new season of Call of Duty: Mobile! Season 10 is called The Hunt is releasing right now at 5 pm PT and that comes with a wide variety of new content. First and foremost, just because we like making new trailers every single month 😉, let’s take a look at the Season 10 release trailer:
We’ve seen many of you talking about how it feels like Season 9 just started and is already over, and we agree. It was a unique season full of unique content, fantastic character designs, wonderful theme music, and of course Gunsmith. It was our biggest update in COD: Mobile history and while Season 10 isn’t quite as massive of in-game update, it does bring with it one some stellar characters, like Mara, Makarov, and Mace, along with one of the most requested Call of Duty maps – Terminal!
Of course there is far more going on than just than little snippet of information, so let’s jump into the update now! We’ll go over all of the details and as per usual please let us know if you are seeing any issues or have any feedback about all of this new content.
Here is the full look at recently released events or those running until the end of the season:
  • 9/10 - 9/24 ~ Headquarters Mode (MP)
  • 9/10 - 9/27 ~ Terminal 24/7 Playlist (MP)
  • 9/10 - 9/17 ~ Boarding Pass Event (MP)
    • Play the new MP map Terminal, complete tasks, and acquire a variety of rewards
  • 9/10 - 9/17 ~ Carpe Diem Event (MP)
    • Complete a variety of Headquarters related tasks and grab Spec Ops 4 – Freight Train, new weapon camos, and more
  • 9/10 ~ Three New Seasonal Challenges released
  • 9/10 ~ Credit Store Update
  • 9/10 ~ New Monthly Login event begins
*All Dates UTC
Before we jump into everything and break down many aspects of this release, we would like to share our carefully and lovingly designed Roadmap that gives you a glimpse at what is releasing today and what more is coming throughout this season. Take a look!
We would like to specifically mention the Echo, a brand-new weapon. This automatic shotgun packs some serious power and can take down multiple enemies in a row as long as you are close enough to hit them with its full firepower. You can grab the base version and the Epic Demon Eyes blueprint in the BP. Check that new weapon out in action!
Season 10 - Battle Pass The Hunt is here and with that brings a brand-new Battle Pass full of characters, weapons, blueprints, camos, and an insane amount of value. We know everyone here in the online community is generally pretty aware of this, but the Battle Pass is the cheapest way to acquire some of the best items in the game on top of the extra benefit of it providing enough CP to buy a new Battle Pass each month.
Outside of that and the highlights listed above, here is the list of some of the main items you can find in the Season 10 Battle Pass.
Free Battle Pass
  • LK24 – Forest Floor (tier 4)
  • New Operator Skill – Equalizer (tier 14)
  • New Weapon – Echo (tier 21)
  • HS0405 – Forest Floor (Tier 31)
  • Calling Card – Forest Assault (tier 38)
  • Charm – Safety First (tier 46)
  • HG 40 – Forest Floor (tier 50)
Paid Battle Pass
  • Mara - Valkyrie (tier 1)
  • GKS - Scion (tier 1)
  • Charm – Black Widow (tier 1)
  • ICR -1 - Bloodline (tier 10)
  • Outrider - Amazonas (tier 12)
  • RPD – Carnivorous (tier 20)
  • Makarov – Splinter (tier 35)
  • XPR - Arachnophobia (tier 40)
  • Echo – Demon Eyes (tier 50)
  • Mace - Tombstone (tier 50)
  • Legendary Calling Card – Fatal Attraction (tier 50)
While that is just a quick synopsis, there are also so many other items available, including Battle Royale camos, an emote, an avatar, the Bloodline series of camos, and more. The Battle Pass is live now, so go take a look and start leveling through those tiers.
Headquarters Mode This classic Call of Duty Multiplayer mode is similar to Hardpoint, where it is a moving location on the map that you have to capture in order to score points for your team. However, while it is similarly strategic it does have quite a few key differences:
  • The Headquarters radio cannot switch sides once captured by a team, it can only be destroyed
  • While a radio is captured the team that captured it can no longer respawn
  • The goal is to be the first team to capture the radio, once it spawns, and to hold it long enough (for up to 50 seconds) to rake in the points for your team
This mode will be live for a couple of weeks, so make sure to try it out and let us know what you think! Lastly, if you are looking for some visual aids then you can get a glimpse of it all in action below.
Terminal Map This beloved and fan-favorite Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 map has been one of the most highly requested maps for CODM and it is finally here! Fight through the tarmac, the departure hall, various indoor areas, or inside of the plane, each of which offers support for different playstyles.
At the start this map is available for Team Death Match, Domination, Search & Destroy, Hardpoint, 10v10 TDM, 10v10 DOM, and more. Of course, it depends on whether or not those modes are activated at this time, like 10v10, but it will be widely available.
There are a variety of different perks, loadouts, weapons, and options for taking on this unique map. If you are looking for any tips on how to dominate this one then we have a Terminal Map Snapshot blog post ready for you!
Hardcore Mode For anyone that has played any Call of Duty before this mobile version there is always a set of players who greatly prefer a mode that is fast, brutal, and rewards accuracy and strategy – this is Hardcore mode**.** This mode has many unique traits that make it perfect for those seeking a more realistic Multiplayer experience where every single bullet counts. Here are the main details:
That’s right, friendly fire is on, there is a reduced hud, and it is much easier to die to a stray bullet. All Call of Duty titles handle friendly fire a bit differently, so with this mode you are able to teamkill twice and then any other friendly fire after that will become reflective, meaning it will do damage to you instead of a teammate. Keep your aim accurate friends.
Seasonal Challenges New season means new seasonal challenges! We have three out right now with four more releasing through the season. As per usual there is a lot to grab through these, whether it is Battle Pass XP, unique items, blueprints, and more.
Survival Kit This six-part seasonal challenge asks you to dive into Battle Royale and complete a variety of tasks focused around weapons, kills, and looting. This one has quite a few rewards, but it features an epic weapon blueprint, the HG 40 - Flytrap. Any items of epic rarity are not commonly found in seasonal challenges, so make sure to grab this impressively vine covered HG 40.
  • (Uncommon) RUS-79U – Pelt
  • (Rare) Spray – Night Terror
  • (Rare) HG 40 – Freight Train
  • (Rare) Venus Frame
  • (Epic) HG 40 – Fly trap
Master Operator This seven-part seasonal challenge has you jumping back into Multiplayer and specifically asks you to go dominate the playing field with operator skills. You’ll have to use five different operator skills to complete every task in this one, including the new Equalizer operator skill that can be found and acquired through the new Battle Pass. Check out the rewards:
  • (Uncommon) FHJ-18 – Plated Green
  • (Uncommon) M4 – Plated Green
  • (Rare) Calling Card – Camper
  • (Rare) M16 – Iridescent
Run and Gun This Gunsmith-orientated six-part seasonal challenge is Multiplayer focused and requires you to use various weapons with specific setups/attachments. While the tasks themselves are relatively simple, you’ll need a variety of weapons at least somewhat leveled up to complete every single task. The main rewards for this one are:
  • (Uncommon) J358 – Pelt
  • (Uncommon) GKS – Pelt
  • (Rare) Spray – Charge
  • (Rare) GKS – Freight Train
Check out each subsequent weekly community update for the details on each next batch of seasonal challenges!
Pine Map We have another new Multiplayer map coming out later in the season and this vegetation heavy map is called Pine! This close quarters map is suited primarily for Gunfight and 1v1 mode. It will be available later on this season on September 25th (UTC). Keep an eye out for more info on it around then.
BR Class – Hacker Another new piece of content coming out later this season is a Battle Royale class, the Hacker. This class gives you the ability to become extremely annoying to your enemies as you prevent them from using equipment, disable their minimap, and various options that generally make life harder for them.
The two main abilities are Ice Pick, the primary, and Hard Wired. Ice Pick blocks out the minimap of any nearby enemy and stops them from using any gadget. Hard Wired on the other hand makes it difficult for enemies to negatively affect your minimap. See that new class in motion on our CODM YouTube page (we can only post so many videos per Reddit post).
You’ll be able to find this one in an event called Technogeek that should be releasing on the tail-end of the season. Keep an eye out for more news on that as we get closer to October.
Overkill Perk A few updates ago we added perk called Overkill into the game but we’ve yet to unlock it. As a result many people have been asking after each update ‘when will Overkill be released?’ Well, the simple answer is not yet. The more complicated response is that we don’t think it is ready yet, especially after Gunsmith entering the playing field and changing how nearly everything works with weapons.
We see the desire for this perk and we will absolutely call it out as soon as we know when it is going to be released. Just hang tight and please accept that we haven’t released it yet for good reasons.
Credit Store Update The last piece of new content we would like to highlight for this Season 10 release is the first credit store update, which also releases today. This credit store update is all focused around weapons alongside one scorestreak. Check it all out in-game now and here are all of the items that were added:
  • (Uncommon) M21 EBR – Undergrowth
  • (Uncommon) UL736 – Nightfall
  • (Rare) HVK-30 - Lattice
  • (Common) Cluster Strike Scorestreak
  • (Epic - Blueprint) BK57 – Nuclear Fallout
Bug Reports While normally we don’t do this during an update or Season release post, there is one issue we wanted call-out here due to players frequently reaching out about it.
Event Reward Issues Over the weekend and into the start of this week we’ve seen players reaching out about issues with two events: 10 Men Regiment and Survival Skills. The issue popping up with both events is that some rewards are not collectable despite the tracker being filled up. This is clearly shown on the events page for each. Here is an example:
The last reward there, despite this event progress tracker being completed it, is not collectable. There is a similar issue with two rewards in Survival Skills. We are working on both of those and investigating options to get rewards to those who are encountering these issues.
Just hang tight for now and keep an eye out for news on all of that. Lastly, thank you to everyone who has been reporting these issues and reaching out in ever corner of our community sphere. We have tried to convey this message everywhere we can, but please do share this with others.
Support Options Lastly, we’ve mentioned multiple times how important it is to report any bugs or issues you are seeing with new updates so please make sure to reach out through any of support channels. While we do see and report bugs through community channels, it is generally only large and clearly identified issues while our player support teams can go through all kinds of reports and in a much more detailed way. Here are those main channels:
Final Notes The next season releasing after this one will be during our Call of Duty: Mobile anniversary month and there will be a lot going on then, but for now enjoy Season 10: The Hunt and all of the brand-new content releasing for it throughout the season! There are still many different events on the way, different modes, different playlists, and so many rewards to grab new rewards (like a perk called High Alert), like another marquee seasonal event similar to Finest Hour.
We are 11 months into the first year of CODM and we cannot thank you enough! There have been many members of this community that have been here since the beginning, whether they are content creators, community leaders, or one of the tens of thousands of community members. We are continuously humbled by this support, by the size of the community, and by the creativity, kindness, humor, and passion you all exhibit every single day.
Thank you all and enjoy the 10th season of Call of Duty: Mobile!
-The Call of Duty: Mobile Team
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2020.09.09 16:41 eylulbulent0 Rusya tüm dünyaya duyurdu... Koronavirüs aşısı ile ilgili yeni gelişme! Dünya koronavirüs aşısıyla ilgili sürekli gelişme yaşanan Rusya'ya kilitlenmiş durumda. Rus bilim insanları, ürettikleri tartışmalı koronavirüs aşısının ilk denemelerinde insan vücudunda bağışıklık tepkisi meydana geldiğini aç

Rusya tüm dünyaya duyurdu... Koronavirüs aşısı ile ilgili yeni gelişme! Dünya koronavirüs aşısıyla ilgili sürekli gelişme yaşanan Rusya'ya kilitlenmiş durumda. Rus bilim insanları, ürettikleri tartışmalı koronavirüs aşısının ilk denemelerinde insan vücudunda bağışıklık tepkisi meydana geldiğini aç submitted by eylulbulent0 to u/eylulbulent0 [link] [comments]

2020.09.05 09:38 1trance_org Trance AUGUST Megapack (890 releases)

Trance AUGUST Megapack (890 releases over 38 GB):


2thundersdxb_-_Nomet-(5059580290658)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz 3lanko-Seagull_Scream-(WATR052)-WEB-2020-AFO 3RVIN-Proclivity-(PHAT084)-WEB-2020-AFO 4_Strings-Backlight-(CRR013)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT 4_Strings_-_Backlight-(CRR013)-WEB-2020-QMI 7ROSES_and_Natune-Hold_On_To_Your_Dreams_(Ash_Kunelius_Remix)-(YV089)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Aamos-Revolver-(ITAX009)-WEB-2020-KLIN Aatma_And_Somatica-Ghost_From_My_Past-SINGLE-WEB-2020-FALCON ABHISHEK_Y2V-Moon_Landing-(ITP116E)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO ABHISHEK_Y2V_-_Moon_Landing-(ITP116)-WEB-2020-QMI_INT Abide-League_EP-(SR394)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Above_and_Beyond-I_Saw_Good-(ANJ644D)-WEB-2020-AFO Accuface_-_The_Disaster_(Grief_and_Anger)_(Remastered)-(MPR068)-WEB-2020-JUSTiFY Active_Limbic_System-Twilight_Zone-(NKF031)-WEB-2020-AFO Adam_Francis-Escape-(RDXM116)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Adam_Francis_-_Escape-(RDXM116)-WEB-2020-QMI Adama-DNA-WEB-2020-FALCON Adip_Kiyoi-2.4-(BASE098)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Adip_Kiyoi-2.4-(BASE098A)-WEB-2020-AFO Adrenalin_Drum_California_Sunshine-Flying_Saucers_Smashing-WEB-2020-FALCON Adrenalinn_Drum-X-Perimental_Goa-WEB-2020-NDE Ahmed_Romel-Dystopia-(FSOE471A)-WEB-2020-AFO Airdream_and_Calvin_OCommor-Daylight-(SCR362)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Airdream_and_Calvin_Ocommor_-_Daylight-(SCR362)-WEB-2020-QMI_INT AirLab7_and_David_Surok-Urabe_Mikoto-(TR134)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Aki_Harunari-Ryugu-(BM069)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Akretis-Neptun-(RDXF041)-WEB-2020-AFO Aktyum-Nightwalker-SINGLE-WEB-2020-FALCON Aladiah-Greatest_Of_Mysteries-(TSR0136)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-KLIN Alan_Morris_-_United-(FSOE466A)-WEB-2020-QMI Alderaan-Harmonic_Tales-WEB-2020-FALCON Alegro-What_People_Say-SINGLE-WEB-2020-FALCON Aleksey_Litunov-Open_Your_Eyes-(TF132)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Aleksey_Litunov-Top_10_Uplifting-(R2638)-WEB-2020-NDE Aleksey_Litunov_-_A_Lamp_Girl-(TF131)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Aleksey_Litunov_-_Ultra_Trance-(R2621)-WEB-2020-ZzZz Aleksey_Taranov_-_Soul_Light-(4061798692255)-WEB-2020-ZzZz Alex_Al_Onions-Drawing_Of_A_Lifetime-(YV087)-WEB-2020-AFO Alex_Byrka-Ravenna-(PDE12)-WEB-2020-AFO Alex_Numark-Endless_Summer-(BSR579)-WEB-2020-AFO Alex_Shevchenko-Out_Of_The_Dark-(SDR370)-WEB-2020-AFO Alex_Shevchenko-Out_Of_The_Dark-(SDR370)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Alex_Sokolov_-_Run_Over_The_Horizon-(29TRANCE00012)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Alex_Sonata_and_TheRio_-_Nebula-(ASOT612)-WEB-2020-QMI Alex_Starsound_-_Laserdance-(IT043)-WEB-2020-ZzZz Alex_Wright_and_Daniel_Kandi_-_Gem_State-(ALWAYSA342)-WEB-2020-QMI Alexander_Gagarin-Still_Believe-(NIX173)-WEB-2020-AFO Alexander_Spark_and_Alexandra_Badoi-Dreaming_(A.R.D.I._Remix)-(ITP118E)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Alexander_Turok-Oscillation_(Incl._Tycoos_Remix)-(2RR062)-WEB-2020-AFO Alexei_Maslov-Apophis-(VRC029)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-KLIN AlexRusShev-Regenerate-(MSBKR183)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO AlexRusShev_-_Summer_Waltz-(VRC028)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-QMI Ali_Mohtashami_and_Azin_Zahedi_-_Confident-(GRVV1007)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Alien_Chaos-Mechanical_Slaves-WEB-2020-FALCON Alien_Project_And_Astrix-Midnight_Sun_Save_The_Robot_Remix-SINGLE-WEB-2020-FALCON Allan_Berndtz_and_Sonic_Journey-Fierce-(TGR040)-WEB-2020-AFO Allan_Berndtz_and_Sonic_Journey-Levitate-(ALWAYSA345)-WEB-2020-AFO Allan_McLuhan_-_Acid_Theory-(TD001)-WEB-2020-ZzZz Allen_Belg-Another_Day-(SNM069)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Allen_Watts_and_Roman_Messer_-_Skyline-WEB-2020-QMI Alpha_Portal_And_Burn_In_Noise-Omnia-SINGLE-WEB-2020-FALCON Amanora_feat_Seif_Osama_-_The_Maze-(SR001)-WEB-2020-ZzZz Amir_Reza_and_Parham_Mohassel-Desert_Warriors-(LSR025)-WEB-2020-AFO Anatomic-Imaginary_Passage-WEB-2020-FALCON Ander_One_-_Shadow__Movement-WEB-2020-QMI Andrea_Mazza-It_Cant_Rain_Forever-(GOM030)-WEB-2020-AFO Andrea_Mazza-It_Cant_Rain_Forever-(GOM030)-WEB-2020-AOV Andrea_Ribeca-Sogni_Progressivi_(Andrea_Ribeca_Riialto_Remix)-(AZINK001CLA)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Andrea_Ribeca_and_Lokka_Vox-Cyberfly-(AZINK002CLA)-WEB-2020-AFO Andrea_Scopsi-Legato-(YV095)-WEB-2020-AFO Andreas_Tillnert_and_Emma_Horan_-_Perfect_Strangers-(MOLSO057)-WEB-2020-JUSTiFY Andrew_Frenir-Breathing-(ECT171)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Andrew_Rayel_and_Olivia_Sebastianelli_-_Everything_Everything-(IHM115)-WEB-2020-JUSTiFY Andrew_Rayel_and_Robbie_Seed_ft._That_Girl_-_Stars_Collide_(Remixes)-(ARMD1526R1)-WEB-2020-QMI Andy_Bianchini_and_Snowx_ft._Tara_Louise_-_Stay-(ENHANCED467)-WEB-2020-QMI Andy_Jay_Powell_-_Children_Of_Paradise_2020-(53580013)-WEB-2020-MARiBOR Andy_Jornee-Green_Sphere-(U70820)-WEB-2020-AFO Andy_Jornee-My_Silence-(BTSR333)-WEB-2020-AFO Andy_Jornee-My_Silence-(BTSR333)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Animato-Want_You_To_Know-SINGLE-WEB-2020-FALCON Ansun_and_Arsen_and_Adam_Juhl_ft_Able_Faces-Evolution-(HCR376D)-WEB-2020-AFO Antaluk-Good_Old_Times-SINGLE-WEB-2020-FALCON Anton_By-Magic-(PVM082)-WEB-2020-AFO Anton_Mokhnachev-Milky_Way-(NSM351)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-wAx Apex_-_Virtuoso-(NEW354A)-WEB-2020-ZzZz_iNT APH_-_Floating_Moments-(NSM357)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Archaic_-_The_Solution_Comes_In_Non-Ordinary_Realities-(PYRDG004)-WEB-2020-BarGhest AREO-Tetra-(PLST0003)-WEB-2020-AFO Armin_Van_Buuren-Lost_Tapes-ARDI4256-WEB-2020-TraX Armin_Van_Buuren_-_Lost_Tapes-(ARDI4256)-WEB-2020-QMI Armin_Van_Buuren_pres._Rising_Star_ft._Cari-The_Voice-WEB-2020-AOV ARS-Restart-(DIGISOC372)-WEB-2020-AFO Arsen_Gold-Together_At_Dawn-(TAR138125)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Arsen_Gold-Together_At_Dawn-(TAR138125)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Arsen_Gold_and_Hidden_Tigress-Introspection-(TTR074)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Arti5an_ft_Anki-Thank_You_(Vince_Blakk_Remix)-(INS060)-WEB-2020-AFO Asarualim-No_Light_Without_Darkness-Remastered-WEB-2020-FALCON Ash_Kunelius-Fly-(IPR195)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Ashley_Gibson_-_Impending_Gloom-(NSM359)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Asioto-Over_The_Clouds-(AURALSN162)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Asmodeo_-_Prometheus-(5059580260064)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Aspiration_-_Lighthouse-(ASP70)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Astral_Legacy-You_Couldnt_Have_Me-(YR1324)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Astro_D--Digi_Babas-(SPIT216)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-BABAS AstroFegs-Babette-(AE412)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Athzira_And_Angry_Luna-Zaculeu-SINGLE-WEB-2020-FALCON Atohmic-Chakra_Healing-WEB-2020-FALCON Atomas-Cartesian_Space-WEB-2020-NDE Atragun-Amarok-(ENTRM186)-WEB-2020-AFO Audio-X_And_Mad_Haters-Mind_Of_Grams-WEB-2020-FALCON Audiobass_-_Feel_That_Way-(PSY006)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz AudioStorm-Revolt-(SPIT214)-WEB-2020-AFO Aum_Shanti-Magical_Anthology-(PTND009)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-KLIN Aurawave-Hyperspace-WEB-2020-FALCON Avenia_and_With_The_Winds-Falling-(SCR028)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Avenia_and_With_The_Winds_-_Falling-(SCR028)-WEB-2020-QMI Averagaint-Oceans_Deep-(MONSTER117)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Avylo-Magical_Waters-(SDM056)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Axel_Core_-_Proton-(KAR020)-WEB-2020-ZzZz AZ_XVER_VKTNZER-PSY_TEKNO_M1-WEB-2020-NDE Azima-Your_Way_(Kiyoi_and_Eky_Remix)-(LAR078)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Bardalimov-Late_Summer_Fields-(JMP021)-WEB-2020-AFO BarTar_-_Mythology-(GRVV1021)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Becker-Cyberdelic_World-(DM7003)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-KLIN Behind_The_Sunset-The_Beast-(PHAT085)-WEB-2020-AFO Belokrinitsky-Loss-(RDXM113)-WEB-2020-AFO Belokrinitsky_pres_Onstream89-The_Hope__Number89-(ENTRM187)-WEB-2020-AFO Ben_Ashley_and_Natalie_Dime-U-(ABRD229)-WEB-2020-AFO Ben_Stone-Aragon-(INTER175)-WEB-2020-AFO Bent-Low_Freqs_Freak-(KSX437)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Beyond_Senses-Disco_Noise-SINGLE-WEB-2020-FALCON Bibhu_Prasad_Samantray_-_Heartless-(OZR035)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Bigtopo-Vida-(RA116)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Billik-What_A_Nightmare-(AEP409)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT BiXX_and_Roxanne_Emery-Unbroken-(NK055)-WEB-2020-AFO Black_Marvin-Moongoose-SINGLE-WEB-2020-FALCON Bloodfury-Hypernova-(YV096)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO BMA_Project_-_Rebellious-(CMS007)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Borena-Purple-(BT272)-WEB-2020-AFO Boris_Foong_-_The_Catalyst-(BIPCLUB2733)-WEB-2020-QMI_INT Boris_Foong_and_BLU_EYES_-_I_Wish-(AVA332)-WEB-2020-QMI Brassed_and_Slix_-_Apollo_11-(MR009)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Braulio_Stefield-Blanquito-(ESK098)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Braulio_Stefield-TECO-(7425412064090)-WEB-2020-AFO BT-The_Lost_Art_of_Longing-(BHCD203)-WEB-2020-AFO Calvin_OCommor-Water_World-(BTSR335)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Carl_Daylim_ft_Teira-Hand_In_Hand-(ABL003)-WEB-2020-AFO Casaris_feat_Toni_Fox_-_(In_the_Name_of)_Friday_Night-(SFL056)-WEB-2020-ZzZz Chapperz_-_Iron_Fist-(5059580193515)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Checho_Suarez-Enigma-(MSBKR185)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Chris_Connolly-After_Eternity-(PTN049)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Chris_Connolly_-_After_Eternity-(PTN049)-WEB-2020-QMI Chris_Deme-Let_The_Sun_Shine_Through-(NRG030)-WEB-2020-AFO Chris_Fennec_-_Burst_on_Fire-(BIPCLUB2762)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-QMI_INT Chris_Lyf-Alive-(SSR380)-WEB-2020-AOV Christian_Voulgaropoulos_-_Vision_Synthe-(4061798664887)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Christina_Novelli_-_Im_OK_(Allen_Watts_Remixes)-WEB-2020-QMI_INT Christopher_Corrigan-Back_To_Me-(MPURE115)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Christopher_Corrigan-Back_To_Me-(MPURE115)-WEB-2020-AFO Christopher_Corrigan-Delectation-(ABL002)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Christopher_Corrigan_-_Auspicious-(WAO138299)-WEB-2020-QMI Christopher_Corrigan_-_Delectation-(ABL002)-WEB-2020-QMI Chukiess_and_Whackboi_vs_Vision_X-Nusantara-(IHM114)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Ciaran_McAuley_and_Susana-Daring_To_Love-(NK053)-WEB-2020-AFO Circle-Triangle-WEB-2020-FALCON Claus_Backlash_-_Legendary_Places-(BIPCLUB2801)-WEB-2020-QMI_INT Clean_Tears_-_Wall_Of_Atmosphere-(RRRNEW068)-WEB-2020-ZzZz Clubskills_-_3_AM-(RU244210)-WEB-2020-ZzZz Cochame_-_The_Princeps-(HD198)-WEB-2020-ZzZz Coffee_Lake-Vanquished-(LR1672459)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-KLIN Coke_Montilla_-_When_You_Come_Back-(4061707427008)-WEB-2020-ZzZz Cole_Twains-You_Can_Never_Be_Ready-(RDX399)-WEB-2020-AFO Corrado_Baggieri_And_R-TEC-Happiness__Lotus_EP-(UPLFT057)-WEB-2020-AOV Corrie_Theron-DCS_Melody-(WATR051)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Corti_Organ_and_Sarah_De_Warren-Better_One_(Roman_Messer_Remix)-(IHM107)-WEB-2020-AFO Cosinus-Parallel_Worlds-WEB-2020-FALCON Cosma-Keep_Going_Ghost_Note_Remix-SINGLE-WEB-2020-FALCON Cosmithex-Ground_Control_(The_Remixes)-(FOR073)-WEB-2020-AFO Costa_and_Denise_Rivera-Miles_Away-(RNMR196)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Craig_Connelly_and_Siskin-All_for_Love_(Giuseppe_Ottaviani_Remix)-(BH10240)-WEB-2020-AFO Cristian_Nevez-Moon_Dust-(KSX425)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO CRW_-_I_Feel_Love-WEB-2020-iDC_INT Crystal_Ocean-A_Journey_Into_Trance-(AWR096)-WEB-2020-AFO Cybered-Quantum_Entanglement-WEB-2020-FALCON D-Minus_x_Make_One_x_Seegy_-_Run_From_Me_(Extended_Mix)-(ITP110E)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-QMI D72-Blissful-(TAR138127)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Da_Hool_ft._CICI-ROSE_-_Heartbleed-(ARMAS1806)-WEB-2020-QMI Dagaro-Empty_Space-(PVM080)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Dan_Stone-All_for_You-(EUPH323)-WEB-2020-AFO Dan_Thompson-Split_Dimension-(MCS96)-WEB-2020-AFO Dance_Fly_FX-Mood_Music-(ESR448)-WEB-2020-AFO Daniel_Cesana_-_Phoenix-(ABL004)-WEB-2020-JUSTiFY_iNT Daniel_Wake_-_Dark_Days-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Danny_Cullen_and_Kid_Alien_-_I_Surrender-(BIPCLUB2735)-WEB-2020-QMI_INT Darkmind_-_Fogdog-(BT273)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-JUSTiFY_iNT Darkophonic_Temple-Darvesh-WEB-2020-NDE Darren_Hall-Second_Wind-(HQ023)-WEB-2020-AFO Darren_Hall-Second_Wind-(HQ023)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Dave_Hassell_-_Breach-(JDR035)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Dave_Oren-Uplifting_Mass-(NIX172)-WEB-2020-AFO Dave_Steward-Hooked_and_Juiced_(Miroslav_Vrlik_Remix)-(NO0081R)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Dave_Steward_-_Burnt_But_Alive-(NC0120)-WEB-2020-QMI Dave_Steward_-_Fully_Fitted_(Miroslav_Vrlik_Remix)-(NC0110)-WEB-2020-ZzZz Dave_Steward_-_Played_Resonance_(Original_Mix)-(NC0124)-WEB-2020-ZzZz Dave_Steward_-_Reversed_Law-(NC0114)-WEB-2020-ZzZz Dave_Steward_-_The_Rabbit_Hole-(NC0078)-WEB-2020-JUSTiFY David_Forbes-Splice-WEB-2020-AOV David_Surok-Orchidea-(LEV130)-WEB-2020-AFO Daybreakers_and_Roberta_Harrison_-_Five_Miles_High-(MAEL176B)-WEB-2020-JUSTiFY_iNT Dealazer_-_Cyperio_The_Great_Billy_60-(PROM123)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Declaration_Of_Unity-Photon_Tracer-(SOULECTRO031)-WEB-2020-KLIN Deep_Parliament_-_With_You-(ML20201007)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Deep_Parliament_-_With_You_(Extended)-(ML11072020)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Deeplexbr_-_Quarantine-(BIB038)-WEB-2020-ZzZz Deline_Project-Club_Life__Only_For_Their-(ESR449)-WEB-2020-AFO Denis_Efremov-Moonslide-(AURALSN167)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Denis_Sender-One_Love-(PROG073)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Dennis_Sheperd_and_Sunlounger-I_Can_Feel-WEB-2020-AFO Desdeth-Breakthroughs-WEB-2020-NDE Diago-Axiom-(10176950)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Dillon_James_Torok_-_Falling_Hard-(EMLCV19)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz DIM3NSION_and_Pascal_S-Green_Ride-(FLASH214)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AOV DIM3NSION_and_Pascal_S-Green_Ride_(Incl._Extended_Mix)-(FLASH214)-WEB-2020-AOV DIM3NSION_ft_Lydia_Schrough-Always_Loved_You-(FLASH211)-WEB-2020-AFO Dirkie_Coetzee-Sizavuka-WEB-2020-AFO Distant_Identity-Dream_It-(SUBMISSION208)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT District5-Butterflies-(BM067)-WEB-2020-AFO DJ_156_BPM-Oh_Baby__Everybody_Scream-(ESR447)-WEB-2020-AFO DJ_Amadeus-SMASH-(WAO138298)-WEB-2020-AFO DJ_Geri-Turn_the_Volume_Down-(NHWD002)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT DJ_Panda-Sinless__Gold_Dark-(AE410)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT DJ_Pawel_C-Dimension-(MCS98)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT DJ_Sunkeeperz_-_Abracadabra-(29TRANCE00013)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz DJ_Tivek_-_Euphoria-(3616407634860)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz DJ_Ton_TB-Static_Bullet_(Stoneface_and_Terminal_Remix)-(NKR006)-WEB-2020-AFO Dj_Xboy-Forbidden_Dreams-(TRNCA379)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-KLIN Djantrix_-_Transcription_(Chronosphere_Remix)_(DOPDIGI243)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-gEm Djvani_-_Deteto_(Child)-(5059580166014)-WEB-2020-ZzZz Dmitry_Ershov_-_Moon_Light-(WSR0001)-WEB-2020-ZzZz Doppler-Bright_Spheres-SINGLE-WEB-2020-FALCON Dory_Badawi_ft._Roxanne_Emery_-_Real_Love-(RDX401)-WEB-2020-JUSTiFY_iNT DP_-_Waterfall-(WS1142)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Dr_Riddle_feat_Akamana_-_Recession-(MST080)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Dream_Travel_feat_Zara_Taylor_-_Forgiven-(DB135)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz DreamAir-Interstellar-(BTSR338)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT DreaMJ_-_Sky_Wars_(Full_and_Ambient_Mixes)-(NSM364)-WEB-2020-JUSTiFY Driftmoon-High_Tide-(PURETRANCE191)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Driftmoon_-_High_Tide-(PURETRANCE191)-WEB-2020-QMI Durs-The_Day_We_Met-(SPN1DIGI605)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-KLIN Durs_And_Jilax-Unlimited-SINGLE-WEB-2020-FALCON Duton-The_Daywalker-WEB-2020-FALCON Dx_And_Baladeva-We_Are_One-SINGLE-WEB-2020-FALCON E-Mantra_-_15_Years_Of_Music_Special_Release_Vol_1-WEB-2020-gEm Ecodrive_-_Long_Hot_Summer-(ECODRIVEMUSIC001)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Electrypnose-Metikulus-WEB-2020-NDE Elenski-Disappointment-(RDXF042)-WEB-2020-AFO Elenski_-_The_Excitation_and_Thrill-(NS912)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Elian_West-Miracle-(YR1329)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Elian_West-Saturn-(YR1326)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Ellez_Ria-Injustice-(KSX422)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Ellez_Ria-Injustice-(KSX422)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Elliot_Kempaggio_-_Playalinda_Beach-(GRVV0999)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Eloquentia_and_Jo_Cartwright-How_Deep_Is_Your_Touch-(MOLSO055)-WEB-2020-AFO Eloquentia_and_Jo_Cartwright_-_How_Deep_is_Your_Touch-(MOLSO055)-WEB-2020-QMI_INT ELV_-_Mystery_Voice-(WATR053)-WEB-2020-JUSTiFY_iNT Emanuele_Congeddu_and_Claudiu_Adam-Alyssa_(Mercurial_Virus_Remix)-(BTSR339)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Emdivity-Iron_Sky-(DARK065)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Eminor9_-_Ragnar-(RW009)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Empirian-Cassius-(INFRAP185)-WEB-2020-AFO Empirian-Cassius-(INFRAP185)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Enarxis-Follow_The_Light-SINGLE-WEB-2020-FALCON Encount3r-Light_Paths-(RDX138156)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Endemic-Ancestral_Prophecy-WEB-2020-FALCON Ergit_Krahs-Into_The_Light-(195541419951)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-KLIN Erian_White_-_Summertime_Happiness-(YV097)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Escea-POTUS-(BTSR334)-WEB-2020-AFO Escea-POTUS-(BTSR334)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT ESP-Live_Better_Electrically-SINGLE-WEB-2020-WAV ETON_feat_Max_Blaike_-_Your_Eyes-(SAP011)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Eugenio_Tokarev-Melifluo-(WAO138297)-WEB-2020-AFO Evolving_Suns_Audio_-_Galactica_Rising-(BR450)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Exeland-Bongo-(YR1325)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Eximinds-Sundown-(SND231)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Eximinds-Sundown-(SND231A)-WEB-2020-AFO Eximinds_and_HamzeH-Arena-(ITP117E)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Eximinds_and_Jean_Clemence-The_Venue-(EA073)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Exouler_and_Eugenio_Tokarev-Cloudiness-(FSOE470A)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Exouler_and_Eugenio_Tokarev_-_Cloudiness-(FSOE470A)-WEB-2020-QMI F.E.B_and_R.E.L.O.A.D-Acronyms-(KSX427)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO_INT F4T4L3RR0R-Glitch_In_The_Universe_(Extended_Mixes_Part_1)-(ASR250E1)-WEB-2020-AFO F4T4L3RR0R-Glitch_In_The_Universe_(Extended_Mixes_Part_2)-(ASR250E2)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT F4T4L3RR0R-Glitch_In_The_Universe_(Remixes_and_Pt._1)-(ASR250R1)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Fabian_Linden-Kama_Muta-(RDXM114)-WEB-2020-AFO Fabio_Fusco-Paralyzed-SINGLE-WEB-2020-FALCON Fabrice-Station_35-(NRG032)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Fantazm_-_Inverted_Consciousness-(GRVV1017)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Faraday-Gold_Chariot-(FLASH215)-REPACK-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Faraday-Gold_Chariot-(FLASH215)-WEB-2020-AFO Faraday-Gold_Chariot-(FLASH215)_z_-2-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Farb-Techno_Pilot-(MSBKR182)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Fatum-Faceless-(ARMD1547)-WEB-2020-AFO FAWZY-Double_Strike-(YR1328)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO FAWZY-Resonating_Force-(SUBMISSION203)-WEB-2020-AFO FAWZY_and_Ajfam-The_Power_Of_Feeling-(SUBMISSION207)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT FAWZY_and_Gayax-A_Universe_Beyond-(EA080)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO FAWZY_and_WSS-Horizont-(LSR027)-WEB-2020-AFO Feel-Equestrian-(BASE099)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Ferry_Corsten_and_Trance_Wax_-_Black_Lion-(FLASH213)-WEB-2020-QMI Filteria_Vs._Tsuyoshi_Suzuki-Time_Slip-SINGLE-WEB-2020-FALCON Fisical_Project-Breaking_Silence-(ALWAYSA344)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Fisical_Project_-_Breaking_Silence-(ALWAYSA344)-WEB-2020-QMI Flowjob-How_To_Move_A_Daymoon-WEB-2020-FALCON Flowjob-Royal_Crush-(ITWT7580)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Fluidsky-Virtual_Being-(195542351274)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-KLIN Flutlicht-The_Fall_(Richard_Tanselli_Remix)-(NKR005)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Francesco_Sambero-Aperture-(SCRP006)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Frank_Dueffel-Hawaiian_Spirit-(VAN2402)-WEB-2020-AFO Frank_Ten_-_Celtic_Trance-(4061798683611)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Franz_Johann_-_Chords_N_Growl_(IMIX_Dream_Remix)-(BABAREC226)-WEB-2020-JUSTiFY Fredd_Moz_and_Laucco-Live_and_Love_and_Laugh-(BTSR329)-WEB-2020-AFO French_Skies_-_Superdrive_EP-(RA114)-WEB-2020-QMI FSDW_-_To_France_(The_Cleric_Remix)-(ZD625)-WEB-2020-MARiBOR Gabriel_and_Dresden_ft._Sub_Teal-No_Ones_To_Blame_(Dylhen_and_Gabriel_and_Dresden_Mixes)-WEB-2020-AOV Gabriele_De_Santis-Otherside-(TGR042)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Galactic_Explorers-Outbreak-WEB-2020-FALCON Galaxston_and_Kanallia-Constellations-(NS092)-WEB-2020-AOV Garza_and_Poe_-_Spark-WEB-2020-FMC Gayax-Kuroi_Namida-(NHW039)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Gayax_-_Kuroi_Namida-(NHW039)-WEB-2020-QMI Gcmn-Plurima-(BLV7666907)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-KLIN Gcmn-Power_Ranck-(BLV7666931)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-KLIN Geck-o_feat_Erika_-_Together_We_Build_The_Future-(CATID073)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Geekon_-_Fly_To_The_Sky-(RM324)-WEB-2020-ZzZz Gerome_and_Dennis_Pedersen-Enjoyable-WEB-2020-AFO Ghost_Note-The_Hive-(IBOGADIGITAL640)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-KLIN Ghost_Rider-Summer_Never_Ends_Lovegun_Remix-SINGLE-WEB-2020-FALCON Glideslope-Dreaming-(PURETRANCE192)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Glynn_Alan-Quondam-(PRFCT170)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Glynn_Alan_-_Quondam-(PRFCT170)-WEB-2020-QMI GMS_And_Menog-Our_Story-(NANODIGI245)-WEB-2020-wAx Golden_Sky-The_Battery-(HCR372D)-REPACK-WEB-2020-AOV Goldengate_-_48K-(CAT399226)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Gordey_Tsukanov-Remember_The_Past-(PRFCT172)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Gouryella-Gouryella_(Alan_Fitzpatrick_Tribute_To_99_Remix)-(FLASHBACK016R1)-WEB-2020-AOV Guava-Purity-(YV090)-WEB-2020-AFO Haikal_Ahmad-Listen_To_My_Tears-(ABSK076)-WEB-2020-AFO Harry_Neighbour_-_Marker_Keys-(PRO20132)-WEB-2020-ZzZz Hatikwa_Vs._Smalltownfreakz-Casual_Conflict-SINGLE-WEB-2020-FALCON Hausman_and_5ALVO-Maelstrom__Leviathan-(ENPROG403)-WEB-2020-AFO Heatbeat-Sheena-(RA117)-WEB-2020-AFO Hemstock_and_Mercurial_Virus-Amena-(DARK064)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Henry_Caster-Midnight-(MSBKPR0071)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Henry_Caster-Midnight-(MSBKPR0071)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Henry_Caster-Showroom-(NHWD01)-WEB-2020-AFO Henry_Caster-Showroom-WEB-2020-AFO Henry_Caster_-_Tierra_Blanca-(RW010)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Hidden_Secret_-_True_Lies-(BTRDR781)-WEB-2020-JUSTiFY High_0ct4ne_-_Start_The_Fever-(PRO20125)-WEB-2020-ZzZz Hit_The_Bass-Paradise-(SDM058)-WEB-2020-KLIN Holbrook_and_SkyKeeper-Distant_Hill-(CLHR410)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Holon-Passport_To_My_Planet-WEB-2020-NDE Hydro_89-Shining_Light-(SBLR105)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Iblis-Sicily_Lover-(BLV7567959)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-KLIN Iblis-Silver_Club-(BLV7568019)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-KLIN Iblis_-_Hammer_To_My_Head-(3616406632676)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Iblis_-_Loneliness_One-(3616406633062)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Ikerya_Project_and_Robin_Vane-Kingdom__Dub_Mixes-(ABRD228)-WEB-2020-AFO IKON-Dawn_Eagle-SINGLE-WEB-2020-FALCON Ilan_Bluestone_pres_Stoneblue_ft_Emma_Hewitt-Hypnotized_(Markus_Schulz_Extended_Remix)-(MCS9632)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Impact-Inner_Spirit-SINGLE-WEB-2020-FALCON Impulse_Wave_-_Rushed_Addiction-(FLR002)-WEB-2020-QMI Independent_Art-Exodus-(GERT0517)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Independent_Art-State_of_Art-(GERT0523)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Insane_Brothers_-_OMG-(RC004)-WEB-2020-ZzZz Insignia_And_Quantum_Loop-Area_51-SINGLE-WEB-2020-FALCON Intelligence-Lightime_Programs-SINGLE-WEB-2020-FALCON Inttruder-Mad_Soup-(MSCRS016)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-KLIN Irdi-Circulation_EP-(AEP406)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Isometric-Manipulated_Dreams-WEB-2020-FALCON Jacob_Ireng-Firestarter-WEB-2020-FALCON Jacob_Kliuiev-Valeria__Endurance-(TF045)-WEB-2020-AFO Jacob_Vs._Doktor_Froid-Sun-SINGLE-WEB-2020-FALCON Jakaan-Humans-WEB-2020-FALCON Jake_T_and_Criostasis_-_Maximise_(2020_Rework)-(ES109)-WEB-2020-ZzZz James_Black_ft_John_Robertson-The_Dark_Room-(DISDAR232)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Jameson_Tullar_and_Annabelle_Hayes_-_Dreaming_(Remixes)-(YR1317)-WEB-2020-ZzZz Jan_Johnston_and_DJ_Xquizit-Disorientated-(ARD071)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Jared_Knapp_and_Patrick_De_Vere_and_Neev_Kennedy-Night_Moves-(ADRAZ082)-WEB-2020-AFO Jase_Thirlwall_ft_Victoriya-Drowning-(ASOT611)-WEB-2020-AFO Jason_Ross_-_The_Accord-WEB-2020-QMI Jay_Flynn-In_My_Head-(RGEN044)-WEB-2020-AOV Jay_Turio_ft_Kumiko_Mouri-Paradise-(AURALSN166)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Jaytech_-_The_Axis__Lunero-(POSD040)-WEB-2020-QMI_INT Jens_Jakob-Rotten_Sandwich-(USR116)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-KLIN Jens_Soderlund--The_Best_In_One_(Part_II)-(DTCR030)-WEB-2020-OMA Jericho_Frequency_and_Kate_Miles-Blink_Of_An_Eye-(ABRD231)-WEB-2020-AOV JES-Under_the_Midnight_Sun-WEB-2020-AFO Jim_Abruzzi_-_Lockdown-WEB-2020-QMI Jimmy_Chou-Wayfarer-(AE411)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Jirah-Booty_Tangers-WEB-2020-FALCON Jody_6-DreamaVerse-(NK054)-WEB-2020-AFO Joe_Cormack_and_Binary_Ensemble-For_The_Ones_We_Love-(VRS101)-WEB-2020-AFO Joe_Fares-Barcelona-(AURALSN161)-WEB-2020-AFO Joe_Fares_-_The_Next_Sunset-(CMS005)-WEB-2020-ZzZz Joe_Smooth-Promised_Land_(Cosmic_Gates_No_Gravity_Remix)-WEB-2020-AOV Joe_Smooth-Promised_Land_(Cosmic_Gates_No_Gravity_Remixes)-(ARMD1551)-WEB-2020-AOV Joey_Smith_-_My_Heart-(STR190)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Johan_Gielen-Balearic_Reflection-(CLHR412)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Johan_Gielen_-_Balearic_Reflection-SINGLE-WEB-2020-QMI John_Askew_and_Gary_Go-Smile-(DIT010)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO_INT John_Clarcq_and_T.O.M_-_Evolution-(LSR028)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz John_Newall-Second_Self-(WATR050)-WEB-2020-AFO Johnny_E_-_Destination_Unknown-(UPLY109)-WEB-2020-ZzZz Jon_Bourne-Palinka-(RDS046)-WEB-2020-AFO Jon_Dbois-Make_It_Rain_(NooSurname_Remix)-(NEW336C)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ENTANGLE Jordan_Suckley_and_Ontune_-_Tranceformations_Anthem_2020-(BIPCLUB2737)-WEB-2020-QMI_INT Jordy_Eley-Euphoria_Injection-(INFRAR030)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Jordy_Eley-Summer_Days-(TM150)-WEB-2020-AFO Jose_Betances_-_Fantastic_Voyage-(FNDEP175)-WEB-2020-ZzZz JPL_and_Jason_Van_Wyk_and_Cat_Martin_-_Unsteady-(BH10190)-WEB-2020-QMI_INT K_Studio_-_Rome-(29TRANCE00010)-WEB-2020-ZzZz Kaimo_K_and_Trance_Classics_and_Maria_Nayler-Closest_Thing_To_Heaven_(Niall_McKeever_Remix)-(MOLSO056)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Kanallia-Lily-(AVA331)-WEB-2020-AOV Kanallia-Lily-WEB-2020-AFO Kaos-Like_A_Movie-WEB-2020-FALCON Karanda-Fusion-(ESR497)-WEB-2020-AFO Katari_and_Camille_-_Never_Escape_(Remixes)-(YV071)-WEB-2020-ZzZz Kayan_Code_and_Miikka_Leinonen-The_Journey-(DIGISOC373)-WEB-2020-AFO KBK_and_Grande_Piano_ft_Agata_Pasternak-Mystery_Of_Tomorrow-(SDR373)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Kelvin_Rowlands-Zeus-(AURALSN156)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Kerris_-_Ice_Maiden-(UPLY114)-WEB-2020-JUSTiFY Key4050-Faustino-(SUBC209)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Key_Lean-Seascape_1985-(PROG072A)-WEB-2020-AFO KeyWork_-_Ellipsis-(ARD072)-WEB-2020-JUSTiFY_iNT Khalai-Cyclone_E.P-(INFRAR031)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Kinetica_-_Global_Reset-(RGEN043)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-QMI KINETICA_meets_Pete_Delete-To_The_Point-(FSOEC109A)-WEB-2020-AFO Kiran_M_Sajeev-Someone_Like_You-(AV043)-WEB-2020-AFO Kiran_M_Sajeev_-_Someone_Like_You_(Incl._Ferry_Tayle_Remix)-(AV043)-WEB-2020-QMI_INT Kiraz-Avenue_13-(PRFLU123)-WEB-2020-AFO Komfuzius_Vs._Fobi_And_Zaiklophobia-Matrix_Mechanics-WEB-2020-FALCON Kriess_Guyte-Rudeboy-(OT062)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Kyau_and_Albert-Shimmer-(EUPH324)-WEB-2020-AFO Last_Soldier_and_Sina7-Lost-(LSR026)-WEB-2020-AFO Lastfloor-Endless_Time-(SR0009)-WEB-2020-KLIN Leahvana-Sanctus-(RU242814)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-KLIN Lemurians_Vs._Daksinamurti-Its_Goaaan-WEB-2020-FALCON Leo_Itskovich_-_Message_From_The_Future-(ATR97)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Leo_Lauretti-Stay_With_Me-(ESR499)-WEB-2020-AFO Leon_Bolier-Kronos-(BH10270)-WEB-2020-KLIN Leon_Bolier_-_Perpetual-(FLASH212)-WEB-2020-QMI Lepo_-_Genesis-(RRRNEW069)-WEB-2020-ZzZz Less_Is_More-String_Theory-SINGLE-WEB-2020-FALCON Levitate-Tucan-(ESR498)-WEB-2020-AFO Lhara_-_Be_Free-(EDGE121)-WEB-2020-JUSTiFY LiftChain-Metamorphosis-(PLRP0008)-WEB-2020-AFO Lightsphere-Out_Of_Limits-WEB-2020-FALCON Liquid_3Nergy-Reach_For_The_Sky-(195543594809)-WEB-2020-KLIN Liquidized_Elements-Perspective-(PVM079)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Litchfield_Project-Synchrony-(MCS97)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Liza_Divine_-_Bifrost-(VAU099)-WEB-2020-JUSTiFY Lorjs_-_Dark_Side_Of_The_Moon-(CAT413285)-WEB-2020-ZzZz Lost_Tribe_-_My_Vision_One_Nation_One_Tribe-(8014090094599)-WEB-2020-ZzZz_iNT Lost_Witness_and_Laura-Ly-Carry_Me_Home-(AMSTR343)-WEB-2020-AFO Lost_Witness_and_Laura-Ly_-_Carry_Me_Home-(AMSTR343)-WEB-2020-QMI_INT Loudwave_-_Hands_Down_Hands_Up-(DCR131)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz LTN-Remixed-WEB-2020-AOV Luca_De_Maas_-_Tycoon-(VR275)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Lucid_Alias-Black_Hole-(BUT037)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-KLIN Luke_Bond_ft._Sarah_De_Warren_-_Satellites-(ARMD1549)-WEB-2020-QMI Luke_Terry-Snow_Drift-(Incl_Running_Man_And_Corsar_Remixes)-(YANABC017)-WEB-2020-wAx M.I.K.E._Push-The_Remains_Of_Time-(FSOE469A)-WEB-2020-AFO Madmace-Desert_Magic-SINGLE-WEB-2020-FALCON Maduin_and_Joorg_Matt-Moonstone-(AURALSN163)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Magnevi_-_Bermudas_Little_Sound-(LOT024)-WEB-2020-JUSTiFY Mahaputra-Like_The_First_Time-(MND322)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO MakeFlame-High_Voltage-(RR036)-WEB-2020-AFO Malagon_and_Staysis_-_Butterfly_Effect-(EDM190724)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Mallory_Kennedy_-_Tapestry-(EMB013)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Mandelbrot-Strange_Attractions-WEB-2020-WAV Maratone_and_Frailai-Opus-(ABRD230)-WEB-2020-AFO Marc_Antony_feat_Rob_Townley_-_Release_(Dance_Mix)-(5059435782536)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Marcos-Here_We_Are-(FSOE467A)-WEB-2020-AFO Marian_Closca-Mareea-(TR133)-WEB-2020-AFO Mario_Pfeiffer_-_The_Voice_(Things_To_Loop_Mix)-(5059580204358)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Mario_Piu-The_Vision_2020_(Remixes)-(NEUBK0003R)-WEB-2020-AFO Mario_Puccio-Enigma-(PRFBL067)-WEB-2020-KLIN Mark_Alexander-Reborn-(ALWAYSA343)-WEB-2020-AFO Mark_Alexander-Reborn-(ALWAYSA343)-WEB-2020-AOV Mark_Digital-Until_The_Sunrise-(195398052332)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-KLIN Mark_Sherry_-_Total_Eclipse-(BIPCLUB2795)-WEB-2020-QMI_INT Markus_Schulz_and_Adina_Butar-In_Search_of_Sunrise_(Solarstone_Pure_Mix)-(CLHR411A)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Markus_Schulz_and_Adina_Butar-In_Search_of_Sunrise_(The_Remixes)-(CLHR411)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Markus_Schulz_and_Adina_Butar-In_Search_of_Sunrise_(The_Remixes)-WEB-2020-AFO MaRLo-Remixed_EP_Part_4-(RA115)-WEB-2020-AFO Marv_-_Tru_Frequency-(BTR2026)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Mastered-Reflex-(FFR135)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Matrick_and_Forces_-_Interstellar-(RA118)-WEB-2020-JUSTiFY_iNT Matt_Diadema-Lost-(MSBKR184)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Matt_Diadema-Lost-(MSBKR184)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Matthias_Bishop-Night_In_Norway-(AURALSN122)-WEB-2020-AFO Matthias_Bishop_-_Mystic_Planet_(Remixes)-(AURALSN124)-WEB-2020-JUSTiFY_iNT Mavairic_-_Piece_Of_Me__Close_Your_Eyes-(FSOEP113A)-WEB-2020-JUSTiFY_iNT Max_Blaike_-_Summer_Time-(BSR582)-WEB-2020-ZzZz Mazeev-Dandelion-(TAR138123)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Mazza_-_Madwave-(MAZZA20204001)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Mechanical_Species-Avocado_Express-WEB-2020-FALCON Megatone-A_Billion_Stories-WEB-2020-NDE Mekkanikka_And_Sonic_Species-Untamed_Beast-SINGLE-WEB-2020-FALCON Memory_Loss-Forever-(AVAW175)-WEB-2020-KLIN Meraj_Uddin_Khan_-_Rivals-(TPR99)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Metronome-What_Goes_Up_Must_Come_Down_Kleysky_Remix-SINGLE-WEB-2020-FALCON Metta_and_Glyde-Renaissance-(FSOEF057A)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Metta_and_Glyde_-_Renaissance-(FSOEF057A)-WEB-2020-QMI Mhammed_El_Alami_and_Cathy_Burton-Never_Fade_Away-(AMSTR345)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Mhammed_El_Alami_and_Cathy_Burton_-_Never_Fade_Away-(AMSTR345)-WEB-2020-QMI Michael_Milov-I_Tried-(EDGE119)-WEB-2020-AFO Michael_Oak_-_Ariana-(AWR014)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-JUSTiFY Micro_Out_-_Resolution-(GERT0529)-WEB-2020-ZzZz Middlestones_-_I_Can_Help_Myself-SINGLE-WEB-2020-JUSTiFY Middlestones_-_Love_Will_Survive-(4061707421273)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Mike_Sanders-Totem-(FSOE468A)-WEB-2020-AFO Mike_Sang-Elevate-(SUBMISSION205)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Mike_Van_Fabio-Limerence-(EDGE120)-WEB-2020-AFO Mike_Way_-_Drifting_In_The_Darkness-(NSM358)-WEB-2020-ZzZz Mindsoundscapes_with_Hamza_Messaoudi-Our_World-(SCR361)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Mindsoundscapes_with_Hamza_Messaoudi-Our_World-(SCR361)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Miroslav_Vrlik-Expanse-(AV042)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Miroslav_Vrlik_-_Expanse_(Beatsole_Remix)-(AV042)-WEB-2020-QMI_INT Miroslav_Vrlik_-_Let_it_Be_(Original_Mixes)-(MCV97)-WEB-2020-QMI_INT Miroslav_Vrlik_and_Dave_Steward-Promises_(Original_Mix)-(NC0131)-WEB-2020-AOV Mohamed_Bahi-Derivation-(MPURE116)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Mohamed_Neptune-Dream_and_Be_The_Dream-(SUBMISSION206)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Monod-A_Story_To_Be_Told-SINGLE-WEB-2020-FALCON Monod-Ocean_Whisper-SINGLE-WEB-2020-FALCON Monolock-Bass_Dreamer-SINGLE-WEB-2020-FALCON Moreno_J-I_Hear_You_Calling-(VRS102)-WEB-2020-AFO Morgan_Page_and_Mark_Sixma-Our_Song_(Orjan_Nilsen_Remix)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AOV Morrisound-Nocturnal_Rites-WEB-2020-FALCON Morsei-Hypnosis-SINGLE-WEB-2020-FALCON Mr._and_Mrs._Smith-Get_Loose-(PTN050)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Mr._and_Mrs._Smith_-_Get_Loose_(The_Conductor_and_The_Cowboy_Rework)-(PTN050)-WEB-2020-QMI Mystery_Sense_And_Absolute_9-Absolute_Mystery-SINGLE-WEB-2020-FALCON Nakhiya_-_Eranahe_EP-(SWM145)-WEB-2020-ZzZz Name_In_Process-The_Time_Has_Come-(DSK016)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-KLIN Network_X-Klendathu-(OHMM081)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-KLIN New_Horizons-Take_Flight-(SMLD072)-WEB-2020-AFO NG_Rezonance_and_Costa_Pantazis-Giga_Shadow-(MA023)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Nicholas_Gunn_ft._Alina_Renae_-_Fallen_(Richard_Durand_Remix)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-QMI Nicholas_Gunn_ft_Alina_Renae-Fallen_(Richard_Durand_Remix)-WEB-2020-AFO Nico_Cranxx-Sunset_On_Buitenzorg-(SCR364)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Niko_Hoffren-Leave_Me_Again-(YR1323)-WEB-2020-AFO Nikolauss-Elivagar-(SUBC208)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Nikolauss-Elivagar-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Ninurta_-_Fire_Bike-(3616406660815)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Niveus_and_Ren_Tanahashi-Maze_EP-(SDR365)-WEB-2020-AFO Noath_-_Simply_Your_Life-(IR108)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz NoMosk-Aurora-(DARK063A)-WEB-2020-AFO Norma_Sheffield_-_Love_Is_All_You_Need-(4061707428531)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz_iNT Normalize-Tubular-SINGLE-WEB-2020-FALCON Norni_and_Natalie_Gioia-By_Your_Side-(VOICE091)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Nostic_-_Exploring_Space-(HRR067)-WEB-2020-JUSTiFY_iNT Notdutch_-_Listen-(UPLY107)-WEB-2020-ZzZz Novan_-_The_Story_of_Novan-WEB-2020-QMI Novel-Heavenly_Mind-(SDR372)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT NrgMind_and_Christian_C-The_Lost_Paradise-(LEV129)-WEB-2020-AFO Numar1_-_My_Little_Dream_(Original_Mix)-(SR002)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Obie_Fernandez-Obie_Fernandez_EP-(HQ022)-WEB-2020-AFO Odep_-_Solar_Points-(PRO20131)-WEB-2020-ZzZz Of_Paradise-Spiral-(PTL00029)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-KLIN Oleg_Kozlov_-_Good_Memory-(GERT0530)-WEB-2020-JUSTiFY Omech_-_Unexpected-(ESHOT084)-WEB-2020-JUSTiFY Omiki_Vs._Dego-Miracle-SINGLE-WEB-2020-FALCON Omnia_-_Escape_The_Night-(ARMD1550)-WEB-2020-QMI Omnia_-_Escape_The_Night-(ARMD1550)-WEB-2020-QMI_INT Ondrej_Bezdek_-_Popularity_Should_Be_Illegal-(FJR025)-WEB-2020-ZzZz One_Function_And_Mindbenderz-Counterpoint-SINGLE-WEB-2020-FALCON Opt-in-Echo_Chamber-(HTE089)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Optimus_Raton_-_Infinity-(48462)-WEB-2020-ZzZz Orisma-The_Truth-Remix_WEB-2020-FALCON Orkidea-Orkidea_Rebel-(PTP118)-WEB-2020-AFO Orkidea-Orkidea_Rebel-(PTP118)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Oscar_Metz_and_Luca_Antolini_-_Sulfur-(BNR121)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz OTIOT-The_Beginning__Ingonyama__Samsara-(ASOT610)-WEB-2020-AFO Ovnimoon-Interdimensional_Travel-WEB-2020-FALCON Owl_Stone_-_Collection_Of_The_Best_Tracks_From_Owl_Stone_Part_2-(SM150)-WEB-2020-ZzZz P.R.O.G.-Red_Skin_P.R.O.G._And_Kibacs_Remix-SINGLE-WEB-2020-FALCON Pablo_Gargano_-_Golden_Deity-(5059580139599)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Pacificbeats_-_Stars-(4061707410482)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Painters_Of_Thoughts-Three-O-Three-WEB-2020-FALCON Panbo_-_Rebirth-(CAT405358)-WEB-2020-ZzZz Pandoul_-_Everything_Is_Cancelled-(EFF239)-WEB-2020-ZzZz Papulin_and_Kate_Miles-Home_(Aimoon_Remix)-(VOICE090)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Para_X-Bluebonnet-(PRFCT173)-WEB-2020-KLIN Paul_Denton_and_Deirdre_McLaughlin-Let_You_Go-(SUBC207)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Paul_elov8_Smith-Another_Way-(STATICS040)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Paul_ELOV8_Smith_-_Super_8-(TPR101)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Paul_Hawcroft_and_Matt_Black_-_Transcendence-(EMC2007)-WEB-2020-ZzZz Paul_M.-Etnia-(BT270)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Paul_Miller-On_and_On-(VAN2399)-WEB-2020-AFO Paul_Priestley_and_Quake-Totem-(MCS95)-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Peetu_S-Infected_Sector-(OUT162)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Petr_Vojacek-Sunrise-(10175217)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Ph4se_-_Edna-WEB-2020-JUSTiFY Phaxe-Never_The_Less-SINGLE-WEB-2020-FALCON Phil_Matthew_-_The_Lightwalk-(4260135040210)-WEB-2020-ZzZz Pierre_Pienaar-Bliss-(ELEVATE031)-WEB-2020-KLIN Pierre_Pienaar_and_Rob_Dalby-Diverge-(VAN2403)-WEB-2020-AFO Polaris_X_-_Canine_Sounds-(PRO20126)-WEB-2020-ZzZz Pop_Art-Fall-SINGLE-WEB-2020-FALCON Porat-Garden-SINGLE-WEB-2020-FALCON Prajdy_and_EMULE-From_North_To_South_(Electro_Roses_Anthem)-(MSBKPR0069)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Prime_Mover-Black_Dogs_(Prime_Mover_Remix)-(SKLD036)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Protoculture-Shine-WEB-2020-AOV Protonica_-_Exoplanet_(Kalki_Remix)_(IBOGADIGITAL636)-WEB-2020-gEm Psyklone_-_at_Night-(5059580197230)-WEB-2020-ZzZz Psypien-Ver_Sacrum-WEB-2020-FALCON Purple_Stories_-_Secret-(BIPCLUB2739)-WEB-2020-QMI_INT Quake_and_Nick_The_Kid-Chroma-(HTE088)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Quantik-Natural_Energy-(OVNIEP423)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-KLIN Quantor-Jet-(HCR373D)-WEB-2020-AFO Quantum_Loop-Unveiling-WEB-2020-FALCON Querox_And_Synesthetic-Novo_Mundo-SINGLE-WEB-2020-FALCON R1TURAJ-Beyond_Imagination-(NRG026)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-wAx R3dub-Anima-(UA100)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO_INT Raddle_B-Antivirus-(BTSR331)-WEB-2020-AFO Rafael_Osmo-Imagination_EP-(FSOEC111A)-WEB-2020-AFO Rafael_Osmo_and_Spectral-World_Cup-(ENTRMR092)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO Rafael_Osmo_pres._RFL_and_Rubbi_Heller_-_Overdrive-(BIPCLUB2797)-WEB-2020-QMI_INT Ram-J_and_Eze_Colombo_and_Sheism-Loneliness_Landscapes-(PRFCT169)-WEB-2020-AFO Ramin_Arab-Beyond_Feeling-(TAR138124)-WEB-2020-AFO Ranji_And_Jilax-Away_Henrique_Camacho_Official_Remix-SINGLE-WEB-2020-FALCON Rau_Lizzard-Stoned-(RU243578)-WEB-2020-KLIN Reach_Moment_-_Enter_The_Darkness-(RD046)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Reefer_Decree-The_Art_Of_Absence-WEB-2020-FALCON Relais_-_Memory_Of_The_Past-(BSR586)-WEB-2020-JUSTiFY Rene_Ablaze-Red_Sea_2030-(ABL001)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AOV Renegade_System-Ganymede-(BSR005)-WEB-2020-AFO Renegade_System-Urban_Viper-(ARD119)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-AFO_INT ReOrder_And_Xijaro_And_Pitch_-_Elevate-(WAO138300)-WEB-2020-QMI_INT ReOrder_ft_Bo_Bruce-We_Are_The_World-(WAO138296)-WEB-2020-AFO Repulsive_System-1000_Feelings-(PHZ304)-WEB-2020-VRG Repulsive_System-1000_Feelings-WEB-2020-NDE Retronic_-_Hello_Darkness-(URDR139)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-BarGhest Rinkadink_And_Mindfold_-_Interlinked-(FMR100)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-BarGhest RJ_Hernandez-Daybreak-(AURALSN157)-WEB-2020-AFO Rob_Mooney-Feelin_Electro_(Tasso_Remix)-(WAO138302)-WEB-2020-AFO Rob_Mooney-Feelin_Electro_(Tasso_Remix)-WEB-2020-AFO Robert_Curtis_-_Hold_You-(RRD14)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ZzZz Robert_Maya_and_Kate_Miles-Stay-(TRUE136A)-WEB-2020-AFO Roburck-Portals-(PAM004)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-KLIN Rodg_x_Super8_and_Tab-Soundcheck-(STM318)-WEB-2020-AFO and much more ...... 
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2020.08.29 17:32 Levi565 Ateist olduğu bilinen ünlü insanlar tam liste

Amartya Kumar Sen (d. 1933), 1998 Nobel Ekonomi Ödülü sahibi Hint ekonomist.
Alan Turing (1912–1954), İngiliz matematikçi. Modern bilgisayar biliminin kurucusu.
Ali Nesin (1959-): Türk matematikçi.
Aziz Nesin (1915-1995), Türk yazar.
Adalet Ağaoğlu (1929-2020): Türk yazar.
Alejandro Amenábar (1972): İspanyol asıllı yönetmen.
Adam Carolla
Asia Carrera
Adrianne Curry
Ali Demirsoy (1945-): Türk biyolog, entomoloji ve entomoloji dalında evrimsel biyoloji uzmanı.
Arnaud Denjoy (1884–1974): Fransız matematikçi
Andrew Denton
Alan Davies
Albert Einstein
Amanda Donohoe
Albert Ellis (1913–2007): Amerikalı psikolog Ayşe Hür (1956-): Türk araştırmacı yazar.
Alfred Kinsey (1894–1956): Amerikalı biyolog, zooloji profesörü.
Ali Mehmet Celâl Şengör (1955-): Türk jeolog, profesör.
Bruce Lee (1940 - 1973)
Bill Maher
Brandy Alexandre
Brannon Braga
Billy Connolly
Ben Elton
Beverly Halstead (1933–1991): İngiliz paleontolog.
Barbaros Şansal (1957-): Türk moda tasarımcısı.
Brad Pitt (1963-), Amerikalı oyuncu
Can Yücel (1926-1999): Türk şair.
Claude Shannon (1916–2001): Amerikalı elektrik mühendisi, matematikçi.
Christer Fuglesang (1957–), İsveçli astronot ve fizikçi.
Charlie Brooker
Christopher Eccleston
David Sloan Wilson (1949–): Amerikalı evrim biyoloğu.
Derek J. de Solla Price (1922–1983): Britanyalı-Amerikan bilim tarihçisi.
Douglas Adams (1952-2001): İngiliz bilimkurgu yazarı.
Daniel Radcliffe (1989-): İngiliz oyuncu.
Derren Brown
David Cronenberg
David Cross
David Edgar
Desmond Morris (1928–): İngiliz zoolog ve etnolog
Eleazar Sukenik (1889–1953): İsrailli arkeolog. Kudüs İbrani Üniversitesi profesörü.
Elizur Wright (1804–1885): Amerikalı matematikçi.
Ertuğrul Kürkçü (1948–): Sosyalist aktivist, yayıncı ve yazar.
E. T. 'Teddy' Hall (1924–2001): İngiliz arkeolog.
Erdoğan Aydın (1957-): Türk tarih araştırmacısı, gazeteci, yazar.
Edward Battersby Bailey (1881–1965): İngiliz jeolog, Britanya Jeoloji Akademisi’nin yöneticisi.
EricFromm (1900-1980): Yahudi kökenli Alman sosyal psikoloji uzmanı, filozof.
Eva Green (1980–)
Ernst Mayr (1904–2005): Taksonomist, tropikal kâşif, bilim tarihçisi, doğacı.
Francis Perrin (1901–1992): Fransız fizikçi.
Fazıl Say (1970-): Türk müzisyen, piyanist, besteci.
Frank J. Tipler (1947–): Amerikalı fizik ve matematik profesörü.
Félix Le Dantec (1869–1917): Fransız biyolog.
Frédéric Joliot-Curie (1900–1958): Nobel Ödülü sahibi Fransız fizikçi.
Fikret Kızılok (1946-2001): Türk rock müziği sanatçısı.
Fred ArmisenFrank Close (1845–1879): İngiliz fizikçi. Oxford Üniversitesi’nde fizik profesörü.
Francis Crick (1916–2004): İngiliz moleküler biyolog, fizikçi. 1953’te DNA moleküllerini bulan kişidir. Nobel Ödülü sahibidir.
Frances Farmer
Fritz Müller (1821–1897): Alman biyolog. Evrim teorisyenlerinden.
Gün Zileli (1946-): Türk anarşist yazar, çevirmen.
G. H. Hardy (1877–1947): İngiliz matematikçi.
George Carlin
Guillermo del Toro
Gherman Titov (1935–2000): Sovyet astronot. Dünya yörüngesine çıkan ikinci insan.
Hermann Joseph Muller (1890–1967): Amerikalı genetikçi, eğitimci. 1946 Nobel Ödülü sahibi
H. Christopher Longuet-Higgins (1923–2004): İngiliz kimya teorisyeni.
Halil Berktay (1947-): Türk tarihçi.
Hermann Bondi (1919–2005): Avusturyalı kozmolog. Büyük patlama teorisine karşı sunulan durağan durum teorisinin savunucusu.
Howard Dalton (1944–2008): İngiliz mikrobiyolog
Harold Kroto (1939 - 2016), 1996 Nobel Ödülü sahibi kimyacı.
Hugh Laurie
İlhan Arsel (1920-2010): Türk anayasa hukukçusu, araştırmacı, senatör.
Ivan Pavlov (1849–1936): Nobel Ödülü sahibi Rus fizyolog, psikolog ve hekim.
John Allen Paulos (1945–): Matematik profesörü.
James D. Watson (1928–): DNA yapısı hakkında yaptığı çalışmalarla 1962 Nobel Ödülü’nün sahibi.
Jeff Medkeff (1968–2008): Amerikalı astronomi bilgini.
Jonathan Miller(1934–): Britanyalı fizikçi, aktör, tiyatrocu ve operacı, tv sunucusu. 2004’te televizyonda 'Atheism: A Rough History of Disbelief (Ateizm: Şüphe Tarihinin bir Taslağı) adlı programı hazırladı ve sundu.
Jacques Monod (1910–1976): Fransız biyolog. 1965 Nobel Ödülü sahibi.
John MalkovichJohn Maynard Smith (1920–2004): Britanyalı evrim biyoloğu ve genetikçi.
Jodie Foster
Joe Ahearne
Jane Asher
Julius Axelrod (1912–2004): Amerikalı Nobel Ödülü sahibi biyokimyacı.
Joan Bakewell
Javier Bardem (1969-): İspanyol sinema oyuncusu.
Jim Broadbent
John Leslie (1766–1832): İskoç matematikçi ve fizikçi.
Jonathan Haidt (c.1964–): Virginia Üniversitesi'nde psikoloji uzmanı.
Jeremy Brock
James Cameron
Jimmy Carr
Jeremy ClarksonSir Julian Huxley (1887–1975): İngiliz evrimsel biyolog.
Jim Cornette
John Doyle
Keanu Reeves
Keith Allen
Kevin Bacon (1958-): Amerikalı aktör.
Kari Byron
Kathy Griffin
Katharine Hepburn
Leonard Susskind (1940–): Amerikalı fizik teorisyeni, Stanford Üniversitesi’nde profesör. Süpersicim kuramının yaratıcısı.
Linus Torvalds (1969–): Finlandiyalı yazılım mühendisi. Bugün dünyada hızla yaygınlaşan Linux işletim sisteminin çekirdeğini yazan kişi.
Lewis Wolpert: Biyolog.
Linus Pauling (1901–1994): Amerikalı kimyacı. 1954 Nobel Kimya Ödülü’nü, 1962’de Nobel Barış Ödülü’nü kazandı.
Larry King
Luis Buñuel
Leon Festinger (1919–1989): Amerikalı sosyal psikoloji uzmanı..Lancelot Hogben (1895–1975): İngiliz zoolog.
Mark Zuckerberg (1984–): Facebook kurucusu ve CEO'su.
Mîna Urgan (1915-2000): Türk yazar, filolog, çevirmen.
Michael Smith (1932–2000): Kanada doğumlu Britanyalı biyokimyacı. 1993 Nobel Ödülü sahibi.
Mary Adams
Michelangelo Antonioni (1912-2007): İtalyan film yönetmeni.
Massimo Pigliucci (1964–): Stony Brook Üniversitesi'nde evrim ve çevre bilimi profesörü.
Murat Belge (1943-): Türk yazar, çevirmen, siyasi aktivist.
Matthew Turner (ö. 1789?): Kimyager.
Matthew Chapman
Mackenzie Crook
Marie Curie (1867–1934): Nobel fizik ve kimya ödüllü fizikçi.
Marlene Dietrich
Matt Smith
Norman Pirie (1954–): Britanyalı biyokimyacı. DNA ve RNA çalışmaları yapıyor.
Nicholas Humphrey (1943–): Britanyalı psikolog.
Noël Coward
Natalie Dormer
Oliver Sacks (1933–): Amerikalı nöroloji uzmanı.
Orla Brady
Peter D. Mitchell (1920–1992): 1978 Nobel Ödülü sahibi biyokimyacı.
Phillip Adams
Peter Atkins (1940–): İngiltere’de Oxford‘da kimya profesörü.
Patrick Bateson (1938–): İngiliz biyolog ve bilim yazarı, Cambridge Üniversitesi’nde profesör ve Londra Zooloji Topluluğu başkanı.
Pelin Batu (1978-): Türk oyuncu, şair ve tarihçi.
Peter Medawar (1915–1987): Psikolog. Nobel Psikoloji Ödülü sahibi.
Paul Bettany (1971-): İngiliz aktör.
Patrick Blackett (1897–1974): Nobel Fizik Ödülü sahibi.
Paul D. Boyer (1918–2018): Amerikalı biyokimyacı .
Philip Jack Brooks (CM Punk) (1978–): Profesyonel güreşçi.
PZ Myers (1957–): Amerikalı biyoloji profesörü.
Peter Caffrey
Phyllis Diller
Paul Giamatti
Peter Higgs (1929–): Britanyalı fizik teorisyeni.
Paul Nurse (1949–): 2001 Nobel Ödülü sahibi.
Pablo Picasso
Robert Altman (1925-2006): Amerikalı yönetmen.
Robert Bresson
Ruth Mack Brunswick (1897–1946): Amerikalı psikolog.
Richard Carleton
Rodney Dangerfield
Rob Reiner
Richard J. Roberts (1943–): Britanyalı biyokimyacı, moleküler biyolog. 1993’te tıp alanında Nobel Ödülü kazandı.
Ronald Plasterk (1957–): Moleküler genetikçi.
Roman Polanski
Russell T Davies
Richard Dawkins (1941–): İngiliz zoolog, biyolog, Oxford’da profesör. Yazdığı kitaplar Batı dünyasında en çok satanlar arasına girdi. Ateizmin önde gelen savunucularındandır.
Richard Feynman (1918–1988): Amerikalı fizikçi. 1965 Nobel Fizik Ödülü sahibi.
Ricky Gervais (1984-): İngiliz komedyen.
Richard Leakey (1944–): Kenyalı paleontolog, arkeolog ve çevreci.
Richard Stallman (1953–): Amerikalı bilgisayar uzmanı, aktivist, yazılım uzmanı.
Robert Sapolsky (1957–): Stanford Üniversitesi’nde profesör.
Raymond Tallis (1946–): Filozof.
Sarah Bernhardt (1844-1923): Fransız tiyatro oyuncusu.
Susan Blackmore (1951–): İngiliz psikolog.
Sean M. Carroll (1956–): Amerikalı kozmolog.
Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar (1910–1995): Nobel Fizik Ödülü sahibi astrofizikçi.
Scott Clifton
Stanley Donen
Stanley Kubrick
Sergei Eisenstein
Sigmund Freud (1856–1939): Yahudi kökenli Avusturyalı psikolog, Psikanalizin kurucusu.
Stephen Jay Gould (1941–2002): Amerikalı paleontolog, biyolog ve bilim tarihçisi.
Susan Greenfield, Baroness Greenfield, (1950–): İngiliz bilim insanı.
Serra Yılmaz (1954-): Türk tiyatro, sinema ve dizi oyuncusu, çevirmen.
Steven Pinker (1954–): Kanadalı psikolog.
Steven Rose (1938–): Londra Üniversitesi'nde biyoloji profesörü.
Steve Wozniak (1950–): Amerikalı bilgisayar mühendisi, Apple çalışanı.
Sevan Nişanyan (1956-)
Steven Weinberg (1933–): Amerikalı fizik teorisyeni. 1979 Nobel Fizik Ödülü sahibi.
Steve Jones (1944–): Britanyalı genetik profesörü.
Sasha Grey (1988–)
Sir James Hall (1761–1832): İskoç jeolog ve kimyacı.
Sam Harris (1967–): Amerikalı nörolog, filozof ve yazar.
Stephen Hawking. Evren bilimci.
Terence Davies
Turan Dursun (1934-1990)
Theo van Gogh (1957–2004)
Victor Weisskopf (1908–1972): Avusturya kökenli Amerikalı fizik teorisyeni.
Victor J. Stenger (1935–): Amerikalı fizik profesörü.
Vitaly Ginzburg (1916–): Rus fizikçi. 2003 Nobel Fizik Ödülü sahibi.
W. Grey Walter (1910–1977): Amerikalı nörofizyolog.
Woody Allen (1935-): Amerikalı film yönetmeni, senaryo yazarı, aktör, stand-upçı, oyun yazarı, öykücü ve müzisyen
Wil Anderson
William Kingdon Clifford (1845–1879): İngiliz matematikçi ve filozof.
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2020.08.22 23:31 samwellforthus Atatürk

20-30 Senedir resmen Atatürk'e karşı nefret ve karalama propagandası var. Ve daha da kötüsü artık onu tarih kitaplarından siliyorlar. Çünkü milletin ve gençliğin anca öyle daha da az liderimizi tanınmamasını istiyorlar ki bir sonraki kuşakta tamamen unuttursunlar... Aslında onu sevenler bile unutuyor farkında olmadan... Genç Cumhuriyetin nasıl kurulduğunu ve nasıl geliştiğini ve nasıl hangi ortamlarda devrimler yaptığını biraz saygıdan ve birazda merak ediyorsan sana birkaç seri önermek istiyorum... Kurtuluş ve Cumhuriyet serilerini izlemeni öneririm. Özellikle benim gibi z kuşağının çok gelişmiş okuma alışkanlığı yok.O yüzden geçmişi bu kuşak en iyi becerdiği şekilde öğrenmeli yani "izleyerek" işte en iyi anlatan iki seriden birisi... Birisi kurtuluş serisi diğeri ise onun devamı olan Cumhuriyeti serisi ise burada kurtuluşun devamı olarak geçiyor... Yani öyleki şunları izlediğin vakit, 12 senede toplam bütün tarih derslerini topla bu kadar faydalı olmuyor çünkü art niyetli bir şekilde hiçbir şey anlatılmıyor. Ben sadece araştırmayı sevdiğim için bunları keşfedebildim ve bana ayrıca öneren insanlar oldu. :d Ve benim için genç yaşımda Atatürk'ü anlamakta en büyük faydası olan 3. şey ise görsel olarak onun not defterlerinden alınan alıntılarla yazılmış ve müziği yapılmış kısa müzikal kitaplık dinlemeni tavsiye ediyorum. Artık onun hemen hemen her şeyini aslında her normal vatandaşın bilmesi gereken noktaya kadar geliyoruz. Fikret Kızılok - Bir Devrimcinin Güncesi (anılar defteri) Bence hatta kesinlikle 50-60 senedir sol ve sağ hükümetler eğitim müfredatlarını içine ederken en çokta tarihe el attılar iyiki hala bu eserler sayesinde geçmişi daha iyi öğrenebilme şansımız var. Arasında Atatürkün ve Cumhuriyetin ne kadar silindiğini ve unutturulmaya çalışıldığını öğrendim vakit çok kahrolmuştum ama en azından Atatürk'e karşı biraz sevgisi olan insana bile izlettirmen ve dinlettirmem lazım özellikle benim gibi z kuşağı olanlar çünkü gelecek biziz ve yaşamımız geçmişin temeli altında yaşamaya devam etmeli. Bu yüzden insanlara tavsiye ediyorum çünkü hepimiz bir bakıma mağduruz.(Ve bu yüzden nefret edenler çok olduğu için onlardan umudu kestim ayrıca) Atatürk vasiyeti olarak gençlere bilim ve akıl bıraktı. Hep çalışın dedi onun vasiyetine belki de hiç yardımcı olamıyorum ama deniyorum umarım sana yardımcı olursan bir nebze olsun içim diğerlerine yardımcı olduğum gibi ferahlayacak. Ayrıca 80-90 sayfalık kısa el kitabını okumanı da tavsiye ederim gençlerde çok temel bir her konu başlığında çok iyi birikim sağlıyor..Bu siteye VPN ile artık giriliiyor eğer VPN'in yoksa diğer linkten ulaşabilirsin ... Buradan kitaba ulaşmak istiyorsan sağ taratta "mirror 1" e basıp oradan get tuşuna bastığın vakit pdf halini indirirsin. Eksiklikleri elbette var ama bunu her çeşit insan okumalı. Zaten benim gözümde ne kadar insanın okumasında fayda vardır Kendimizi yabancı dil öğrenmeden yada en iyi okullarda okumadan önce yada yurt dışına gitmeden önce sağlam bir irade, akıl ve tarih donanımı içerisinde barındıran bireyler olmalıyız. Çünkü Atam'ın dediği gibi: Geçmişini bilmeyen geleceğine yön veremez...
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2020.08.22 12:19 EnclavedMicrostate Tartaria: The Supposed Mega-Empire of Inner Eurasia


For those not in the know, the Tartaria conspiracy theory is one of the most bizarre pieces of pseudo history out there. Its core notion is that the region known as ‘Tartaria’ or ‘Grand Tartary’ in Early Modern European maps was not simply a vague geographical designate, but in fact a vast, centralised empire. Said empire emerged… at some point, and it disappeared… at some point, but for… some reason, its existence has been covered up to suit… some narrative or another. As you can tell, there’s a lot of diverse ideas here, and the fact that there hasn’t been the equivalent of a Christological schism every time a controversial thread goes up is really quite impressive. While this post will primarily address one particular piece of writing that is at the core of Tartaria conspiracy theorising, I’ll include a few tidbits to show you just how much madness its adherents have come up with. But first, some background.

State of Play, and why I’m doing this

The Tartaria theory has a small but active following on subreddits such as Tartaria, tartarianarchitecture, and CulturalLayer, which as of writing have around 5,300, 2,400 and 23,000 subscribers, respectively, but it’s clear from the 8 questions on the topic asked at AskHistorians since January 2019 and this debunk request from June that it’s a theory that has somewhat broad appeal and can reach beyond its core niche. This is unsurprising given how little education most people in the West receive about basically anything east of Greece: simply put, the reality of Eurasian history is just not something most of us are taught. And if we don’t know the reality of Eurasian history to begin with, or if we do then it's all in bits and pieces where we might not even know a basic set of dates and names, then what seems to be a pretty developed narrative about a lost empire actually turns out rather plausible.
Unfortunately, many debunks of the Tartaria narrative come from people pushing competing conspiracy theories, like this guy claiming that there’s a global Jewish Phoenecian conspiracy and that Tartaria is simply rehashing the notion that Khazars were Jews in order to distract from the real Phoenecian threat at the heart of global society or some nonsense like that. (I don’t really care, I died of laughter after page 3.) Now, there are those coming from serious perspectives, but they focus largely on the problems with Tartaria as a concept rather than addressing the more specific claims being made. This is of course valuable in its own right (shoutout to Kochevnik81 for their responses to the AskHistorians threads), but we can go deeper by really striking at the roots of this ‘theory’ – what is the ‘evidence’ they’re presenting? But to do that, we need to find out what the origins of the ‘theory' are, and thus what its linchpins are. Incidentally, it is because of some recent events regarding those origins that I’ve been finally prompted to write this post.

Where does it come from?

My attempts to find the exact origins of the Tartaria conspiracy have been not entirely fruitful, as the connections I’ve found have been relatively circumstantial at best. But as far as I can tell, it at least partially originates with that Russian pseudohistorian we all know and love, Anatoly Fomenko. Fomenko is perhaps best known in the English-speaking world for his 7-volume ‘epic’ from 2002, History: Fiction or Science?, but in fact he’s been pushing a complete ‘New Chronology’ since the publication of Novaia khronologia in Russian in 1995. While the New Chronology is best known for its attempt to explain away most of the Middle Ages as a hoax created by the Papacy on the basis of bad astronomy, it also asserts a number of things about Russian history from the Kievan Rus’ to the Romanovs. Key to the Tartaria theory is its claim that there was a vast Slavo-Turkic ‘Russian Horde’ based out of ‘Tartaria’ which dominated Eurasia until the last ‘Horde’ ruler, Boris Godunov, was overthrown by the European Mikhail Romanov. This, of course, is a clear attempt at countering the notion of a ‘Tatar Yoke’ over Russia, as you can’t have a ‘Tatar Yoke’ if the Tatars were Russians all along. Much as I’d like to explain that in more detail here, I don’t have to: in 2004, Konstantin Sheiko at the University of Wollongong wrote an entire PhD thesis looking at the claims of Fomenko’s New Chronology and contextualising them within currents of Russian nationalism, which can be accessed online.
But I personally suspect that if there are Fomenko connections as far as Tartaria specifically is concerned, they are limited. For one, at one stage users on the Tartaria subreddit seemed unfamiliar with Fomenko, and there are those arguing that Fomenko had ‘rewritten’ Tartarian history to be pro-Russian. This is why I said that the evidence was circumstantial. The only other link to Fomenko is indirect: the CulturalLayer sidebar lists the ‘New Chronology Resource Collection’ and the audiobook of History: Fiction or Science? under ‘Essential Resources’, and Tartaria in its ‘Related Subs’.
As far as I can tell, the ultimate origin of its developed form on the Anglophone web traces back to this post on the StolenHistory forums, posted on 17 April 2018. This makes some chronological sense: only one post on CulturalLayer that mentions Tartaria predates this. Moreover, KorbenDallas, the OP of the thread, was also the forum’s chief admin, and given that StolenHistory is still (as of writing) the top resource on CulturalLayer’s sidebar, that suggests significant influence. However, using the search function on, it was mentioned at least 9 times before then, with the first mention, on 10 January 2018, mentioning that the ‘theory’ had been doing the rounds on the Russian web for at least 5 years. Nevertheless, as the detail in these early comments is sparse and generally refers only to speculation about maps, it is probably fair to say that the first in-depth English-language formulation of the Tartaria ‘theory’ was thus the April 2018 forum post. Funnily enough, it is not cited often on Tartaria, but that subreddit was created on 27 December, long after discussion had been taking place on places like CulturalLayer, and combined with the ‘mudflood’ ‘theory’ and the notion of giant humans, which are not significant features of the StolenHistory thread. This more convoluted and multifaceted version of the Tartaria theory doesn’t really have a single-document articulation, hence me not covering it here.
It is this StolenHistory thread which I will be looking at here today. Not just because it seems to be at the heart of it all, but also because it got shut down around 36 hours ago as of writing this post, based on the timestamps of panicked ‘what happened to StolenHistory’ posts on CulturalLayer and Tartaria. So what better occasion to go back to the Wayback Machine’s version, seeing as it’s now quite literally impossible to brigade the source? Now as I’ve said, this is not the most batshit insane it gets for the Tartaria crowd, in fact it’s incredibly tame. But by the end of it, I bet you’ll be thinking ‘if this is mild, how much more worse is the modern stuff!?’ And the best part is, I can debunk most of it without recourse to any other sources at all, because so much of it involves them posting sources out of context or expecting them to be read tendentiously.
But that’s enough background. Let us begin.

Part 1: The Existence

Exhibit 1: The Encylcopædia Britannica, 1771

”Tartary, a vast country in the northern parts of Asia, bounded by Siberia on the north and west: this is called Great Tartary. The Tartars who lie south of Muscovy and Siberia, are those of Astracan, Circassia, and Dagistan, situated north-west of the Caspian-sea; the Calmuc Tartars, who lie between Siberia and the Caspian-sea; the Usbec Tartars and Moguls, who lie north of Persia and India; and lastly, those of Tibet, who lie north-west of China.” - Encyclopædia Britannica, Vol. III, Edinburgh, 1771, p. 887.
Starting a post about the ‘hidden’ history of Central Asia with an encyclopædia entry from Scotland is really getting off to a good start, isn’t it? Anyone with a sense of basic geography can tell you that Tibet lies due west of China, not northwest. But more importantly, this shows you how single-minded the Tartaria advocates are and how tendentiously they read things. ‘Country’ need not actually refer to a state entity, it can just be a geographical space, especially in more archaic contexts such as this. Moreover, the ethnographic division of the ‘Tartars’ into Astrakhanis, Circassians, Dagestanis, Kalmuks, Uzbeks, and, for whatever reason, Tibetans, pretty clearly goes against the notion of a unified Tartary.
Now compare to the description given by Wikipedia, ”Tartary (Latin: Tartaria) or Great Tartary (Latin: Tartaria Magna) was a name used from the Middle Ages until the twentieth century to designate the great tract of northern and central Asia stretching from the Caspian Sea and the Ural Mountains to the Pacific Ocean, settled mostly by Turko-Mongol peoples after the Mongol invasion and the subsequent Turkic migrations.”
Obviously, Wikipedia is not a good source for… anything, really, but the fact that they’re giving a 349-year-old encyclopaedia primacy over the summary sentence of a wiki article is demonstrative of how much dishonesty is behind this. And it only gets worse from here.

Exhibit 2: Hermann Moll’s A System of Geography, 1701

THE Country of Tartary, call'd Great Tartary, to distinguish it from the Lesser, in Europe, has for its Boundaries, on the West, the Caspian Sea, and Moscovitick Tartary; on the North, the Scythian, or Tartarian Sea; on the East, the Sea of the Kalmachites, and the Straight of Jesso; and on the South, China, India, or the Dominions of the great Mogul and Persia : So that it is apparently the largest Region of the whole Continent of Asia, extending it self [sic] farthest, both towards the North and East: In the modern Maps, it is plac'd within the 70th and 170th Degree of Longitude, excluding Muscovitick Tartary; as also between the 40 and 72 Degree of Northern Latitude.
Immediately underneath the scan of this text is the statement, clearly highlighted, that
Tartary was not a tract. It was a country.
Hmm, very emphatic there. Except wait no, the same semantic problem recurs. ‘Country’ need not mean ‘state’. Moreover, in the very same paragraph, Moll (or rather his translator) refers to Tartary as a ‘Region’, which very much disambiguates the idea. Aside from that, it is telling that Moll refers to three distinct ‘Tartaries’: ’Great Tartary’ in Asia, ‘Lesser Tartary’ in Europe, and ‘Muscovite Tartary’ – that is, the eastern territories of the Russian Tsardom. If, as they are saying, ‘Great Tartary’ was a coherent entity, whatever happened to ‘Lesser Tartary’?

Exhibit 3: A 1957 report by the CIA on ‘National Cultural Development Under Communism’

Is a conspiracy theorist… actually believing a CIA document? Yep. I’ll add some context later that further complicates the issue.
Or let us take the matter of history, which, along with religion, language and literature, constitute the core of a people’s cultural heritage. Here again the Communists have interfered in a shameless manner. For example, on 9 August 1944, the Central Committee of the Communist Party, sitting in Moscow, issued a directive ordering the party’s Tartar Provincial Committee “to proceed to a scientific revolution of the history of Tartaria, to liquidate serious shortcomings and mistakes of a nationalistic character committed by individual writers and historians in dealing with Tartar history.” In other words, Tartar history was to be rewritten—let its be frank, was to be falsified—in order to eliminate references to Great Russian aggressions and to hide the facts of the real course of Tartar-Russian relations.
[similar judgement on Soviet rewriting of histories of Muslim areas to suit a pro-Russian agenda]
What’s fascinating about the inclusion of this document is that it is apparently often invoked as a piece of anti-Fomenko evidence, by tying New Chronology in with older Russian-nationalist Soviet revisionism. So not only is it ironic that they’re citing a CIA document, of all things, but a CIA document often used to undermine the spiritual founder of the whole Tartaria ‘theory’ in the first place! But to return to the point, the fundamental issue is that it’s tendentious. This document from 1957 obviously is not going to be that informed on the dynamics of Central Asian ethnicity and history in the way that a modern scholar would be.
In a broader sense, what this document is supposed to prove is that Soviet coverups are why we don’t know about Tartaria. But if most of the evidence came from Western Europe to begin with, why would a Soviet coverup matter? Why wasn’t Tartarian history deployed as a counter-narrative during the Cold War?

Exhibit 4: ‘An 1855 Source’

This is from a footnote in Sir George Cornwalle Lewis’ An Inquiry into the Credibility of the Early Roman History, citing a travelogue by Evariste Huc that had been published in French in 1850 and was soon translated into English. From the digitised version of of Huc’s book on Project Gutenberg (emphasis copied over from the thread):
Such remains of ancient cities are of no unfrequent occurrence in the deserts of Mongolia; but everything connected with their origin and history is buried in darkness. Oh, with what sadness does such a spectacle fill the soul! The ruins of Greece, the superb remains of Egypt,—all these, it is true, tell of death; all belong to the past; yet when you gaze upon them, you know what they are; you can retrace, in memory, the revolutions which have occasioned the ruins and the decay of the country around them. Descend into the tomb, wherein was buried alive the city of Herculaneum,—you find there, it is true, a gigantic skeleton, but you have within you historical associations wherewith to galvanize it. But of these old abandoned cities of Tartary, not a tradition remains; they are tombs without an epitaph, amid solitude and silence, uninterrupted except when the wandering Tartars halt, for a while, within the ruined enclosures, because there the pastures are richer and more abundant.
There’s a paraphrase from Lewis as well, but you can just read it on the thread. The key thing here is that yes, there were abandoned settlements in the steppe. Why must this be indicative of a lost sedentary civilisation, and not instead the remnants of political capitals of steppe federations which were abandoned following those federations’ collapse? Places like Karakorum, Kubak Zar, Almaliq and Sarai were principally built around political functions, being centres for concentration of religious and ritual authority (especially monasteries) and stores of non-movable (or difficult to move) wealth. But individual examples of abandoned settlements are not evidence of broad patterns of settlement that came to be abandoned en masse. Indeed, the very fact that the cited shepherd calls the abandoned location ‘The Old Town’ in the singular implies just how uncommon such sites were – for any given region, there might really only be one of note.

Exhibit 5: Ethnic characteristics in artistic depictions of Chinggis and Timur

I… don’t quite know what to make of these.
Today, we have certain appearance related stereotypes. I think we are very much off there. It looks like Tartary was multi-religious, and multi-cultural. One of the reasons I think so is the tremendous disparity between what leaders like Genghis Khan, Batu Khan, Timur aka Tamerlane looked like to the contemporary artists vs. the appearance attributed to them today.
Ummm, what?
These are apparently what they look like today. These are ‘contemporary’ depictions of Chinggis:
Except, as the guy posting the thread says, these are 15th-18th century depictions… so NOT CONTEMPORARY.
As for Timur, we have:
In what bizzaro world are these contemporary?
We’ll get to Batur Khan in a moment because that’s its own kettle of worms. But can this user not recognise that artists tend to depict things in ways that are familiar? Of course white European depictions of Chinggis and Timur will tend to make them look like white Europeans, while East Asian depictions of Chinggis will tend to make him look Asian, and Middle Eastern depictions of Chinggis and Timur will make them look Middle Eastern. This doesn’t prove that ‘Tartaria’ was multicultural, in fact it you’d have an easier time using this ‘evidence’ to argue that Chinggis and Timur were shapeshifters who could change ethnicities at will!

Exhibit 6: Turkish sculptures

Why this person thinks modern Turkish sculptures are of any use to anyone baffles me. The seven sculptures shown are of Batu Khan (founder of the ‘Golden Horde’/Jochid khanates), Timur, Bumin (founder of the First Turkic Khaganate), Ertugrul (father of Osman, the founder of the Ottoman empire), Babur (founder of the Mughal Empire), Attila the Hun, and Kutlug Bilge Khagan (founder of the Uyghur Khaganate). They are accompanied (except in the case of Ertugrul) by the dates of the empires/confederations that they founded – hence, for instance, Babur’s dates being 1526 to 1858, the lifespan of the Mughal Empire, or Timur’s being 1368 (which seems arbitrary) to 1507 (the fall of Herat to the Shaybanids). To quote the thread:
A few of them I do not know, but the ones I do look nothing like what I was taught at school. Also dates are super bizarre on those plaques.
Again, Turkish sculptors make Turkic people look like Turks. Big surprise. And the dates are comprehensible if you just take a moment to think.
Do Turks know something we don't?
Turkish, evidently.

Exhibit 7: A map from 1652 that the user can’t even read

The other reason why I think Tartary had to be multi-religious, and multi-cultural is its vastness during various moments in time. For example in 1652 Tartary appears to have control over the North America.
This speaks for itself.
The thread was later edited to include a link to a post on ‘Tartarians’ in North America made on 7 August 2018, but that’s beside the point here, read at your own leisure (if you can call it ‘leisure’). Except for the part where at one point he admits he can’t read Latin, and so his entire theory in that post is based on the appearance of the word ‘Tartarorum’ in an unspecified context on a map of North America.

Part 2: The Coverup

The official history is hiding a major world power which existed as late as the 19th century. Tartary was a country with its own flag, its own government and its own place on the map. Its territory was huge, but somehow quietly incorporated into Russia, and some other countries. This country you can find on the maps predating the second half of the 19th century.
…Okay then.

Exhibit 8: Google Ngrams
This screenshot shows that the use of ‘Tartary’ and ‘Tartaria’ declined significantly over time. This is apparently supposed to surprise us. Or maybe it shows that we actually understand the region better…

Part 1a: Back to the existence

You know, a common theme with historical conspiracy theories is how badly they’re laid out, in the literal sense of the layout of their documents and video content. Don’t make a header called ‘The Coverup’ and then only have one thing before jumping back to the evidence for the existence again.

Exhibit 9: A Table

Yet, some time in the 18th century Tartary Muskovite was the biggest country in the world: 3,050,000 square miles.
I do not have enough palms to slap into my face. Do they not understand that this is saying how much of Tartary was owned… by foreign powers?

Exhibit 10: Book covers

You can look at the images on the thread itself but here’s a few highlights:
Histories of the Qing conquest of China, because as far as Europeans were concerned the Manchus were Tartars. Proof of Tartaria because…?
An ambassador who never set foot in ‘Tartary’ itself, cool cool, very good evidence there.
There’s also three screenshots from books that aren’t even specifically named, so impossible to follow up. Clearly this is all we need.

Exhibit 11: Maps

The maps are the key think the Tartaria pushers use. All these maps showing ‘Grand Tartary’ or ‘Tartaria’ or what have you. There’s 20 of these here and you can look for yourselves, but the key thing is: why do these people assume that this referred to a single state entity? Because any of these maps that include the world more generally will also present large parts of Africa in generic terms, irrespective of actual political organisation in these regions. And many of the later maps clearly show the tripartite division of the region into ‘Chinese Tartary’, ‘Russian Tartary’, and ‘Independent Tartary’, which you think would be clear evidence that most of this region was controlled by, well, the Chinese (really, the Manchus) and the Russians. And many of these maps aren’t even maps of political organisation, but geographical space. See how many lump all of mainland Southeast Asia into ‘India’. Moreover, the poor quality of the mapping should give things away. This one for instance is very clear on the Black Sea coast, but the Caspian is a blob, and moreover, a blob that’s elongated along the wrong axis! They’re using Western European maps as an indicator of Central Asian realities in the most inept way possible, and it would be sad if it weren’t so hilarious. The fact that the depictions of the size of Tartaria are incredibly inconsistent also seems not to matter.

Exhibit 12: The Tartarian Language

There’s an 1849 American newspaper article referring to the ‘Tartarian’ language, which is very useful thank you, and definitely not more reflective of American ignorance than actual linguistic reality.
The next one is more interesting, because it’s from a translation of some writing by a French Jesuit, referring to the writing of Manchu, and who asserted (with very little clear evidence) that it could be read in any direction. In April last year, Tartaria users [claimed to have stumbled on a dictionary of Tartarian and French]( called the Dictionnaire Tartare-Mantchou-François. What they failed to realise is that the French generally called the Manchus ‘Tartare-Mantchou’, and this was in fact a Manchu-French dictionary. In other words, a [Tartare-Mantchou]-[François] dictionary, not a [Tartare]-[Mantchou]-[François] dictionary. It is quite plausible, in fact probable, that the ‘Tartarian’ referred to in the newspaper article was Manchu.

Exhibit 13: Genealogies of Tartarian Kings

Descended From Genghiscan
Reads the comment above this French chart. How the actual hell did OP not recognise that ‘Genghiscan’ is, erm, Genghis Khan? Is it that hard to understand that maybe, just maybe, ‘Tartars’ was what they called Mongols back in the day, and ‘Tartaria’ the Mongol empire and its remnants?

Exhibit 14: Ethnographic drawings

These prove that there were people called Tartars, not that there was a state of Tartaria. NEXT

Exhibit 15: Tartaria’s alleged flag

Images they provide include
Except there’s one problem. As any EU4 player will tell you, that’s the flag of the Khanate of Kazan. And while they can trot out a few 18th and 19th century charts showing the apparent existence of a Tartarian naval flag, the inconvenient fact that Tartaria would have been landlocked seems not to get in the way. To be sure, their consistent inclusion is odd, given the non-existence of Tartary as a country, and moreover its landlocked status. It seems plausible that the consistent similarity of the designs is just a result of constant copying and poor checking, but on its own it means relatively little.

Exhibit 16: 19th-century racism
That I think speaks for itself.

Exhibit 17: Flags of Moscow on one particular chart

It is also worth mentioning that in the British Flag Table of 1783, there are three different flags listed as a flag of the Tsar of Moscow. There is also an Imperial Flag of Russia as well as multiple naval flags. And all of them are proceeded by a flag of the Viceroy of Russia.
By that logic, the Royal Navy ran Britain because the Royal Navy ensigns precede the Union Jack. It’s simply a conscious decision to show the flags of individuals before the flags of states. The ‘Viceroy’ (unsure what the original Russian title would be) and ‘Czar’ of Muscovy would presumably be, well, the Emperor of Russia anyway, so as with the British section where the Royal Standard and the flags of naval officers came first, the same seems true of Russia. Also, as a side note, the placement of the USA at the end, after the Persians, the Mughals and ‘Tartarians’, is a fun touch.
Significance of the Viceroy is in the definition of the term. A viceroy is a regal official who runs a country, colony, city, province, or sub-national state, in the name of and as the representative of the monarch of the territory. Our official history will probably say that it was the Tsar of Russia who would appoint a viceroy of Moscow. I have reasons to doubt that.
Why is the flag of the Viceroy of Moscow positioned prior to any other Russian flag? Could it be that the Viceroy of Moscow was superior to its Czar, and was "supervising" how this Tartarian possession was being run?

Part 3: 1812

This, this is where it gets really bonkers. A key part of this post is arguing that Napoleon’s invasion of Russia was a cover story for a joint invasion against Tartaria gone horrendously wrong. All the stops are being pulled out here.
There is a growing opinion in Russia that French invasion of Russia played out according to a different scenario. The one where Tsar Alexander I, and Napoleon were on the same side. Together they fought against Tartary. Essentially France and Saint Petersburg against Moscow (Tartary). And there is a strong circumstantial evidence to support such a theory.
Oh yes, we’re going there.
Questions to Answer:
1. Saint Petersburg was the capitol of Russia. Yet Napoleon chose to attack Moscow. Why?
He didn’t, he was trying to attack the Russian army. (credit to dandan_noodles).
2. It appears that in 1912 there was a totally different recollection of the events of 1812. How else could you explain commemorative 1912 medals honoring Napoleon?
Because it’s a bit of an in-your-face to Napoleon for losing so badly?
And specifically the one with Alexander I, and Napoleon on the same medal. The below medal says something similar to, "Strength is in the unity: will of God, firmness of royalty, love for homeland and people"
Yeah, it’s showing Alexander I beating Napoleon, and a triumphant double-headed Russian eagle above captured French standards. Also, notice how Alexander is in full regalia, while Napoleon’s is covered up by his greatcoat?
3. Similarity between Russian and French uniforms. There are more different uniforms involved, but the idea remains, they were ridiculously similar.
Ah yes, because fashions in different countries always develop separately, and never get influenced by each other.
How did they fight each other in the dark?
With difficulty, presumably.
Basically, he’s saying that this:
Is too similar to this:
To be coincidental.
OK, whatever. Here’s where it gets interesting:
There was one additional combat asset officially available to Russians in the war of 1812. And that was the Militia. It does appear that this so-called Militia, was in reality the army of Tartary fighting against Napoleon and Alexander I.
Russian VolunteeMilitia Units... Tartarians?
Clearly this man has never encountered the concept of a cossack, an opelchenie, or, erm, a GREATCOAT.
4. Russian nobility in Saint Petersburg spoke French well into the second half of the 19th century. The general explanation was, that it was the trend of time and fashion. Google contains multiple opinions on the matter. * Following the same logic, USA, Britain and Russia should've picked up German after the victory in WW2.
Clearly never heard of the term lingua franca then.
5. This one I just ran into: 19th-century fans were totally into a Napoleon/Alexander romance
It is true that after the Treaty of Tilsit, Napoleon wrote to his wife, Josephine, that
I am pleased with [Emperor] Alexander; he ought to be with me. If he were a woman, I think I should make him my mistress.
But Napoleon’s ‘honeymoon period’ with Russia following the Treaty of Tilsit should not be seen as indicative of a permanent Napoleonic affection for Russia. Notably, Napoleon’s war with Russia didn’t just end in 1812. How are the Tartaria conspiracists going to explain the War of the Sixth Coalition, when Russian, Prussian and Austrian troops drove the French out of Germany? Did the bromance suddenly stop because of 1812? Or, is it more reasonable to see 1812 as the end result of the bromance falling apart?


So there you have it, Tartaria in all its glorious nonsensicalness. Words cannot capture how massively bonkers this entire thing is. And best of all, I hardly needed my own sources because so much of it is just a demonstration of terrible reading comprehension. Still, if you want to actually learn about some of the history of Inner Eurasia, see below:


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2020.08.22 07:20 SaintFinnVII F1 Predictions With Explanations

2022 Grid
MERCEDES: Lewis Hamilton - George Russell
Lewis Hamilton: Will try to equal or beat Schumacher, then retire soon. Still the best driver on the grid, ish.
George Russell: Will move straight to Mercedes like Bottas did, showing amazing ability in testing and being developed under Lewis to take #1 when Hamilton leaves.
RED BULL HONDA: Max Verstappen - Alex Albon
Max Verstappen: He's amazing. Hopefully soon-to-be WDC.
Alex Albon: Although I don't really like him in RB, he is a good second seat, consistently scoring points. Once Vips has a year at AT, will probably take his seat.
FERRARI: Charles Leclerc - Carlos Sainz Jr.
Charles Leclerc: He is leading Ferrari back up the grid, and a stable driver.
Carlos Sainz Jr.: Super consistent and fast, willing to stick to a project and follow team calls.
ASTON MARTIN MERCEDES: Sergio Pérez - Lance Stroll
Sergio Pérez: Stays for his last few years in F1 to help develop what will hopefully be a podium-contending team.
Lance Stroll: Improved ability in new car, and also Lawrence.
MCLAREN MERCEDES: Daniel Ricciardo - Lando Norris
Daniel Ricciardo: Wants a better shot than Renault. Didn't get Ferrari because he would clash too much trying to beat Leclerc and not follow team calls.
Lando Norris: Brilliant season, and will continue to improve. Hopefully gets a higher seat (depending on how much new regs. in 2022 change things...) I'd love to see him at RB.
RENAULT: Fernando Alonso - Valtteri Bottas
Fernando Alonso: Confirmed for 2 years. Will help lead the team into the new era of rules. Amazing.
Valteri Bottas: Bottas is still an amazing driver, but likely will leave the Silver Arrows to make room for Russell. However, if Russell waits another year & then Hamilton retires, I could see a RUS-BOT pairing at Mercedes.
ALPHATAURI HONDA: Pierre Gasly - Yuki Tsunoda
Pierre Gasly: Continues pushing the car, has an excellent season. Don't really see him anywhere else, besides maybe Renault in the future.
Yuki Tsunoda- Excellent season again, backing by Honda.
ALFA ROMEO FERRARI: Nico Hulkenberg - Mick Schumacher
Nico Hulkenberg:
Mick Schumacher: A decent season in F2 and lots of money are enough to replace Giovinazzi in Alfa Romeo. I think Ilott is better, but since of Mick's name he may get in first.
HAAS FERRARI: Robert Shwartzman -
Robert Shwartzman: Freaking fantastic driver. Would love to see him take Ferrari one day. Gets in with new team. Would like to see him promoted to Alfa Romeo. Has good sponsors which Haas needs for money.
WILLIAMS MERCEDES: Nicholas Latifi - Nyck de Vries
Nicholas Latifi: Decent driver with talent and good sponsors.
Nyck de Vries: I know it probably won't happen, but I'd love to see him in F1. Toto hinted at him and Stoffel Vandoorne having a shot at F1. If Nyck gets better money, he might be able to get it. His talent is insanely good though. Would also love to see him at McLaren.
PANTHERA ASIA HONDA: Guanyu Zhou - Robert Shwartzman
Nick Cassidy: Literally one of the best racers alive. Hopefully gets some good money to join a team, esp. as the budget is lower so teams that don't need as much money may enter. Please oh please let Cassidy in. I want him to replace Lewis Hamilton and be with Russell, which I know most likely will never happen :(. He is famous in Asia for his Superfourmula success in Japan, and has been with Honda-backed Red Bull.
Juri Vips- Spectacular season. In contention to possibly take Albon's seat soon (unless Cassidy comes in from FE-he deserves a top seat)
CAMPOS RENAULT (probable name): Guanyu Zhou -
Guanyu Zhou: Great talent. Renault junior.
Pascal Wehrlein: After some years in FE, Pascal will return to F1 after reaching an agreement with Campos. He has been hinted at him coming with the new team.
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2020.08.21 15:32 karanotlar Kimmerya / Özgür, gezgin ve 'barbar'

Antik Yunan kentlerini yıkıp yakan Kimmerler, Anadolu’daki tüm krallıklar için küçük çaplı felaket görünümünde, yaklaşık iki yüz yıl boyunca büyük bir yıkım yaratmıştı. Kuzeydoğu Anadolu’da ve Hazar bölgesinde İskit akınları nedeniyle zayıflamalarının ardından, M.Ö. 6. yüzyılda Lydia Kralı Alyattes Kimmerleri büyük bir yenilgiye uğrattı. Bu büyük çöküşün ardından Kimmerler tarihteki yerlerini yitirdi, efsaneler ve hikayeler de sona ermiş oldu.
Tarkan Tufan
Kimmerler, onları ‘Ga-mir’ veya ‘Gi-mir-a-a’ olarak adlandıran birçok Asur metninden dolayı bilinmektedir. Asur dilinde, bu isim “oraya buraya gidip-gelen insanlar” benzeri bir anlam ifade eder ve Kimmerlerin Hint-Avrupa dillerini anımsatan isimlerinin kökenine ilişkin daha fazla kayda rastlanmaz; öte yandan, yaşam biçimleri kusursuz biçimde anlatılmaktadır. Göçebe bir halk olan Kimmerler İskitlerle aynı alanları paylaşmaktaydı ve arkeolojik açısından İskitlerle neredeyse aynıydı; İskitlerin sonraları onları kendi ülkelerinden sürmüş olabileceği düşünülüyor.
Kimmerler, kimi akademisyenlere göre, hâlâ Kırım’ın bulunduğu güney Ukrayna’da yaşıyor olabilirler. Arkeologların bir kısmı ise, onları Prut nehri ve Aşağı Don (M.Ö. 900-650) bölgesi arasındaki ovalarda hayat bulan Novocerkassk kültürüyle aynı toplum olarak görmekte. Kimmerler yayları, kılıçları ve mızraklarıyla gömülüyordu. En değerli varlıkları inekleriydi ve sığırlarıyla ovalar arasında dolaşan göçebeler olarak bilinirler. Birçok göçebe toplulukta görüldüğü üzere, toplumsal yaşamda kadın-erkek arasında bir hiyerarşi kurmamışlardı; söz hakkı ve yaşamsal kararlar konusunda herkese doğal hakları teslim edilmişti. Bu duruma özellikle de savaşçı ve yağmacı bir halk olmasının neden olduğu düşünülüyor.
Kimmerya’nın yerli halkı, neredeyse gizemli bir tarihe sahiptir. Bu antik insanların (M.Ö. 8. ve 7. yüzyıllarda hüküm sürmüşlerdi) varlığına yapılan ilk atıfları Asur metinlerinde görürüz. Asurlular ve bir erken-Ermeni imparatorluğu olan Urartu kaynaklarında “güçlü ve hareketli bir askeri tehlike” olarak tasvir edilmişler. M.Ö. 7. yüzyılda Asural Kralı Aşurbanipal, Kimmerlere olan düşmanlığını tabletlere yazmıştır. Kral, popülaritesi, düşmanlara uyguladığı zulüm ve Ninova’da (Gılgamış Efsanesi dahil) büyük bir kütüphane kurmasıyla tanınan bir kraldır.
Kimmerlerin kökenleri konusunda hiç kimse emin olamasa da Herodot’un onlar hakkında yazdığı bazı bilgilere ulaşmak mümkün. Önceleri göçebe bir halk olan Kimmerler muhtemelen bir süre sonra yerleşik hayata geçmişler ve Karadeniz’in kuzeyindeki bölgede yaşamaktaydılar. Kimmerler, nehirleri takip ederek Kafkaslar’dan güneye doğru indi ve Asur ve Urartu imparatorluklarının sınırlarına akınlar düzenlediler. Ancak doğudaki İskitler bir süre sonra Kimmerlerin topraklarına girip onları sürdü, bazılarını ise süreç içinde asimile ettiler.
Evrensel biçimde kabul görmese de İskitlerin yayılması sonrasında Kimmerlerin Avrupa’ya yönelen göç hareketleri, Kelt veya Germen topluluklarının atası olarak görülmelerine yol açmıştır.
Kimmerlerin İran’daki varlığı, birçok bilim insanı açısından su götürmez bir gerçek. Tarihsel olarak saptanabilen Kimmer liderlerinin (Teuşpa, Ligdamis vs.) İran kökenli isimlerine bakmak, bu görüşe sağlam bir temel sunabilir. Diğer yandan, Kimmer tarihi hakkında yetkin bir uzman olan Askold Ivanchik, Kimmerleri gizemli bir insan topluluğu olarak görür.
Kimmerlerin Dinyeper ve Don nehirleri arasındaki asıl vatanlarını terk etmesinin sebepleri çeşitli olabilir. Belki Baltıkların ve Anglo-Saksonların batı Dinyeper alanlarından ilerlemeleri sebebiyle göç etmek zorunda kalmış olabilirler. Bunun dışında, bazı başka nedenler de söz konusu olabilir. Belki de bozkır alanlarda, iklim değişikliği nedeniyle bölgenin verimliliği yok olmuş olabilirdi.
Böylece Orta Asya’daki İranlı göçmenlerin ilk dalgasının, modern Sarıkaolis, Pamir İranlıları (Şugnanlar, Bartanglar, Yazgulamlar vb.), Persler, Afganlar ve Sogdi (Yagnobi) toplumlarının ataları tarafından oluşturulduğunu varsayabiliriz; netice olarak, ortak İran topraklarında ve Dinyeper boyunca olan bölgelerde yerleşmiş olan İran kabileleriydiler. Bu yaşam alanlarının, bir zamanlar Avrupa’da kalan ve bir süreliğine tarihi Kimmerlerle paralel ilerleyen diğer İran kabileleri tarafından işgal edildiğini varsaymak mümkündür.
Bazı teorilerde, Kimmerlerin Orta Asya’dan Karadeniz bölgesine doğru ve daha genel anlamda “Avrasya’nın derinliklerinden” geldiği öne sürülmekte; ancak bu görüş de yoğun itirazlarla karşı karşıya. İranlıların atalarının anavatanlarının Avrupa’da bir bölge olması ve Kimmerlerin Orta Asya’ya göç ettikten sonra bu bölgeye geri dönmeleri çok uzun zaman alırdı.
Göçler süresince, Kimmerler, Azorov ve Karadeniz bozkırlarını yerle bir ettiler; Ukrayna ve Kuzey Kafkasya steplerindeyse kültürlerine ait birçok kalıntıyı arkalarında bıraktılar. Bir İran halkı olarak bilinen Zrubna kültürünün bazı Kimmer geleneklerini sürdürmüş olması da düşündürücüdür; ölü gömme ritüellerinde uygulanan bu gelenekler, Ukraynalı arkeologlar tarafından kalıntıları bulunan Kimmerlerin cenaze törenlerinde de benzer biçimde uygulanmıştı.
Bazı kaynaklarda, Bulgarların ve Kürtlerin aynı bölgede yaşadığı dönemde, bu toplumlarla Kimmerlerin etkileşime geçmiş olduğunu belirtir. Eski Kürt yerleşimlerinin adlarında bu etkileşimin izlerini görmek mümkündür. Kürt toplumlarının kendilerine verdiği “Kurmanc” ismi, Kimmerlerin “Hareketli, oradan oraya hızla hareket eden” anlamına gelen sözcüklerini andırmaktadır. Aynı dilsel benzerliğe, Vinnytsia Bölgesi’ndeki Zhmerinka kasabasının adında da rastlanır; bu bölgede Kürt yer adlarına oldukça sık rastlanır.
Dniester Dağı kıyısındaki bu yerlerde, Kürtçe yer isimlerinin yaygın olduğu tespiet edilmiştir. Niçlavya’nın sağ kıyısında, Mikhalkiv Ternopil köyünde, 1878 ve 1897 yıllarında iki ayrı altın gömüsü bulunmuştur. İncelemeler, bulguları M.Ö. 6. yüz yıla tarihlendirmekte. Yine de Rus ve Ukraynalı bilim insanlarının bir kısmı bu görüşe katılmamakta. Tarihsel açıdan bilindiği kadarıyla, İran’daki Stepion bölgesinde yaşayan Kimmer ve İskit toplumlarının, Kürt uygarlığı olan Medya İmparatorluğu’nun Babil’e karşı yaptığı savaşta Kürtleri desteklediği, yaşanan yenilginin ardındansa yaşadıkları bölgeyi terk etmek zorunda kaldıkları yönünde bilgiler içeriyor. Lydia yenilgisinden sonra, Kimmerler ve İskitler, yaşadıkları bölgelerden ayrılarak Kuzey Pontik Bölgesi’ne göçmek zorunda kaldılar. Yapılan barış anlaşması şartlarına göre, artık Anadolu’da onlara yer yoktu.
Bununla birlikte, Kürtlerin ve Kimmerlerin çoğunluğu günümüz Polonya topraklarındaki Podolya’ya yerleşti. Batı Podolya bölgesinin ve Kürt yerleşim yerlerinin yerleşim alanlarının kısmen uyumlu olması, bu alanların Kürtler tarafından işgal edildiğini, yani bölgedeki nüfusun bir kısmının önceki yerleşimlerde kaldığını düşündürüyor. Daha sonra Kürtlerin bu kısmı Orta Avrupa’ya taşınmıştı. Bu durum, iki halkın belli tarihsel dönemlerde aynı alanlarda, bir arada yaşadıklarını gösteriyor.
M.Ö. 9. yüzyılda yazan Homeros, Kimmerlerin varlığını kayıt altına almıştı. Sonraki yıllardaki birçok klasik yazar da M.Ö. beşinci yüzyılda yazan Herodot dahil olmak üzere, onlardan bahsetmişti; ancak Kimmerlerin kökeni oldukça karmaşık bir konu. Kökenleri açısından, genellikle Kuzey Kafkasların Koban kültürüne ve daha sonra Ukrayna’nın ve Rusya’nın güneyindeki Çernogorovka ve Novoçerkassk kültürlerine bağlanırlar. Orta Doğu’daki yerleşmiş uygarlıkları, güçlü şehir devletlerini yenme yetenekleri ile M.Ö. dokuzuncu ve sekizinci yüzyıllardaki tarihi evrede isimlerini duyurdular. Tam anlamıyla yenilene dek yeni toprakları fethedip yağmaladılar.
Kimmerler, Anadolu’da ortaya çıkmadan önce herhangi bir yerdeki varlıkları pek bilinmese de genellikle Pontik-Hazar steplerinde (Karadeniz’in ve Hazar Denizi’nin step alanındaki topraklarda) yaşadıkları düşünülür.
Tarihsel kayıtlarında Herodot, Karadeniz’in kuzeyinde yaşadığını belirttiği halkların çok net bir perspektifini sunar ve ayrıca Kimmerleri Pontus steplerinde resmeder. M.Ö. 6. yüzyıldan sonra Göktürklerin gelişinden sonra, Türkî kabilelerin Pontik-Hazar bozkırlarına yayılmasıyla, “Kırım” isminin temelleri de atılmış oldu. Bu bölgenin Kimmer vatanının merkezi olup olmadığı şüpheli olsa bile, muhtemelen nüfuz alanları içinde kalıyordu.
Kimmerler, en azından bazı eski Yunan kaynaklarına dayanan Keltler ve Trakyalılar ile de bağlantılıdır. Veriler, Kimmerlerin Karadeniz’in batı sahillerinin büyük bir kesiminde Trakyalılarla ilişkiye girdikleri ve nihayetinde (son yenilgi ve parçalanmalarından sonra) birleştikleri yönündedir. Carl Ferdinand ve Friedrich Lehmann-Haupt, Kimmerlerin dilinin Trak ve İran arasında “eksik bir bağlantı” olabileceğini belirtirler. Dillerin her ikisi de Hint-Avrupa kökenliydi, bu nedenle diller arasında bazı temel benzerlikler vardı.
Antik Yunan kentlerini yıkıp yakan bu uygarlık, Anadolu’daki tüm krallıklar için küçük çaplı felaket görünümünde, yaklaşık iki yüz yıl boyunca büyük bir yıkım yaratmıştı. Kuzeydoğu Anadolu’da ve Hazar bölgesinde İskit akınları nedeniyle zayıflamalarının ardından, M.Ö. 6. yüzyılda Lydia Kralı Alyattes Kimmerleri büyük bir yenilgiye uğrattı. Bu büyük çöküşün ardından Kimmerler tarihteki yerlerini yitirdiler ve kendileri hakkındaki efsaneler ve hikayeler de sona ermiş oldu.
Cimmeria: Land of Mist and Myth
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2020.08.20 20:41 Changeling_Wil Greeks are just Baltic people wearing funny hats

Greetings badhistory!
So, long story short I had been discussing hyperborea with a friend. As in 'the classical myth' not the neo-pagan/neo-nazi/neo-fascist insanity.
Afterwards I thought to myself 'I don't actually know that much about how much the ancient Greeks knew about the baltic, I should google it'.
First thing google brings me is a site going on about 'the baltic greeks exposed'. It was wild. Anyway, I think 'oh I could make a badhistory post about this' but now the site doesn't exist/when you try to access it it just wants you to buy the domain.
Thankfully wayback is here to help
So first things first: They have no footnotes or bibliography. This is a big yikes.
Before I properly start this groundbreaking work off, I should mention that, in order to fully understand it, you should at the very least have a basic understanding of Felice Vinci’s earth shattering book, “The Baltic Origins of Homer’s Epic Tales”.
Now, annoyingly I couldn't find any reviews of this over on jstor so I'm forced to look elsewhere for reviews of the work .
But from looking around it seems the work tends to cherry pick and focus on evidence that supports its theory instead of actually judging the evidence and details offered by the source material.
So that's a big yikes there.
Circa 1800 BC, a large group of people from the modern day Baltic Sea, namely the states of Lithuania and Latvia, formed a mighty civilization. While they often fought, their technological advances were amazing. Eventually, the Balts moved southward through the Dnieper river, for reasons unknown. Eventually, they reached the Black Sea and the Aegean sea, forming what would eventually become Greece. They conquered and subjugated the locals, hereafter referred to as ethnic Greeks, and imposed their history on them. this The Finno-Korean Hyperwar?
I'll admit I'm no scholar of the Baltic in the classical/ancient period but as far as I'm aware, there was no 'grand technologically advanced baltic state' there as much as the Waring baltic tribes with the germanic ones to the west of them? Feel free to correct me.
Also, 1800bc? As in the 18th century BC? Before the Greek Dark Ages and the Dorian invasions? Weird place to put your population movement theory. I'm not sure on the exacts but aren't the Ionians and Aeolians fully moved in by the 16th century BC? Or at least settled there before the Dorians later punt them about.
The stories of the Balts, hereafter referred to as Baltic Greeks, eventually became legend, and the Baltic Greek caste partially forgot their ways, and believed that the stories that had been passed down to them had taken place in the Mediterranean, when they had actually taken place in the Baltic Sea. An author, Homer, eventually wrote these down circa 800 BC, confusing ancient Baltic cities such as Troy for places in the mediterranean, and believing that great Baltic Kings like Agamemnon were Greek. This is where I depart from Felice Vinci. I know that the priest subcaste of the Baltic Greeks never truly forgot their ancestral home. The priests were the last to agree to leave the ancient Baltic land, and their undying dream was to see their new home, Greece, joined in a mighty empire stretching to their ancient home in the Baltics.
Dude. Duuude. Citations. Please.
Like...where are you getting this? At all? You had one (sketchy and not using evidence correctly) book to support your first bit. But where are you getting any evidence for 'they were the last to leave'.
The Baltic Greek priests knew that powerful secrets existed in ancient Hyperborea, which they believed could help them rule the known world. They believed that Hyperborea was located either in the Baltics, or very close by.
I...if they didn't forget their history and used to live there, surely they'd know if it was or wasn't in the baltic?
So, the priests had to bide their time. Decades turned to centuries, and the Baltic Greek priests were still plotting as to how they would regain the Baltics, when a potential puppet came to power in what was now called Macedonia, namely king Amyntas III, in 393 BC. [...]Amyntas III presented a rare opportunity for the Baltic Greek priests: he was a Baltic Greek nationalist, and a strong military leader. [...] they would wait until the time was right, and Amyntas would share the knowledge of the Baltic homeland with his sons. One of them, or one of their descendants, was to retake the Baltics whenever possible.
What can be presented without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.
This being said: No, Amyntas III was not a baltic-greek nationalist. Putting aside the issue of using the term nationalist for classical material...just no. The fuck.
Alexander was taught the Baltic Greek secrets as soon as he could talk, and he made their retaking his life’s goal. However, as Alexander and his father both grew older, they realized their problem: the other Greek states wished to invade Persia, and they would have never supported a seemingly haphazard expedition north, through completely uncharted territory. Alexander, Philip, and the priests were unwilling to tell the other major greek states about the ancient home in the Baltics, if they did, the ancillary Greek states may have attempted to get there first.
'The Greeks wouldn't want to march north if we didn't tell them because they want to invade rich Persia, if we told them they'd ignore persia and march into the frozen north on the off chance the land that clearly wasn't great because we moved from it exists'.
Philip II and Alexander both knew that the earth was round, but were unaware of the circumference of the earth, and they did not know of the large bodies of water and other continents. So, their plan was this: they would form a league, known as the league of Corinth, which was made of many Greek States. They would declare war on the Persian Empire, and defeat them, and would continue with their conquests until they eventually circled around the earth and reached the Baltics.
'People don't want to march far from home into the great unknown. We'll make them march far from home into the great unknown'.
Poison was placed in Alexander’s wine, and he died after 10 days of agony. Alexander’s reported last words were that his empire should go “to the strongest”, but this is not true. His real last words certified that his unborn son should take the throne. The Generals knew that allowing another Baltic Greek from the bloodline of Alexander would be disastrous. So, they themselves took over various parts of Alexander’s empire, knowing that, as seperate states, it’d be harder for the Baltic Greeks to take over all of their land.
If Alexander was poisoned, had fever, drank too much etc is still disputed.
50 years after this, ethnic Greeks in Italy finalized their complete victory over the native Etruscans. They formed a mighty Republic, eventually an empire, that was by and large free of Baltic Greek taint.
I'm sorry when the fuck did Rome become Greek. Rome, the great Latin power. Did this guy just hear that Greeks lived in Magna Gracia and went ham? Are the baltic greeks meant to be the 'proud wise rulers' or an 'evil taint'? Is this fascist doublethink or not? I'm confused.
As you all know, their empire degenerated badly, and eventually a Baltic Greek was allowed to take control of the Roman Empire, a man by the name of Tarasis Kodisa Rousombladadiotes, later to be known as the Emperor Zeno. By this time, almost all Baltic Greeks, who were then and are now about 10% of the total Greek population, knew of the ancient homeland in the Baltics. Under Zeno, the once great empire was Hellenized, and their unspoken goal was to take the Baltics. This was the true goal of what was now called the Byzantine Empire for nearly 1000 years. The Byzantines, however, were constantly rebuffed in their attempts by the heroic efforts of the Bulgarians, Germans, and Persians, among others.
Okay so first off:
Man the Byzantines must have really sucked at reading maps then, huh? Reclaiming north africa, Italy, bits of Spain, fighting off Persians and Turks in Anatolia, trying to keep the bulgarians and Balkans controlled. Not really a path to the baltic.
The only bright spot in Byzantine history, which was full of typical Baltic Greek atrocities and greed, was the Emperor Justinian, the final Ethnic Greek Emperor of Rome. 50 years after the hostile takeover of the Roman Empire by the Baltic Greeks, the Emperor Justinian ceased any foolish attempts to invade the north, instead regaining the Byzantine Empire’s rightful land in the Mediterranean.
I'm sorry what? An illyrian who spoke Latin natively is the 'last ethnic greek'?
there was not a single Ethnic Greek crowned Emperor from Justinian’s death in 565, to the final fall of the Byzantine Empire in 1453.
I mean... in the sense of 'they're Romans, not Greeks' he's not wrong.
A majorly important event, unbeknownst to the Baltic Greeks at large at the time, occurred in 1230 AD. [...]somehow, this insane priest walked 750 miles north, to Transylvania, which at the time was the home of the heavily Germanic Teutonic Knights.
Andrew II of Hungary expelled them from transylvania in 1225.
He again survived the perilous journey back home, and gave the texts personally to the Byzantine Emperor John III. Emperor John took these texts to his greatest alchemists, but they informed the Emperor that they would take 250 years to decipher.
That's now how translating texts works. That's not how it works at all!
The Empire would not last that long. The Turks from the east slowly but surely took Byzantine land from them, until the Baltic Greeks were left with only the city of Constantinople to call their own.
We just ignoring the Despotate of the Morea here? The one that didn't fall till 1460?
a Baltic Greek defector informed the Ottoman Turkish Emperor Mehmed II of the entire Baltic Greek history, and the maps that were nearly fully deciphered, that would lead to the Byzantines potentially taking over the known world. Mehmed could not allow this, and he decided to attack Constantinople.
Dude, you've made a massive deal about how hard it is to march from Greece to the Baltics. How the hell were the Byzantines going to do that in 1453? With or without maps?
Constantine XI, the final Byzantine emperor, would not allow the loss of the last possible aid for the Baltic Greeks. So, right before the city fell, Constantine left the city under cover of darkness, and fled to a cave, where Baltic Greeks believe he became a Marble Emperor, who will one day, when Greece and the Baltics are under the same Baltic Greek flag, arise and rule the world, providing the needed map to Hyperborea.
That's not how the marble emperor myth works. An angel stole him away and hid him in a cave as a statue till he'll one day return to unite the Greeks.
32 years later, in 1485, Christopher Columbus had an idea. A Baltic Greek himself, the descendant of the still-extant Italian Griko community, he knew that things were desperate. Columbus wished to help his people dominate the world, and he set out to do the only thing he could think of: like Alexander, he would set out to circumnavigate the world, and find a new route to the Baltics. He wished to find a route above Russia, that would lead him straight to the Baltics, which he planned to, at a later date, attempt to capture with a Baltic Greek force.
Man the people in his story really don't know how to go places do they. Does he have the same issue following directions? Does he end up in the bathroom when trying to get to the kitchen?
The Baltic Greeks came to view Columbus as a traitor, and they became stagnant for many years, secretly dominating the culture of other countries such as Italy and Russia, the latter of whom they had spread their Orthodox ‘Religion’ to.
The Rus started to convert to Orthodoxy in the 10th century. Officially. Unofficially it's older.
Also note that we've gone from 'baltic priests keep their old religion alive and it mingles with hellenic' [no shit they're both from indo-european roots] to 'baltic priests made the orthodox church'.
Sadly, Napoleon was defeated by the crafty tactics of the Baltic Greeks
[Confused British noises]
After 8 long years, the Greek forces had won, and a king was to be chosen. They chose a German, Otto, of House Wittelsbach. Many people then, and to this day, have asked why this was done. It’s obvious when you think about it. If a Baltic Greek was made King, just like the Byzantine emperors many years prior, he would have been obsessed with openly capturing the Baltics, which would have been potentially disastrous to Baltic Greek plans. So, a hapless German Royal was chosen, allowing the Baltic Greeks to operate in the shadows.
Honestly I'm expecting them to say that Baltic Greeks are lizardmen.
Otto was related (somewhat) to the Komnenos and Laskaris dynasties via his ancestor John II (John's maternal grandmother's mother's father's mother was Maria Laskarina whose mother was the daughter of Alexios III Angelos whose father was Andronikos Doukas Angelos whose mother was Theodora Komnene who was one of the daughters of Alexios I Komnenos). A Monarchy was decided upon and chosen without the input of Greeks.
[...] side note: similar to jewesses, Baltic Greek girls are trained from birth to use their looks and charms to try and ensnare powerful men in their trap)
Ah, it's a neo-nazi. Gotcha.
The Baltic Greeks also wanted Russia to lose, and they sent their Orthodox Christian lackey Grigori Rasputin to ensure that this would happen.
No conspiracy theory is complete without Rasputin, is it?
The Baltic Greeks would easily be able to dominate Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, as they are taught all three languages surreptitiously by their parents.
Knowing a language doesn't make you king of places. I'm not the bloody king of England just because my parents and schooling system taught me English. If I ran around saying I can dominate a small bit of France because I know some French, they'd call me a loony. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses not from linguistic expertise.
The Baltic Greeks were soundly defeated by 1922, and the 1,000,000 Greek interlopers in Turkey were finally kicked out for good.
...are we calling 'ethnic cleansing and population transfers' 'cleaning up interlopers' or am I misunderstanding this?
n the Jewish Communist state known as the Soviet Union
Why do these crazy people always end up being Nazis?
His plan was to make the Soviet Union into a death machine
Why hi there black book of communism.
Hitler knew about the Hyperborean magic that Baltic Greek Stalin wished to harness
Are we in an anime now? Is it magic hitler v technocrat mecha Stalin time? Is Cyborg FDR going to fight tentacle-girl Hirohito? Was WW2 a harem anime with Churchill as the star?
1939 came along, and Mussolini, although he was a great man, made a mistake.
'Great man' is a weird way to spell 'fascist that ended up dangling upside down after being torn to pieces by the people'.
That same year, Stalin invaded all three Baltic States, and the ancient Baltic Satellite state of Finland.
The fins aren't baltic and we're ignoring the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact now?
Hitler’s attack on the Soviet Union seemed bound for success, and he soon took back the Baltics, and appointed Alfred Rosenberg to lead them. But, there was a menace far to the west: Franklin D. Roosevelt, himself a Baltic Greek
He sided with the Baltic Greeks Stalin and Roosevelt. Initially, he wished for peace after the German victory in France, but Stalin and Roosevelt blackmailed him with secrets involving his various affairs, and he was forced to stay in the war.
You're confusing Churchill with Halifax.
Enver Hoxha, the Heroic head of Albania, knew about the Baltic Greek menace. He split with the USSR when he found out about it, and afterwards he opposed them at every turn.
This guy is both pro Hoxha and pro-hitler.
I don't get it.
But they are still used. Young Albanian teens use them to make love in, often resulting in pregnancy. Hoxha’s spirit sees this, and smiles at the copulating couples, knowing that his dream is still alive, and that the great Albanian race will continue to exist.
Wait, it was Albanian nationalism all along?
As you may see, the Albanians are possibly the last great hope for us all. Someday, I hope to live there in peace, after my victory against the Baltic Greeks. That day may never come, but it is my dream, my desire, my very essence lives in Albania. [...] I have recently acquired a gorgeous Albanian bride, and she is currently pregnant with my first Albanian Son, who I shall name Adolf Enver. I have acquired multiple shirts with the Albanian flag on them, and I shall wear them exclusively until my last day.
Oh, so he's not even Albanian.
Also 'acquired' by the emperor they're your spouse not a potted plant.
Some of you may ask if my motto is still “88”, for Heil Hitler. The answer is yes and no. To me, 88 is still my motto, but it stands for something else: still H and H, but now it is Hitler and Hoxha.
Hitlerism with albanian characteristics? We must secure bunkers for the race to continue?
Baltic Greeks by and large blend in with the average Greek population, yet they are generally less Swarthy. There are two major strains of Baltic Greeks, the Latvian Baltic Greeks, and the Lithuanian Baltic Greeks.
Breaking news! Estonia doesn't real.
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2020.08.20 03:26 karanotlar Munzur’un Zirvesinde Dersim Görünür

Munzur’un Zirvesinde Dersim Görünür
İbrahim Aksoy

Dersim; Çemişkezek, Arapkir, Koçgiri, Amiryon, Azergan ve Gımgım gibi Ermeni yerleşim yerleri ile çevrili, takriben 60-70 bin kilometrekare, 3950 metre kadar yükselen dağlık bir alandır. Ardıç ve Meşe ormanlarıyla kaplı, çok sayıda akarsuyu vardır. Birkaç çeşit geyik, yabani koyun, domuz, ayı, vaşak, kurt ve her türlü av hayvanı yaşar, insan için yaşam koşullarının çok zor olduğu bir alandır.

İslam Halifesi Hz. Ömer döneminde, Müslüman Arap orduları, Kürdistan’a saldırmaya başladılar. Müslüman Araplara göre Zerdüşt Kürtler “putperesttir, Mecusi’dir ve katli vaciptir”. İslamiyet kan dökerek insanların kalbine hâkim olmaya çalıştığı devirlerde, Kürtlerin kalbine hâkim olamadı, onlarda kuzeye doğru kaçıp geldiler. Gelenlerin bir kısmı Palu-Bitlis arasındaki dağlarda gizlenmeye çalıştı. Burayı geçebilenler de geldi Dersim’in dağlarında gizlenmeye çalıştılar. Buralar Ermeni hakimiyetindeydi, Müslüman Arapların katliamından kaçan Kürtlere, Ermeniler kucak açtı, onlara sahip çıktı ve korumaya çalıştılar.

Palu-Bingöl dağlarında yaşayan Zerdüşt Kürtler, 1000 Yıl boyunca hiçbir yere bağlı olmadan yaşamaya çalıştılar. Osmanlı-Alman Berlin anlaşmasından sonra, Anadolu’yu İslamlaştırma hareketi başladı. Osmanlı, Meşhur Palu katliamında sağ kalanlar da Müslümanlaştı. Hiç konuşulmayan Palu katliamı bir başka yazı konusu. Osmanlı Türk olmadığı için, Türkleştirmeye gerek görmüyor, Müslümanlaşması yeterliydi.

Dersim; çok daha geniş, daha sarp ve yeteri kadar barınacak mağaraları olduğu için, Palu’dan daha şanslı idi. En son Dersim Osmanlının ortasında bağımsız bir bölgeydi. Ermeni katliamından sonra, Ermenilerden boşalan alanlara Alevi Kürtler yerleşmeye başladı. Fakat Berlin anlaşmasından sonra, Osmanlı da başlayan İslamlaştırma, öncelikle Dersim Osmanlının hedefi oldu.

Ben Berlin anlaşmasını daha önce yazmıştım. Anlaşmadan dolayı eleştirilen Kral II-Friedrich “Osmanlı neden bizim Hindistan’ımız olmasın” diye anlaşmayı savunmuştu. Berlin-Hicaz ve Berlin-Bağdat demiryolu çalışmaları, anlaşmayla başladı. Birinci Dünya savaşının tek sebebi de bu anlaşmadır. Almanya’nın tek hedefi Osmanlı topraklarındaki petrol yataklarıydı.

Osmanlı hemen Asakir-i Mansure-i Muhammeddiye Ordusunu kurdu ve devşirme askerlerini Müslümanlaştırmaya başladı. Merkeze yakın olan Anadolunda müslümanlaşması gerekiyordu. Nusayrı’lar neler yaşadığını önceki yazımda, anlatmaya çalıştım. Onu takip eden Palu katliamı, arkasında Ermeni katliamı ve sıra Dersime gelmişti. Elbette ki bu katliamları yapanlar, Asakir-i Mansure-i Muhammediye Ordusunun, özel yetişmiş Müslüman Paşalarıydı.

Müslüman Şafi-i Kürtler için de Ümmetti Muhammed adına Hilafeti korumak için 1891 tarihinde Hamidiye alaylarını kurdu. Hamidiye alaylarına Ezidi ve Alevi Kürtleri, Müslüman olmadıkları için almadılar. Hatta Müracaat eden bazı Dersim aşiretlerinin müracaatı ret edildi. Bütün Alevilerin güvencesi ama Osmanlılar için çıban başı olan Dersim, ortadan kalkmalı ve Anadolu’daki bütün Alevi’ler Müslümanlaşmalıydı. Bilindiği gibi Osmanlının Türkleştirme diye bir sorunu yoktur. Çünkü Osmanlı Türk değil Afgan kökenliydi.

Gelin hep birlikte Jandarma Umum Komutanlığının Dersim’i ya Müslümanlaştırmak ya da ortadan kaldırmak için hazırladığı, raporlara bir göz atalım. 1877 Tarihinde Koç uşağı Ağası Ahmet, Ferhat Uşağı ağası Alişan Ağa ve bazı ağalar aileleriyle birlikte Sinop’a sürdüler. Dersim’de hayli etkili olan ve Osmanlıların gözünü korkutan Şah Hüseyin’i hile ile yakalayıp Vidin’e sürgün ettiler. Oğlu Ali beyi de Erzincan’da mecburi iskana aldılar. Bu işler insan ölmeden olmuyordu.

1877-1878 Osmanlı-Rus savaşında, Dersimli bazı Ağaların Ruslarla iş birliği yapacağı korkusu ile Ali Şefik Paşa bir alay askerle Kırgan Aşiretine saldırdı. 15 gün süren çatışmalarda çok sayıda insan öldü. Aşiretler birleşip Kırgan’a destek olmaya başlayınca, Paşa korktu gasp ettiği malları ve binlerce davarı aldı, arkasında çok sayıda ölü bırakarak geri çekildi.

1892 tarihinde Alay Komutanı Ali Şefik Paşa, Koç ve Şam uşağı aşiretleri birleştiler gerekçesiyle saldırdı. Aşiretler çok büyük zayiat verdiler. Ali Şefik Paşa’nın da bir albay, bir doktor ve 50 kadar askeri öldü, Saraydan istediği yardım da gelmeyince korktu geri çekildi.

1893-1905 Dersimliler ortalığı karıştırıyor, hükümeti zor durumda bırakıyorlar. Dersimliler hükümete vergi ve asker vermiyorlar, etrafı talan ediyorlar gerekçesiyle ortadan kaldırma planları hazırlanıyor. Öncelikle her biri 400 askerden oluşan, 20 tabur ve iki topçu bataryası görev alacak. Hozat, Arapkir, Harput, Çemişkezek ve Kızılkilise’ye (Nazimiye) birer tabur asker, yerleştirilecek. Hamidiye piyade taburlarını görevlendirmek sorun olur. Her ne kadar Hamidiyeliler Şafii Kürt, Dersim Alevi olsa da Kürtlere güvenilmez. 1907’de Koç uşağı, Şam uşağı ve Reşik aşiretlerine saldırıp büyük bir katliam yapınca, aşiretler birleşti askerler yüklü bir ganimetle geri çekildi.

1908’den 1916’ya kadar durmadan aşirete saldırıp katliam uyguladılar. 1866 tarihinden, 1916 tarihine kadar Dersim’e karşı tam 11 katliam uygulandı.1916 Tarihinde Ruslar Erzincan’ı işgal etti. Osmanlı Ordusu savaşı bıraktı geri çekildi. Kürt’ler Ruslarla birleşir korkusuyla, Dersim’e karşı savaş devam etti. Ermeni katliamında Dersim’e sığınan Ermeniler, Rus ordusuna katıldılar.

1920’de Ankara’da Paşaların Parlamentosu açılmıştı ama Dersim’de katliam devam ediyordu. 1926 Koç uşağı, 1927 Demanen, Haydaran, 1928’de Yukarı Abbas, Keçel, Haydaran, Bal ve Lolan aşiretlerine karşı, katliamlar devam etti. 1930 Pülümür hareketi ile başlayıp, uçaklarla bombalamalar, 1931 senesine kadar devam etmiştir. Yakalananlar, Kurşuna dizilenler, ölüm ve hapse atılanların da sayısı belli değil.

Türklükten hiçbir haberi olmayan devşirme Osmanlı Paşaları, şimdi kendi başlarına kalmışlardı, İşleri de hayli zordu. Şimdi Aleviler hem Müslümanlaşmalı ve hem de Türkleşmeliydi. Kolay olmayan bu iş için önce Dersim ortadan kaldırılmalı ve arkasından da Sivas, Malatya, Maraş, Harput, Antep ve Anadolu’daki bütün Aleviler de ortadan kaldırılmalıydı. Devşirme Paşalar bunun için 1920 tarihinden, 1936 tarihine kadar yüzlerce rapor ve plan hazırladılar. Gerektiğinde Alevi’leri tamamen ortadan kaldırmak için, Hitler’den kimyevi silah bile istediler.

1920’den sonra egemen resmi ideoloji, kendisine resmi din yaratmış ve topluma dayatmıştır. “Kızılbaş bir kadının oynaş ve gündüzlü tutmak ve haftada bir onunla oynaşmak hakkıdır.” “Dersimliler Türk’tür, Dilleri Kürt’tür.” “Korkutarak insanların kalbine hâkim olacaksın.” “Dersim koloni gibi kabul edilip Müslümanlaştırıp, Türkleştirilmelidir”. Devşirme Paşalara çok yakışan bunun gibi daha çok sözleri, raporlarda okumak mümkün.

Raporları hazırlayanlar; B.U.Mf. İbrahim Tali, Mutasarrıf Mardin’i Arif, Celal, Dahiliye vekili Şükrü Kaya başta olmak üzere 40’dan fazla rapor hazırlanıyor. Her aşiretin nüfusu, ekonomik gücü ve silah sayısı, ayrıca hangi aşiretin nereye sürgün edileceği tek, tek belirleniyor. Şükrü Kaya’ya göre Dersimin nüfusu 150 bin civarında. Raporlar ve krokiler Cumhurbaşkanı Mustafa Kemal ve Başbakan İsmet İnönü ve yetkililere ulaştırılıyor.

Nihayet; Cumhurbaşkanı Mustafa Kemal 1936 tarihinde Trabzon ziyaretinde, Dersimi kuşatma krokisini kendi eliyle çiziyor ve düğmeye basıyor. 4 Mayıs 1937 TBMM kararıyla katliam hareketi başlıyor. 1937-1938 katliamı herkesçe bilinen bir olay. Sabiha Gökçen’in uçakla attığı bombaların altında, 70 binden fazla Dersimli can verdi. Kadın, yaşlı ve çocuklar, Kutu deresindeki mağaralara gizlendiler. Atatürk’ün askerleri içerisi insan dolu mağaraların kapısına betonla kapattılar. Hala mağaraların içerisi insan kemiği ile dolu. Cumhuriyetin subayları, her biri güzel kızlardan birer tane evlatlık değil, ganimet olarak aldılar. Ganimetin ne olduğunu bilmeyen bazı aptallar, ortalığa düşmüş kızları arıyorlar. Acaba Atatürk’ün subayları, bir erkek çocuğu neden evlatlık almadılar?

Nihayet 347 ağa ailesi ve 3470 nüfusu ile malına mülküne el konarak, her birini batıda ayrı yerlere sürgün ettiler. Sabiha Gökçen’in uçaktan attığı bombaların altında, bütün köyler harap oldu. Bütün Dersimin malı, mülkü ganimet olarak ellerinden gasp edildi. Erzincan ve Elâzığ’dan aylarca Trenlerle batıya koyun, keçi ve sığır taşıdı ve batıdaki devşirme Türklere dağıtıldı. Günümüzde batıdaki devşirmelerin evlerinde, Dersimde dokunmuş, halı, Kilim ya da güzel bir Palas vardır. Yürekten yaralı Dersimliler, Türkiye’ye dağıtıldı, 1947 affından sonra, bir kısmı geri döndü.

Atatürk hastaydı haberi yoktu diyenler, Elazığ’da görevli olan İhsan Sabri Çağlayangil’in hatıralarını okumaları gerekiyor. İzzettin Doğan’ın babası Hüseyin Doğan ve Ali Haydar Veziroğlu’nun dedesi binbaşı Hıdır, Koçkiri ve dersim katili General Hüseyin Abdullah Alpdoğan’a danışmanlık yapıyorlardı.

İbrahim Aksoy
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2020.08.19 19:34 SammySam7273 Call of Duty Mobile: Insane Gunsmith Loadouts for RUS-79U

Call of Duty Mobile: Insane Gunsmith Loadouts for RUS-79U submitted by SammySam7273 to CallOfDutyMobile [link] [comments]

2020.08.18 19:35 Adanooos Plusliga rosters for 2020/2021 3/3

Asseco Resovia Rzeszów

Setters: Fabian Drzyzga (Lokomotiv Novosybirsk, RUS), Paweł Woicki (AZS Olsztyn)
Opposites: Karol Butryn (Czarni Radom), Damian Domagała (Cuprum Lubin)
Outsides: Klemen Cebulj (Itas Trentino, ITA), Nicolas Szerszeń (Ślepsk Suwałki), Robert Taht (Sir Safety Perugia, ITA), Rafał Buszek
Middles: Jeffrey Jendryk (Berlin RV, GER), Timo Tammemaa (Tours VB, FRA), Piotr Hain (Jastrzębski Węgiel), Grzegorz Kosok, Bartłomiej Krulicki
Liberos: Michał Potera (MKS Będzin), Bartosz Mariański
Coach: Alberto Giuliani (Slovenian NT)
Key player: Klemen Cebulj
Player to watch: Nicolas Szerszeń
Leaving: Marcin Komenda, Kawika Shoji, Damian Schulz, Zbigniew Bartman, Aleh Akhrem, Nicholas Hoag, Nicolas Marechal, Tomas Rousseaux, Tomasz Kalembka, Bartłomiej Lemański, Luke Perry
New season and new Resovia once again. They hired new chairman, new coach and signed 11 new players. Is third time the charm or will Resovia Rzeszów disappoint one more time? The club didn't succeed in getting rid of all players they didn't want to keep, but they still let go of 11 players and Aleh (Olieg) Akhrem will stay in Rzeszów, but he will have a new role, he will be one of Albero Giuliani's assistants. Let's start with big comeback. Fabian Drzyzga is back in Resovia, after 3 years spent outside of Poland, he comes back to a club he achieved his biggest successes. Of course signing Polish number 1 setter is a great move. Experienced Paweł Woicki is a solid 2nd choice setter, his last season in Olsztyn wasn't great, but with less play time, his form should be better, whenever his new club and coach need him. Opposite role will stay fully Polish, however instead of Damian Schulz and Zbigniew Bartman, fans in Rzeszów will cheer on Karol Butryn and Damian Domagała. New duo is younger, but has way less experience. They've never played for such a big club or under such a big pressure. On the other hand, Karol Butryn had a very good season in Radom and was one of the best opposites in the league, while Damian Domagała played very well, whenever he could. 3 really good outsides will join Rafał Buszek next season. Klemen Cebulj is the biggest name out of those 3. Slovenian joined together with his NT coach and is supposed to be one of players that will lead Resovia back to top spots. His position as a starter isn't under threat, at least in the beggining. Nicolas Szerszeń had a fantastic season, he single-handedly led Ślepsk to very high 9th position and finished the season with impressive statistics. However, now he will play for a bigger club and he will have to compete with Robert Taht for a spot in starting lineup. Taht is a well known player in Plusliga, he had his breakthrough season in Poland and played a big part in Cuprum's good results. After a year spent on the bench in Perugia, he comes back to Poland and he should have a bigger role to play. Two middle-blockers stayed in Rzeszów for 2020/2021 season. According to rumours, Resovia didn't want to keep Grzegorz Kosok, but other clubs didn't want to sign him and his contract runs out in 2021, so he stayed. Bartłomiej Krulicki should be reserve player, just like Kosok, as 3 new middles are better. Jeffrey Jendryk will probably be Giuliani's 1st choice. American player is already very good and can become better as the season goes on. Piotr Hain and Timo Tammemaa will compete for a spot next to Jendryk, however Estonian middle will have to deal with a handicap, as Plusliga allows only 3 foreign players at the same time and it might cost him a spot in starting lineup, if Taht and Cebulj play together. Last position, libero, is not completely new, as Bartosz Mariański is staying in Rzeszów. Solid player, one of the best 2nd liberos in league. New starting libero is Michał Potera. He had the best passing statistics in the league in 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 seasons, so signing for a better club was a likely change, but moving to Resovia is a bit unexpected, as their goals are way bigger than in MKS Będzin, Potera's old club.
Once again, they don't lack in potential department. If everything goes well, they will be one of the teams fighting for the title and get their first medal since 2016. Between Cebulj, Taht and Szerszeń, they are almost guaranteed to have one of the best outside duos in the league. Slovenian is the biggest name here and while he won't be the best player in Plusliga, he definitely is an upgrade, compared to players that left, just like Robert Taht. Nicholas Szerszeń had a fantastic loan last year and he can still improve a ton. If he has even better season, something entirely possible, then Alberto Giuliani won't have a headache caused by foreign players limit. With Drzyzga and Woicki there is no reason to be worried about setter position. Michał Potera has never played for a big club, but he is experienced and good player, I can't see him dropping below very solid level. As long as Jendryk continues to improve, Resovia's middle will be good. American player guarantees quality right now, but he still can get better. Tammemaa is solid player and even if he doesn't adapt well, Piotr Hain will be ready to take his spot. Opposite role is probably the most worrying. Damian Domagała has been reserve player almost his whole career, while Karol Butryn has never played for NT or top team like Resovia. However, Butryn was one of the best opposites in the league last season and he has been consistently improving since joining Plusliga, back in Katowice. If he continues this trend, then Resovia should be a very strong team.
Of course, there are reasons to be worried about this team. They have been super underwhelming for last 3 years, a ton of players played worse after signing with them and even a ton of changes they made, didn't work out. So, another complete rebuild doesn't guarantee a thing. Opposite role is a cause of worry for some Resovia fans, as Karol Butryn has never played under such a big pressure or at such a high level, while Damian Domagała is young and talented player, but he is not ready to be first choice opposite for a big club. Middles in Rzeszów are good, but for 2 used spots for foreign players, they don't impress. If teams like Olsztyn and Radom were able to sign just as good, if not better, foreign middles, then Resovia could have gone bigger here. Nicolas Szerszeń was great for Ślepsk, but it doesn't mean that he will play at the same level this season. Without him in starting lineup, Alberto Giuliani will be forced to remember about foreign players rule. We will see if the club dealt with whatever the big problem was. If they didn't, then Resovia will disappoint again and even finishing in top 8 will be a challange.
I feel like this new team, with new experienced and proven coach, cannot fail as massively as previous ones. It's obvious that this club needed changes and that's what happened. While I don't expect to see them winning a title, I hope to see them back in a fight for medals, playing good volleyball and slowly regaining their fans trust. In my opinion, they will be back in top 4, maybe even winning a medal and getting a spot in Champions League. That would be exactly what this club needs and it would be a first step in a good direction.

Jastrzębski Węgiel

Setters: Lukas Kampa, Eemi Tervaportti (Olmypiakos Pireus)
Opposites: Mohammed Al-Hachdadi (Funvic Taubate), Jakub Bucki
Outsides: Tomasz Fornal, Rafał Szymura (GKS Katowice), Yacine Louati (Vero Volley Monza, ITA), Michał Gierżot (SMS Spała)
Middles: Jurij Gladyr, Łukasz Wiśniewski (Zaksa Kędzierzyn-Koźle), Michał Szalacha, Patryk Cichosz-Drzyzga (SMS Spała)
Liberos: Jakub Popiwczak, Szymon Biniek (KPS Siedlce)
Coach: Luke Reynolds
Key player: Tomasz Fornal
Player to watch: Mohammed Al-Hachdadi
Leaving: Arturo Iglesias, Dawid Konarski, Julien Lyneel, Christian Fromm, Dominik Depowski, Graham Vigrass, Piotr Hain, Paweł Rusek, Slobodan Kovac (coach)
Jastrzębski Węgiel was unlucky team. Early end of the season was painful for them, as they were still in Champions League and their position in regular season couldn't get much better due to poor start, but they definitely could challange for title in play-offs. New team is not that much different, compared to last year. Kampa, Fornal, Gladyr and Popiwczak all stayed, probably as starters. Konarski was a starting player, but he didn't have the greatest of seasons. Julien Lyneel was key player, whenver he played, but he missed most of the games due to varius injuries. Christian Fromm was even more disappointing than Konarski, so his leaving was expected. Graham Vigrass, last of starting players that left, played allright, however the club decided to get foreign players somewhere else, so there was no room for him left. On the in side there are some interesting names. Szymon Biniek, Michał Gierżot and Patryk Cichosz-Drzyzga are reserve players, they won't get to play a lot this season. However Cichosz-Drzyzga and especially Gierżot, have bright future and their play time should increase with each season. Eemi Tervaportti was signed as a second setter to play first half as a starter, because Lukas Kampa had to go through surgery. However current situation allowed him to schedule it earlier and be ready to play from the beggining of the season. So, Finnish player will get less opportunities than he thought he would. Łukasz Wiśniewski left Zaksa after 8 years there and joined another long-term Zaksa player, Jurij Gladyr, in Jastrzębie-Zdrój. They should create starting duo, but Michał Szalacha will probably challange them. Next two new outsides are bigger names than Michał Gierżot. Yacine Louati and Rafał Szymura join Jastrzębski Węgiel and will compete for a spot next to Tomasz Fornal. Fornal had a great year and he is the youngest of this 3, he will be number one outside in JW. Louati joins after average season in Italy, while Szymura had pretty good year, but in Plusliga and weaker team. Both should be a good fit for their new club and competition between them will be interesting. Finally, Mohammed Al-Hachdadi, new opposite. Moroccan player might be difference maker, between allright and great season for his new club.
If Tomasz Fornal continues to develop and Al-Hachdadi happens to become the best opposite in Plusliga (at least this season), then those 2 can lead this team very far. Especially, if Louati or Szymura and middles find good form. On paper, Jastrzębski built a strong and well balanced team with solid bench. If their form is good, Luke Reynold does a great job as a coach and younger part of their squad continue to improve, they will fight for the title, with a decent chance to actually win it.
The most worrying part of this new Jastrzębski Węgiel is new coach. Luke Reynolds is a very unexperienced coach, he was assistant for many years, but he had just one job as a first coach and it wasn't the most successful. It doesn't mean that he will fail again, but that's definitely something Jastrzębski fans can be worried about. Besides that, it's possible that Al-Hachdadi find playing and living in Poland difficult and that could influence his form. Without Moroccan player in at least decent form, Jastrzębski would struggle to compete for medals. Jurij Gladyr is turning 36 next season, so he might not be able to play well whole year, but Michał Szalacha is more than capable of replacing him, so that's not big of an issue. Outside role may be a bit problematic, if Fornal doesn't continue to develop and Szymura, just like Louati, don't perform well for their new club, but that's pretty unlikely.
I really like this new Jastrzębski Węgiel. All outsides can pass well, but they are at least solid spikers, they have good, very offensive middle and an opposite that should spike quite a lot and it should fit him. Also, Plusliga is not stacked, when it comes to opposites, so Al-Hachdadi can make a difference this season. Their team is also quite young and can improve during the season, but it also has Lukas Kampa as a captain and leader of the squad. The only worrying part is unexperienced and unproved coach, but I guess, we will have to wait and see how he does.

PGE Skra Bełchatów

Setters: Grzegorz Łomacz, Mihajlo Mitic (Black Volley Beskydy, CZE)
Opposites: Dusan Petkovic, Bartosz Filipiak (Trefl Gdańsk)
Outsides: Taylor Sander (free agent), Milad Ebadipour, Milan Katic, Mikołaj Sawicki (BBTS Bielsko-Biała)
Middles: Karol Kłos, Mateusz Bieniek (Cucine Lube Civitanova, ITA), Norbert Huber, Sebastian Adamczyk (BBTS Bielsko-Biała)
Liberos: Kacper Piechocki, Robert Milczarek
Coach: Michał Mieszko Gogol
Key player: Milad Ebadipour
Player to watch: Taylor Sander
Leaving: Kamil Droszyński, Artur Szalpuk, Piotr Orczyk, Jakub Kochanowski, Mariusz Wlazły
The hottest team during this offseason. Even though, they let go of only 5 players and signed 6 new ones to replace them. Droszyński and Orczyk leaving were not a big deal, but next 3 names played a big part in Skra last season. Artur Szalpuk had a lot of injuries during his time in Bełchatów and didn't perform as well as expected, so the fact that he left wasn't a surprise. Jakub Kochanowski chose offer from Zaksa. The biggest name on the leaving list is of course Mariusz Wlazły. He spent 17 years in Skra, was a captain, won a ton of trophies and played even more games (444 in league). The club didn't want to extend his contract and planned to make a massive goodbye tournament during pre-season and let him retire. However, Wlazły had other plans and wanted to continue playing, so he left. Some major names left, but major names joined too. Mihajlo Mitic, Mikołaj Sawicki and Sebastian Adamczyk will be mostly reserve players. Bartosz Filipiak will compete with Petkovic for a starting opposite role. He had very solid year in Gdańsk and he has been consistently making steps forward since he joined Plusliga. If he continues this trend, he has a chance to beat Serbian player. First of 2 massive signings is Mateusz Bieniek. It looked like Skra had no problems with middles, as they had Kłos and Huber, but when Lube decided to loan Bieniek, Skra took a chance and improved their team. Bieniek wasn't starting most of games in Italy, but he is World class middle and he will be one of the best players in the league. So, his new club won't be that worried about Kochanowski leaving. Last name on the ins list is Taylor Sander. Superstar player joins Skra after serious arm injury and missed season. Obviously, he might need some time to find proper form, since he didn't play for over a year, but it's not like medics in Bełchatów has never dealt with similar problem. Facundo Conte joined Skra after major arm injury too. Taylor Sander is the biggest name joining Plusliga in years and it is a message from Skra Bełchatów to other clubs in the league. They are aiming for the title.
If everything goes according to Michał Mieszko Gogol's plans, Skra should be main candidate to win the league. With that stacked middle, I can't see them having any reason to worry about this position. Grzegorz Łomacz had a poor 2018/2019 season, but he seems to be back on track after solid 2019/2020 season. If he keeps form from last year, Skra will have no problems. Opposite role should be fine too. Petkovic was fine last season, Filipiak had a very good year in Trefl, now they need only one of them to play well. Both players are good enough to do their job. They will compete for a spot in starting lineup, it might help them improve through pushing each other during practices and matches. Kacper Piechocki is one of the weakest points of this team, but he had okay season and as long as he stays okay, Skra will do just fine. He can improve, but he has been consistently poor or average for last 2 years. Finally, outsides. Milad Ebadipour will be one of the best players in the whole league, nothing to worry about here. Taylor Sander joins after long break and serious injury, he will definitely need some time, before he starts to play at his usual level. If he comes back to his usual form in time for play-offs (or earlier), then Skra becomes insanely strong team, potentially good enough to challange for top 4 in Champions League. If everything goes their way, Skra should win the title.
What can go wrong then? Well, Grzegorz Łomacz might start to slump again. He bounced back last season, but it doesn't mean he will continue to play well. Both liberos are underwhelming, especially compared to Zaksa, JW or Verva liberos. This difference might be an issue, when Skra will fight those teams for title and medals. Two good opposites is one way of doing things, but there are some potential problems with them. Both are used to spiking a lot and teams relying on them. This time, they won't get to hit a lot, as Skra will probably play around left and middle part of the court. Also, both players haven't fought for medals or titles at the highest level. All of that might cause some problems. Finally, there is a small potential issues with outsides. While Ebadipour is guarantee of quality, Taylor Sander after injury and long break is not. If American player cannot get back in shape and cannot find good form in time for play-offs, Skra is left with Milan Katic. While he is not a bad player and he is solid OH3, winning a title with him starting might be impossible.
Skra built an impressive squad. On paper, they are the strongest in the league. They've lost some big names, but made some huge transfers too. I can't see Taylor Sander not recovering, as this is pre-Olympic season and this guy, even in 70% of his top form, will be a superstar. With him and Ebadipour, Skra have one of the best, if not the best, duo of outsides in Plusliga ever. Add amazing, stacked middle and setter that loves to set through the middle and that's a base of a very strong team. Stopping Skra will be very difficult for other teams, as they are main favourite to win the title at the moment.

Verva Warszawa Orlen Paliwa

Setters: Angel Trinidad de Haro (Tours VB, FRA), Michał Kozłowski
Opposites: Michał Superlak (MKS Będzin), Jakub Ziobrowski (Cuprum Lubin)
Outsides: Bartosz Kwolek, Artur Szalpuk (Skra Bełchatów), Igor Grobelny, Jan Fornal (MKS Będzin)
Middles: Piotr Nowakowski, Andrzej Wrona, Jakub Kowalczyk
Libero: Damian Wojtaszek
Coach: Andrea Anastasi
Key player: Bartosz Kwolek
Player to watch: Angel Trinidad de Haro
Leaving: Antoine Brizard, Artur Udrys, Jan Król, Kevin Tillie, Jan Kopyść, Patryk Niemiec, Dominik Jaglarski
Verva fought for survival last year and situation in the World seems to hit them this year too. They have smaller squad and didn't replace all leaving players with someone of similar caliber. Jan Król, Jan Kopyść and Dominik Jaglarski leaving were not a surprise, 2 of them didn't play at all and one was emergency signing, who played only when situation forced the coach to use him. Patryk Niemiec was challanging Andrzej Wrona before season ended, so his leaving will make Verva's bench weaker. Artur Udrys didn't impress last year, so the club didn't extend his contract. Antoine Brizard and Kevin Tillie left, one to Russia, second to Italy and those 2 are the most painful transfers from the club for fans. Transfers to the club aren't as impressive as transfers out of the club. However, there are some interesting names joining Verva. Jan Fornal is new OH in Warsaw, he will be 4th OH and he might fill the role of 2nd libero, if Damian Wojtaszek is unavailable. Artur Szalpuk joins from Skra Bełchatów and he should be starting, next to Bartosz Kwolek. They should create very solid and banalced duo. Michał Superlak didn't get to play a lot in Będzin, because Rafał Faryna had an amazing season, but whenever Superlak was on court, he did a solid job. His competitor for a spot in starting lineup will be Jakub Ziobrowski, another U21 World Champion from 2017. Ziobrowski started most games last season, but he didn't play too well and he still didn't improve as much as his fans might have liked. Competition between those 2 should be interesting, both will have a chance to start for a big team and make a huge step forward in their careers. Final signing is Angel Trinidad de Haro. Spanish setter had an amazing season in France, he was Tours VB standout player and got chosen as the best Ligue A setter. Replacing Antoine Brizard won't be easy, but Trinidad seems to be capable of doing a good job.
Verva definitely didn't get bigger budget for next season, rather quite the opposite. However, they have a good team, with a very good coach. Artur Szalpuk played his best volleyball back in 2017/2018 season in Trefl Gdańsk, where he was coach by... Andrea Anastasi. He can get back to his form from 2018 WCH, maybe even improve from there. Bartosz Kwolek is consistently getting better each year as well. So, Kwolek-Szalpuk duo has a potential to be one of the best OH duos in the league. Superlak and Ziobrowski didn't have the greatest of seasons and have never showed to be good enough to start for a team with ambitions as big as Verva's. However, Ziobrowski is still pretty young, while Superlak changed positions only few years ago. Both have potential to become solid players and Andrea Anastasi is someone, who can help them achieve it. Nowakowski and Wrona will create solid duo once again. Damian Wojtaszek had a fantastic year, he was pushing Zatorski really hard and he definitely plan to continue, as there is only one spot for liberos in Tokyo. Angel Trinidad is quality player. He should be able to reach Brizard's level in terms of setting, maybe even be a bit better in this aspect, so even worse block and service won't hurt Verva too much. If everything goes well, then they should add another medal to their collection.
But there are some potential problems. Andrzej Wrona had an average season and without Patryk Niemiec to push and replace him, if necessary, Wrona might continue to play worse. Szalpuk and Kwolek are both injury prone players and while Grobelny and Fornal are solid players, they are not someone, who is able to lead a team to top 3 finish. This might be even bigger problem, considering their questionable opposite position. Superlak couldn't get past Faryna to become starting opposite in Będzin, while Ziobrowski wasn't even the best Cuprum player and his team finished 12th. They can improve, absolutely, but there is no guarantee. If they don't, Verva will very heavily rely on Kwolek and Szalpuk. Finally, Trinidad was shining in France, but he has to adapt to Plusliga. It shouldn't be a problem, but it might take some time. To sum up, their wings are not the most stable and might not guarantee success. Only coach, libero, at least one of OHs (Kwolek) and one middle are proven as players that consistently can play at very high level and some of them had to deal with quite a bit of minor injuries every year.
Verva is definitely weaker on paper, their squad is probably the least impressive in this group of teams, but they have solid Polish backbone and great coach. I don't think they will fight for title, but finishing in top 3 is absolutely possible. I have a lot of faith in Andrea Anastasi and his ability to make his opposites better, especially the ones he seemed to want in his club (if rumours are true). Also, he had a good track record, when it comes to reviving his players careers, like he did with Nowakowski, so I can see Szalpuk getting back in shape too. That's why, with that in mind, I have no doubts whether Verva will be a top team, but I don't think they have enough potential in this squad to challange for title.

Grupa Azoty Zaksa Kędzierzyn-Koźle

Setters: Benjamin Toniutti, Rafał Prokopczuk (Krispol Września)
Opposites: Łukasz Kaczmarek, Bartłomiej Kluth (Calzedonia Verona, ITA)
Outsides: Aleksander Śliwka, Kamil Semeniuk, Piotr Łukasik, Adrian Staszewski (Euphony Asse Lennik, BEL)
Middles: Jakub Kochanowski (Skra Bełchatów), David Smith, Krzysztof Rejno, Mateusz Zawalski (Krispol Września)
Liberos: Paweł Zatorski, Korneliusz Banach
Coach: Nikola Grbic
Key player: Benjamin Toniutti
Player to watch: Kamil Semeniuk
Leaving: Przemysław Stępień, Arpad Baroti, Simone Parodi, Łukasz Wiśniewski, Sebastian Warda
Last team, awarded with gold medals for 2019/2020 season and champions from 2018/2019. Ever since Ferdiando De Giorgi showed up in Kędzierzyn-Koźle, this club regularly dominates regular season, won 3 (4 if we count last) titles and always played in final. Even playstyle stayed the same. Only 2 players from this team worked with De Giorgi, but those are 2 biggest names - Paweł Zatorski and Benjamin Toniutti, keeping them in Zaksa is a big success. The biggest name on leaving list is Łukasz Wiśniewski. He joined Zaksa in 2012 and played a big role in all successes this club achieved between 2012 and 2020. He didn't reach agreement with the club about new contract and left. Arpad Baroti played quite a lot and did a solid job, but the reason for his big role was Kaczmarek's health problems. Przemysław Stępień, Simone Parodi and Sebastian Warda were reserve players. Rafał Prokopczuk, Mateusz Zawalski and Adrian Staszewski will replace them. Their roles will be almost the same. Bartłomiej Kluth is new 2nd choice opposite. Just like Arpad Baroti, he is very tall and strong guy. He will play only when Łukasz Kaczmarek is injured or needs rest, just like Hungarian player. Finally, the only new, big name is Jakub Kochanowski. It's not a secret that Zaksa tried to sign young middle 2 years ago, when he chose Skra, but didn't succeed. This time, they managed to get him. Kuba is already World class player with amazing potential, so getting him for next 2 seasons is a great information for Zaksa fans.
Zaksa has been guarantee of quality for last 5 years and that shouldn't change. Toniutti and Zatorski are still backbone of that team. Śliwka and Semeniuk are still young and able to improve, both pass pretty well and their spiking is more than solid. Especially, Semeniuk's spiking is better than you might expect, he ended last season with over 43% efficiency (3rd in all major leagues, behind Bednorz and Leon). David Smith is very solid and reliable middle, while he doesn't play for club as well as he plays for NT, he never drops below certain level. Jakub Kochanowski is a great player, I can't wait to see how he will play with a setter like Toniutti, together with Smith, they will create another strong duo of middles. Last starting player will be Łukasz Kaczmarek. His first season for Zaksa was fine at best, but he had a great start of 2019/2020 season. Before he got sick, due to post flu complications and then got injured and season was over for him. If he gets back in shape, then Zaksa will do fine. If he can play at level he showed in first months of previous season, then his club will be one of favourites to win the title.
The biggest worries for Zaksa fans are opposite role and weak bench. Łukasz Kaczmarek missed almost whole season and even before such a long break, he wasn't a team leader. They need him back to at least previously shown form and that might not be as easy as some people think. There is no guarantee that Kamil Semeniuk can have another great season and Piotr Łukasik is completely different player. Łukasik doesn't fit Zaksa's current playstyle as well as Semeniuk, so his worse form might be a problem. Last and probably the biggest worry is bench. Rafał Prokopczuk is nowhere near Toniutti's level and has never played in Plusliga. Bartłomiej Kluth sat on bench whole 2019/2020 season and before that played in Israel. Considering Kaczmarek's recent history, Kluth may be needed and he can play worse than Baroti. Only reserve outsides are solid, but even then Łukasik doesn't exactly fit Zaksa's style.
While there are some things to worry about, I can't see Zaksa dropping out of top 3. They have been so consistent and so solid for last 5 years, they didn't lose their key players and none of new signings suggests any kind of change of the way they play. Their bench isn't great, but they never had strong bench. This Zaksa should be very similar to previous versions, they should continue to impress with good passing and low number of errors, while not impressing with raw strenght. I'm sure they will end very highly once again, but winning another title will be very difficult, as their opponents got stronger.
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2020.08.10 21:44 raptorex45 I have a big problem with the view distance, help please

I'm very bad at modding and I don't know how to fix this problem if someone can help me it would be great.
Thank you in advance
My modlist :
Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp
Gunners Overhaul 1.1 RUS.esm
Snap'n Build.esm
LooksMenu Customization Compendium.esp
Realistic Death Physics - ALL DLC.esp
Better VATS - 0.75.esp
Better Perks.esp
The Eyes Of Beauty.esp
Immersive Waiting.esp
Vivid Weathers - FO4.esp
Better Locational Damage.esp
Better Locational Damage - DLC_WWorkshop.esp
BLD - Leveled Lists - DLC.esp
Project Apocalyptic Commonwealth.esp
ValdacilsItemSorting - WastelandImports TAGS.esp
Better Locational Damage - DLC_Nuka_World.esp
Better Locational Damage - DLC_Far_Harbor.esp
Better Chems - Valdacils Item Sorting.esp
CastleWallsRepaired 3.esp
Consistent Power Armor Overhaul.esp
Brotherhood Power Armor Overhaul.esp
America Rising - A Tale of the Enclave.esp
Backpacks of the Commonwealth.esp
Brotherhood of Steel Kit.esp
Enclave Paint DLC.esp
Backpacks of the Commonwealth - INJECT.esp
Gas Masks of the Wasteland.esp
Vivid Waters.esp
WM Chinese Assault Rifle - Standalone.esp
Vivid Weathers - FO4 - Summer.esp
Vivid Weathers - Nuka World.esp
Vault-Tec Workshop Overhaul.esp
Vivid Weathers - FO4 - Far Harbor.esp
Better Locational Damage - DLC_Automatron.esp
Better Locational Damage - Valdacil's Item Sorting - Patch.esp
LegendaryModification - DLC Far Harbor.esp
Red Rocket SubLevel.esp
Immersive Paint Job Unlocks.esp
Midwest Power Armor Evolution.esp
PhyPA BM.esp
Movable Power Armor.esp
luxor8071's HD Texture Pack AIO Pt 4.esp
Live Dismemberment - Brutal.esp
luxor8071's HD Texture Pack AIO Pt 3.esp
luxor8071's HD Texture Pack AIO Pt 2.esp
Live Dismemberment - Insane-o.esp
Live Dismemberment - Liebermode.esp
Live Dismemberment - Mental.esp
Live Dismemberment - Mind-Blowing.esp
Live Dismemberment - POSTAL.esp
Live Dismemberment - Regular.esp
dD-Enhanced Blood Basic.esp
Companion Infinite Ammo.esp
Business Settlements.esp
BF1 Animations - Hunting Rifle v1.3.esp
Extended weapon mods.esp
chem redux.esp
Glock 17&18.esp
FO4 NPCs Travel.esp
M1Garand - AWKCR-VIS.esp
More Power Armour Mods.esp
Hellfirenew - MPAM Compatibility.esp
Nuka-Cola Flavors for the Commonwealth.esp
Homemaker - Unlocked Institute Objects.esp
USP .45_by_tooun.esp
Gas Mask ArmorKeywords.esp
Gas Mask True Storms.esp
Movable Power Armor- X-02.esp
Not Your Average Neon.esp
Automatron Protectrons Expanded.esp
NCRMaskLampFix Flashlight AllVer.esp
Simple Easy Quick Vehicle Spawner.esp
Lots More Facial Hair.esp
Lots More Male Hairstyles.esp
MPAM - PAPAM- X-02 patch.esp
Enclave Officer.esp
MidWest PA.esp
EnclaveX02 Patch.esp
Brown Face Fix Female.esp
Brown Face Fix Male.esp
Friffy_Piper Outfit_Standalone.esp
Armorsmith Extended.esp
Toxic Raider Armour.esp
Unique NPCs - Creatures and Monsters.esp
SuperMutantRedux VIS Patch.esp
Bashed Patch, 0.esp
submitted by raptorex45 to fo4 [link] [comments]

2020.08.07 20:05 artificialinelegance Russia starts with around 4x as much artillery as the rest of the world combined.

Starting numbers of artillery for the major nations:
Germany - 336
France - 349
Canada - 204
Austria - 120
Japan - 288
UoB - 12
USA - 36
Ottomans - 60
Russia - 5316
Lol wut?
This is obviously because Russia starts with 75 divisions of 7-2 infantry, which no other nation starts with (besides, weirdly, Argentina). Can this be changed please? It's both unfair and unrealistic. I know 7-2 is the meta but I doubt that a single divsion in history has been organised that way. Considering the AI for some reason these days prefers to churn out hundreds of crappy divisions with little upgrading (why is this? is it vanilla?), it's even more of a massive advantage for Russia.
While i've got you, can we also dial down the USA's ridiculous airplane advantage? They currently start with about as many planes as Russia, Canada, Germany, France and UoB combined:
RUS - 175
UOB - 486
FRA - 375
GER - 472
CAN - 215
USA - 1620
All the ACW factions will spawn with equivalent size air forces, so whoever wins that war will end up with an insane number of planes. I guess this is done because the ACW is such an expansive conflict, but I think dialling the numbers back to a sensible level will make the ACW air war a bit more interesting.
Edit - Thanks for the interesting discussion. I've amended the post to reflect the consensus that 7-2 divisions aren't necessarily more powerful than basic ones. I guess that means even less of a reason for Russia to have enough guns to blow up the world if it doesn't really help them anyway.
submitted by artificialinelegance to Kaiserreich [link] [comments]

2020.08.07 09:56 regretfulnostalgia I've been spending irresponsible amounts of money and crying myself to sleep over my childhood video games

I feel really, really pathetic. I know this is such a dumb and insignificant reason for a slump which honestly just makes me feel more pathetic. I can't sleep because I just want to talk about it one way or another.
I'll try to stick to what I think is important, but it's still probably just going to sound like a 'so-here's-my-life-story' type deal, so you can just skim if you'd like. I'd appreciate anything.
I was a transfer student back then and I didn't have fantastic English, so my social skills were completely non-existent. I never really had family in the US, so I felt a little alone as a kid. I spent almost all of my time playing video games, but I would never prefer it to actually socialising with people. I was obsessed with talking to people and just hanging out with them, but I rarely had the opportunity. My parents are foreign and older-fashioned, so their expectation of me was to just go outside and knock on the neighbor's door. They saw that this wasn't working out and that I was getting roughed up at school here and there, so the only way they knew to make me feel better was to buy me games.
I still remember that day my parents bought me my own DSi XL, when they got me Pokemon Platinum on the month of release for my seventh birthday. I had an old GBA with a few bootleg games that I played with sometimes, but this was different. This was mine now. I still remember the car ride and just holding that thing in my hands, as solid as it was, popping in Pokemon and playing the whole car ride home from ToysRus. The drive was only fifteen minutes, but it genuinely felt like hours. It was magic.
Video games early on helped me make the friends I did end up connecting with. I didn't have to be funny, or cool, or smart- I just had to have a DS and a good squad of Pokemon. It got people to talk to me, and it even scored me a great best friend.
As time went on, though, my parents started treating the games as more and more of a taboo. They started ridiculing me if I played too much one day or if I asked for a new game. They would start asking me when I would grow up or when I would get over it, and a lot of the time I just disregarded it and convinced myself I'd just get bored of them naturally; but for the time, I just wanted to enjoy where I could.
Sure, I made a friend or two, but video games were my only real source of enjoyment, and I definitely took advantage of it. They were that thing in my life that I always did just to take my mind off of things-- school, bullies, grades-- all the little things I didn't want to think about. I can say without a doubt that video games got me through my childhood and made me who I am today, interests and all.
But I never really did get over video games. Very honestly, I think I'm addicted. I just kept on playing more and more because I never really got a consistent social outlet. My parents started to be a lot tougher on me and I'd start having to hide my DS from them and play during nights when they weren't awake. They'd always push that tried-and-true "fry your brain" line, and I genuinely think they started hating me for it.
I'll skip a lot here, but I had one big rough patch eventually. A few things happened between me and my father and I was just then transitioning to highschool. I did something that required me to go to a psychiatrist (AKA Child-tainting psychopath, according to foreign parents). I wanted that phase of my life to be over quickly, so I started taking improvement. I tried to start acting happier and more self-confident, and more related to this post, I tried to show that I was maturing from video games. I forced myself to play a lot less (or play on the computer in secret, since they didn't know there were games on the computer) and they just ate it all up. They adored me for it and I got instant gratification from them every time I mentioned that I was done with those silly childish games.
I never improved. The only real part was that I was suppressing myself. I thought erasing the past was the best way to move forward. I started acting like I never liked these things and I stated treating them like my parents did, and like they were weird and awful and pathetic. I cut off close friends because my parents thought they were too addicted to games.
And one day, I got a box, filled it with my DS and all those games I spent so much time with-- Scribblenauts, Fossil Fighters, Transformers, Spore, Pokemon, etc...
I just put them in a box, and I told my mom I wanted to trade them in. She was all for it, but she was kind of thrown off. She thought I was in it for the money, so she asked if I needed to buy something. I said no. I just wanted to prove to her and myself that I was better.
She took me to GameStop. One by one, the store clerk filed through everything. All boxed, all cared for. All those memories. That old GBA I had, a DSi XL, and fifteen or so games for $100. I didn't want to do it, I never did. But I did it just because I thought my parents would be proud.
I know a lot of people end up selling stuff from their childhood, and I know this is such a small sore point anyway. But I can't stop remembering it. I regret it so much. I feel a brick in my chest every time I think about Pokemon or Nintendo or anything related to video games at all. I feel a hole.
I just recently gained independence, so just in the last two weeks I've gone out to retro game stores and online marketplaces to try and do something to fill that hole I made, just so I can finally stop thinking about something so stupid.
I bought a 2ds XL and hacked it. I downloaded my old games onto it. I bought a GBA SP from a local store with insane pricing. I knew I could get it for way cheaper online, but I was just desperate to scrape up that feeling of going to a store shelf and picking up something magical in time for my birthday. I then went on eBay, Facebook marketplace, Craigslist, and I just started splurging on old stuff that I sold all in a day for pennies on the dollar.
I've spent over $400 just in the past week on Gameboys and old games. I feel even worse, because I haven't even scraped the surface of all the things I sold to GameStop. There's no way to describe it. I feel sad. I don't know what to do. I gave away my childhood and it costs an exorbitant amount of money to buy back. I just want to reconnect with my childhood. I just want my games back. I want to go back in time and truly feel comfortable about loving these things and feeling confident about liking them. I would give a limb to just be able to reach over to my old cabinet, dust off my old DS, and just look at all the old memories I made. I want to see my Pokemon. I want to see all the words I used in Scribblenauts. I want to see the pictures I took and the flipnotes I made.
I know it was my decision to basically give it all away, but I still blame my parents for it. I hate them for it. I hate them for making me hate the things I loved and for making me hate myself for loving them. I hate how closed-minded they are and how little they would care if I ever wanted to talk to them about this. I hate myself for going out of my way to destroy my entire childhood.
There's nothing I can do to change anything anymore. Now I'm just here, crying in my bed over the one night that I burned so much that I loved so that I could have my parents think I'm sane.
Sorry for the poor structure, if you can even find structure. I could really use some advice right now on how to think. I shouldn't be feeling this sad over something so pathetic.
TL;DR: I relied on video games as a kid and my parents hated them, so I sold everything I had to GameStop and now I'm here weeping about it to Reddit. I just want to fill in the hole.
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2020.07.31 16:29 karanotlar Sosyalizme Çağrı (Marksizm Hakkında) – Gustav Landauer – 11

Sosyalizme Çağrı (Marksizm Hakkında) – Gustav Landauer – 11

Marksizm 6

Dönemimizin tarihi açısından, Pierre Joseph Proudhon’un 1848 yılı Fransız Şubat Devrimi sonrasında kendi halkına adalet ve özgürlük toplumu kurmak için ne yapması gerektiğini anlattığı zaman hatırlanmaya değer bir andı. Proudhon, hala, bütün yönleriyle, zamanının tüm devrimci yoldaşları gibi, 1789’da haricen patlak vermiş ve o zamanlar hissedildiği üzere karşı devrim ve müteakip hükümetler tarafından daha başından bastırılmış olan devrim geleneğinde yaşıyordu. Proudhon dedi ki: Devrim feodalizme son verdi. Feodalizmin yerini yeni bir şeyler almalıydı. Feodalizm, Devletin ekonomi alanındaki bir düzeniydi, bağlılıkları açıkça ifade edilmiş askeri bir sistemdi. Özgürlükler yüzyıllar boyu feodalizmin altını oymuştu; sivil özgürlükler giderek daha fazla zemin kazanmıştı. Fakat bunlar, eski düzeni ve güvenliği de, eski birlikleri ve cemiyetleri de tahrip etmişti. Birkaç insan yeni özgürlük ve hareketlilik sayesinde zengin olurken, kitleler zorluğa ve güvencesizliğe maruz kalmışlardı. Hem herkes için özgürlüğü koruyup, genişletip ve yaratıp hem de güvenliği, mülk ve yaşam koşullarının büyük eşitlenişini, yeni düzeni nasıl gerçekleştirebiliriz?
Proudhon, devrimin, militarizme yani hükümete son verip vermeyeceğini; görevinin politikayı toplumsal yaşamla, politik merkeziyetçiliği ekonomik çıkarların doğrudan birliğiyle, insanlara hükmeden değil işle ilgilenen bir ekonomik merkezle ikame etmek olup olmadığını devrimcilerin henüz bilmediğini söyler.
Görünürde sıkı olan bilimin adamı Marx, gelişmenin yasa koyucusu ve dikte edeni idi. Bununla ilgili beyanlarda bulundu. Ve kendisi gelişimi belirlediğine göre o kesin olmalıydı. Olaylar bitmiş, kapalı, ölü bir gerçeklik gibi hareket etmeliydi. Bu yüzden Marksizm bir doktrin ve adeta dogma şeklinde var olur.
Proudhon diyor ki, siz Fransızlar, küçük ve orta ölçekli çiftçilersiniz, küçük ve orta ölçekli esnafsınız; tarımda, sanayide, ulaşımda ve iletişimde faalsiniz. Şu ana kadar bir araya gelmek ve birbirinizden korunmak için krallara ve onların memurlarına ihtiyaç duydunuz. 1793’te devletin kralını lağvettiniz ancak ekonominin kralını, altını elde tuttunuz. Böylelikle ülkede bela, düzensizlik ve gelecek kaygısı bıraktığınız için kralların ve memurlarının ve orduların geri dönmesine izin vermek zorunda kaldınız. Otoriter aracıları defedin. Parazitleri ortadan kaldırın. Çıkarlarınızın dolaysız birliğinden emin olun. O zaman feodalizm ve devletin varisi olan bir topluma sahip olacaksınız.
Altın nedir? Sermaye nedir? Bu, bir ayakkabı, masa ya da ev gibi bir şey değildir. Bir şey değildir, gerçek bir şey değildir. Altın, ilişki için bir işarettir. Sermaye insanlar arasında ilişki olarak ileri geri giden bir şeydir. İnsanlar arasında bir şeydir. Sermaye itibardır; itibar, çıkarların karşılıklılığıdır. Şu anda devrim içindesiniz. Devrim – heves, güven ruhu, eşitlenme coşkusu, bütün için gayret arzusu – sizin başınıza geldi, sizin aranızda oluştu: kendiniz için doğrudan karşılıklılık yaratın. Hiçbir parazit, vampir-benzeri aracı olmadan kendi çalışmanızın üretimi ile birbirinize gittiğiniz bir kurum tesis edin. O zaman hiçbir vasi otoriteye ne de en yeni beceriksizlerin, Komünistlerin, bahsettiği siyasi hükümetin mutlak iktidarının ekonomik yaşama aktarılmasına ihtiyaç duymayacaksınız. Görev şudur: ekonomik ve kamusal yaşamda özgürlüğü öne sürmek ve yaratmak ve zorluğun, güvenliksizliğin, eşyanın sahipliği değil de insan ve köle-sahipliğinin hâkimiyeti olan mülkiyetin ve tefecilik olan faizin lağvedilmesi için eşitlenmeden emin olmak. Bir takas bankası yaratın!
Takas bankası nedir? Özgürlük ve eşitlik için dışsal bir biçimden, objektif bir kurumdan başka bir şey değildir. Kim faydalı bir işle uğraşıyorsa – çiftçi, esnaf, işçiler birliği – hepsi, basitçe, çalışmaya devam etmelidir. İşin örgütlenmeye, diğer bir deyişle otoriteler tarafından emredilmesine ya da millileştirilmesine ihtiyacı yoktur. Halkın ihtiyaç duyduğu her şeyin üretimi sırasında marangoz mobilya yapar; ayakkabıcı çizme yapar; fırıncı ekmek pişirir vs. Marangozsun, ekmeğin mi yok? Elbette ki fırıncıya gidip fırıncının ihtiyacı olmayan sandalye ve dolabı teklif edemezsin. Takas banka git ve siparişlerini ve ürünlerini evrensel geçerli çeke dönüştür. Proleterler, ücret için çalışmak üzere müteşebbise bundan böyle gitmek istemiyor musunuz? Bağımsız olmak mı istiyorsunuz? Fakat ne atölyeniz, ne aletleriniz ne de yiyeceğiniz mi var? Bekleyemiyorsunuz ve kendinizi hemen mi kiralamanız gerekiyor? Lakin müşterileriniz mi yok? Diğer proleterler, siz proleterler, hepiniz, sömürücü simsarların aracılığı olmadan ürünlerinizi birbirinizden satın almak istemez misiniz? Sonra kendi alım-satımlarınızdan emin olun, siz ahmaklar! Müşteri muteberdir. Müşteri bugün adlandırıldığı üzere paradır. Sıralama her zaman yoksulluk-kölelik-iş-ürün şeklinde olmak zorunda değil midir? Karşılıklılık, eşyanın yönünü değiştirir. Karşılıklılık doğanın düzenini yeniden sağlar. Karşılıklılık paranın kurallarını kaldırır. Karşılıklılık birincildir: çalışmak ve ihtiyaçlarını karşılamak isteyen tüm insanlara imkân veren, insanlar arasındaki ruhtur.
Proudhon, hiç suçlu aramayın, herkes suçludur, diyor. Bazıları köleleştirir ve diğerleri en temel ihtiyaçları alıp götürür ya da en az ihtiyacı geride bırakır yahut acenta ve denetmenler olarak köleleştiren efendilere hizmet eder. İntikam ruhu, öfke ya da yıkıcılıktan meydana gelmeyecektir, yeni toplum. Yıkım, yapıcı bir ruh ile gerçekleştirilmelidir. Devrim ve muhafaza etme birbirini dışlamaz.
Eski Romalıları taklit etmekten vazgeçin. Jakobit[1] diktatörlük rolünü geçmişte oynadı fakat tribünlerin büyük tiyatroları ile güzel davranışlar sizin toplumunuzu yaratmaz. Gerçek hayatta yürütülmelidir. Faydalı nesneleri yeterli miktarda yaparsınız; faydalı şeyleri adil dağılım ile tüketmek istersiniz; o halde doğru bir biçimde takas etmelisiniz.
Çalışma ile yaratılmamış şeyin, der Proudhon, değeri yoktur; işçiler kapitalistlerin üstünlüğünü yaratmıştır ve siz yarattığınız değerleri saklayıp kullanamazsınız çünkü siz yalıtılan ve mal sahiplerinin servetini artıran ve böylelikle onlara köleler ve mülk üzerinde iktidar sağlayan mülksüz insanlarsınız. Fakat bu durumda o, sadece imtiyazlının elindeki birikmiş malın mevcut stoklarına bakmanın ve de bunları sadece siyaset ya da şiddet yoluyla onlardan almayı düşünmenin ne kadar çocukça olduğunu söyleyebilir. İşçiler tarafından yaratılan değer her zaman değişir, her zaman dolaşımdadır. Bugün değer, kapitalistten tüketici olarak işçi aracılığıyla kapitaliste geri döner; değer, kapitalistten tüketici işçilere gitsin fakat onlardan tekrar kapitalistlere değil, aynı işçilerin, üreten işçilerin ellerine dönsün diye kendinizin karşılıklı davranış biçimini dönüştürerek yeni kurumlar tesis edin.
Proudhon tüm bunları, benzersiz bir güçle, ciddiyet ve coşkunluğun, tutkunun ve objektifliğin büyük bileşimi ile kendi halkına söylemişti. Proudhon, devrim, çözülme, geçiş ve kapsayıcı ve temel önlemler olasılığı anında yeni toplumu yaratacak, hükümetin son yasası olacak ve hükümeti söylendiği gibi geçici hükümet yapacak bireysel adımları ve kararları önermişti.
Ses oradaydı fakat dinleyiciler yoktu. Doğru zaman oradaydı fakat geçip gitti ve şimdiyse sonsuza dek yok oldu.
Proudhon biz sosyalistlerin yeniden keşfettiği şeyi; sosyalizmin her zaman mümkün ve her zaman imkânsız olduğunu biliyordu. Sosyalizm, doğru insanlar onu istediğinde diğer bir deyişle onu eyleme koyduğunda mümkündür ve insanlar onu istemediğinde ya da sözüm ona onu isteyip ona göre harekete geçemediğinde imkânsızdır. O yüzden bu adamın sesi duyulmadı. İnsanlar onun yerine incelediğimiz ve reddettiğimiz yanlış bilimi sunan, sosyalizmin kapitalist büyük sanayinin doruk noktası olduğu ve çok az kapitalistin şimdiden neredeyse sosyalist olmuş kurumların özel mülkiyetine sahip olduğunda geldiğini, böylelikle birleşmiş proleter kitlelerin özel mülkiyeti toplumsal mülkiyete geçirmesinin kolay olacağını öğreten bir başka sesi duydu.
Sentez adamı Pierre Joseph Proudhon yerine, analiz adamı Karl Marx duyulmuş ve dolayısıyla çözülme, çürüme ve çöküşün devam etmesine izin verilmişti.
Analiz adamı Marx, kendi kelime haznesinde hapsedilen sabit, katı kavramlarla çalıştı. Bu kavramlarla Marx, gelişim yasasını açıklamak ve adeta zorla kabul ettirmek istedi.
Sentez adamı Proudhon kapalı kavramsal kelimelerin yalnızca daimi devinim için sembol teşkil ettiklerini bize öğretti. Kavramları akan devamlılık içerisinde eritti.
Özellikle detaylara hevesli olan ve Marksizm eleştirileri sıklıkla bizim eleştirilerimizle örtüşen sözde revizyonistler – bu eleştirileri büyük ölçüde anarşistlerden, Eugen Dühring ve diğer bağımsız sosyalistlerden almış olmaları da şaşırtıcı değildir – asıl taktikleri olarak adlandırılabilecek bir şeylere tedricen âşık oldular. Bu şekilde Marksizm ile birlikte sosyalizmi de, neredeyse son izine kadar reddettiler. Şu anda kapitalist toplumda işçi sınıfını parlamento ve ekonomik araçlar üzerinden teşvik edecek bir parti kurma sürecindeler.
Görünürde sıkı olan bilimin adamı Marx, gelişmenin yasa koyucusu ve dikte edeni idi. Bununla ilgili beyanlarda bulundu. Ve kendisi gelişimi belirlediğine göre o kesin olmalıydı. Olaylar bitmiş, kapalı, ölü bir gerçeklik gibi hareket etmeliydi. Bu yüzden Marksizm bir doktrin ve adeta dogma şeklinde var olur.
Proudhon, şey-kelimeleriyle ilgili hiçbir sorunu çözmeyi istememiş; hareketleri belirleyen kapalı şeyler ve ilişkiler, apaçık bir varlık, oluş, kaba görünürlük, görünmez değişim yerine ve son olarak – en olgun yazılarında – toplumsal ekonomiyi psikolojiye dönüştürmüştür. Öte yandan psikolojiyi de kaba bireysel psikolojiden – ki bireyden yalıtılmış bir şey çıkarır – insanı bir dizi sonsuz, bölünmez ve ifade edilemez oluş şeklinde tasavvur eden toplumsal psikolojiye dönüştürmüştür. Bu bakımdan Proudhonizm diye bir şey yoktur, sadece Proudhon vardır. O halde Proudhon’un belli bir an için hakikatle ilgili söyledikleri, şeylerin on yıllardır devam etmesine izin verildiği günümüzde, artık uygulanamaz. Geçerli olan yalnızca Proudhon’un düşüncelerinde baki olandır; kendisine ya da geçmiş herhangi bir tarihsel ana körü körüne dönmek için hiçbir girişimde bulunulmamalıdır.
Marksistlerin Proudhon hakkında söyledikleri, yani onun sosyalizminin küçük burjuva ve küçük çiftçi sosyalizmi olduğu, bizim de tekrar etmemize izin verin, tamamen doğrudur ve onun en yüksek unvanıdır. Onun sosyalizmi, diğer bir ifadeyle, 1848 ila 1851 arası sosyalizmi, Fransız halkının 1848 ila 1851 arası sosyalizmidir. O anda mümkün ve gerekli olan sosyalizm idi. Proudhon, bir Ütopyacı ya da bir peygamber değildi; bir Fourer de değildi, Marx da. Eylem ve kavrama adamı idi.
Burada açıkça 1848-1851 yıllarının adamı olan Proudhon’dan bahsediyoruz. Bu adam şöyle söylemişti ve yaşadığı çağ onun böyle söylemesi için teşekkül etmişti: “Siz devrimciler, eğer bunu yaparsanız, büyük dönüşümü başaracaksınız.”
1848 yılının adamından olduğu kadar öğrenecek şeyimiz olan sonraki yılların adamı, devrimden sonra söylediği devrimci konuşmaları, beyhude melodramatik ya da pornografik bir öz-taklit ile tekrar etmeyi istemedi. Her şeyin kendi zamanı vardı ve devrim sonrasındaki her an, geçmişin büyük anında yaşamları durmamış herkes için devrim öncesi zamandı. Proudhon, aldığı pek çok yaradan kaynaklı kanamaya rağmen yaşamaya devam etti. O zaman şunu sordu kendisine: “Ben, eğer yaparsanız dedim; fakat neden yapmadılar?” Cevabını buldu ve sonraki çalışmalarında bu cevabı yazdı. Bu cevabın bizim dilimizdeki karşılığı şudur: “Çünkü ruh yoktu.”
Ruh, o zaman da yoktu ve 60 yıldır da yok ve hiç olmadığı kadar derine batıp kayboldu. Şu ana kadar gösterdiğimiz her şey bir cümle ile özetlenebilir: Tarihte öngörülen sözüm ona doğru anı beklemek bu hedefi daha da uzak bir tarihe ertelemiş ve bulanık bir karanlığa itmiştir; ilerlemeye ve gelişmeye duyulan güven gerilemenin adı idi ve bu “gelişme” dış ve iç koşulları yozlaşmaya daha da çok adapte etti ve büyük değişimi hiç olmadığı kadar uzak kıldı. Marksistler, insanlar kendilerine inandığı sürece “Henüz zamanı değil!” derken haklı olacaklar ve asla daha az değil, her zaman daha fazla haklı olacaklar. Bir deyişin, bu deyiş söylendiği ve çabucak duyulduğu için doğru olduğunu söylemek yaşamış ve meydana gelmiş en korkutucu çılgınlık değil midir? Ve herkesin oluşu, sanki nihai, tamamlanmış bir oluşmuş gibi ifade etme girişiminin, insanların zihinlerinde bunun güç kazanması halinde biçim ve yaratıcılığın güçlerini eninde sonunda zayıflatmak zorunda olduğunun farkına varması gerekmez mi?
Marksizme yılmadan saldırmamızın sebebi budur. Bu yüzden işin peşini bırakamayız ve ondan tüm kalbimizle nefret etmeliyiz. Marksizm bir tarif ve bilim değildir. Öyleymiş gibi davranmaktadır; fakat acizliğe yadsıyıcı, yıkıcı ve sakatlayıcı bir çağrı, irade eksikliği, teslimiyet ve kayıtsızlıktır. Sosyal Demokrasi’nin detaylar üzerinde arı-gibi çalışması – laf arasında söyleyelim Sosyal Demokrasi, Marksizm değildir – bu yetersizlik onun yalnızca öteki yüzüdür ve yalnızca sosyalizmin orada olmadığını ifade eder zira sosyalizm küçük ve büyük meselelerde bütünü hedefler. Bu tür bir detaylı olmayan çalışma sadece kasırgadaki bir kuru yaprak gibi mevcut anlamsızlığın döngüsünde, sadece pratiğe geçirilen, sürüklenişi reddedilecektir.
Marksistlerin düşündüğü gibi sosyalizmin gelmek zorunda olmadığını söyledik. Şimdi şunu söylüyoruz: çeşitli halklar tereddüt etmeye devam ederse, kendileri açısından sosyalizmin bundan böyle hiç de mümkün olmadığı zaman gelebilir.
Özellikle detaylara hevesli olan ve Marksizm eleştirileri sıklıkla bizim eleştirilerimizle örtüşen sözde revizyonistler – bu eleştirileri büyük ölçüde anarşistlerden, Eugen Dühring ve diğer bağımsız sosyalistlerden almış olmaları da şaşırtıcı değildir – asıl taktikleri olarak adlandırılabilecek bir şeylere tedricen âşık oldular. Bu şekilde Marksizm ile birlikte sosyalizmi de, neredeyse son izine kadar reddettiler. Şu anda kapitalist toplumda işçi sınıfını parlamento ve ekonomik araçlar üzerinden teşvik edecek bir parti kurma sürecindeler. Marksistler, Hegel tarzında bir ilerlemeye inanırken, revizyonistler Darwin tarzı bir evrimin taraftarıdırlar. Artık felakete ve aniden oluşlara inanmıyorlar; kapitalizmin ani bir devrim ile sosyalizme dönüşmeyeceğine fakat tedricen daha katlanılabilir bir biçim alacağına inanıyorlar.
Bunlardan bir kaçı sosyalist olmadıklarını kabul etmeyi tercih edebilir ve parlamentarizme ve parti politikalarına, oy toplamaya ve monarşizme adaptasyonlarında şaşırtıcı bir biçimde başarılı olabilirler. Diğerleri ise kendilerini hala tümüyle sosyalist olarak görebilir. Bunlar, işçilerin özel durumlarında, sözde endüstriyel anayasalcılık sayesinde işçilerin üretimdeki payında ve tüm ülkelerde demokratik kurumların genişlemesi sayesinde kamusal ve yasal koşullarda daimi, yavaş ve fakat durmayan bir iyileşme gördüklerine inanırlar. Hem kabul ettikleri hem de kısmen sebep oldukları Marksist doktrinin başarısızlığı üzerinden kapitalizmin hâlihazırda sosyalizm yolu üzerinde bulunduğunu ve bu gelişmeyi enerjik bir biçimde teşvik etmenin de sosyalistlerin görevi olduğu sonucunu çıkarırlar. Bu görüşleriyle, Marksizm’in ilk başta söylediği şeyin çok da uzağında düşmezler. Sözüm ona radikaller de her zaman aynı yol üzerindeydiler ve sadece bu görüşün devrimcilikle kırbaçlanmış ve bir araya gelmiş seçmen kitlelerine söylenmemesi dileğine sahiptirler.
Marksistlerin revizyonistlerle olan gerçek ilişkisi şu şekildedir: Marx’ın ve onun en iyi havarilerinin aklında, koşullarımızın tamamı kendi tarihsel bağlamları içerisinde yer aldığı ve bunların genel kavramlar altında toplumsal yaşamımızın detaylarını düzenlemeye çalıştığı vardır. Revizyonistler, yerleşik genellemelerin yeni doğan gerçekliklerle örtüşmediğini çok net gören fakat yine de çağımızı külliyen, yeni ve temelde farklı bir şekilde anlamaya ihtiyaç duyan karakteristik şüphecileridirler.
Marksizm, bir süre için, çok sayıda ıskat edilmişin kendi yoksulluğunun, doyumsuzluğunun farkına varmasına ve topyekûn bir değişim için ideal bir haleti ruhiyeye yol açmıştır. Bu süremezdi çünkü söz konusu bilimsel aptallığın ektisi altında kitleler beklemeye yönelmiş ve herhangi bir sosyalist faaliyet yapamaz hale gelmiştir. Bu şekilde, kitleler, siyasi ve demagojik yöntemlerle sürekli cesaretlendirilmemiş olmasalardı, tedrici bir dinginlik ve sakinlik çoktan kitlelere geri dönerdi. Revizyonistler erken kapitalizmin en kötü barbarlığının ortadan kalktığını, işçilerin proleter koşullara daha da alıştığını ve kapitalizmin hiçbir şekilde kendi çöküşüne yakın olmadığını şimdilerde görüyorlar. Elbette bizler, bunların tamamında, kapitalizmin sürdüğü muazzam tehlikeyi görüyoruz. İşin aslı, işçi sınıfının durumu – bir bütün olarak görüldüğünde – iyileşmemiştir. Aksine yaşam daha da zor ve nahoş bir hal almıştır. O kadar nahoş bir hale gelmiştir ki işçiler neşesizleşmiş, ümitsizleşmiş ve ruh ve karakter bakımından yoksullaşmıştır. Fakat en önemlisi sosyalizm için mücadele, doğru mücadele, münhasıran acıma hislerine ya da öncelikle belli bir insan sınıfının kaderine bağlı olmaz. Toplumun temellerinin tümden dönüşümü ile ilgilidir. Hedefi yeni bir yaratımdır.
Bizim işçilerimiz bu halet-i ruhiyeyi giderek kaybetmiştir (zira hiçbir zaman halet-i ruhiyeden daha fazlası olmamıştır), çünkü Marksizmde çözülme ve iktidarsızlık unsurları başından itibaren öfke kuvvetlerinden daha güçlüydü ve herhangi bir olumlu içerikten de yoksundu. İşçi sınıfının, Tanrının ya da tarihsel zorunluluk gereği gelişimin seçilmiş insanları değil, daha ziyade en şiddetli acı çeken insanların bir kısmı olduğunu hâlihazırda bilenler açısından revizyonizm fenomeni ve onun hoşgörülü şüpheciliği sadece eylemsizlik, kararsızlık ve kitlelerin rehaveti üstündeki “ideolojik üstyapı”dır ve işçi sınıfı sefalete eşlik eden ruhsal değişimler yüzünden bilgi elde etmeyi en zor iş olarak görecektir. Bu alandaki tüm genellemelerden kaçınmak en iyisidir. İşçi sınıfı oldukça farklıdır ve acının çok farklı insanlar üzerinde her zaman çok farklı etkileri olur. Fakat acının büyük kısmı birinin kötü durumunun kavranmasıdır ve en azından bu ölçüde hiç acı çekmemiş kaç proletarya vardır!
Devrim başarısız olduktan sonraki zamanlarda, devrimden önceki bu altmış yıl boyunca, ilişkilerin nasıl değiştiğini biliyoruz. Bunlar kapitalizmin uyumunun, proleterleşmenin on yılları idi ve pek çok açıdan hâl-i hazırda kalıtsal hale gelmiş gerçek bir adaptasyondu. İnsanlar arasındaki ilişkilerde bozulma vardır ki bireysel insanlara ait pek çok bedenin şimdiden fark edilir bir biçimde çürümesine dönüşmüştür.
Yeryüzü neredeyse tümüyle keşfedildi, çok geçmeden neredeyse tamamı iskân edilecek ve buralara sahip olunacaktır. Şu anda ihtiyaç duyulan şey, bildiğimiz insan dünyasında daha önce hiç var olmamış gibi bir yenilenmedir. İşte bu, bizi çok daha fazla etkilemesi gereken bu yeni şey, zamanımızın belirleyici özelliğidir.
Burada bahsettiğimiz muazzam bir tehlikedir. Marksistlerin düşündüğü gibi sosyalizmin gelmek zorunda olmadığını söyledik. Şimdi şunu söylüyoruz: çeşitli halklar tereddüt etmeye devam ederse, kendileri açısından sosyalizmin bundan böyle hiç de mümkün olmadığı zaman gelebilir. Buna rağmen insanlar birbirine karşı çok aptalca, çok alçakça hareket edebilir. Tümüyle esarete teslim olabilir ve kendi gaddarlıklarını kabul edebilir: Tüm bunlar insanlar arasında bir şeydir, kendilerine kararlı, canlı duyguların hizmet etmesi halinde işlevsel ve gelecek nesilde ya da hâlihazırda yaşayan insanlarda değiştirilebilen bir şeydir. Toplumsal ya da genellikle söylendiği gibi psikolojik ilişkiler meselesi olduğu müddetçe bu durum henüz kötü değildir. Kitlesel sefalet, yoksulluk, açlık, evsizlik, psikolojik yılgınlık ve ahlak bozukluğu ve zevk düşkünlüğü, aptalca lüks, militarizm, ruhsuzluk – hepsi, oldukları halleriyle kötüdürler, isabetli bir doktor gelirse yaratıcı ruhtan, büyük devrimden ve yenilemeden (regeneration) çıkarsa bunları tedavi edilebilir. Fakat tüm zorluk ve baskı ve ruhsuzluk insanlar arasında bir şeyler olmaktan çıkarsa, ruhta bulunan ilişkiler bozulursa, adına ruh dediğimiz insanlar arası ilişkiler kompleksine bundan böyle rahatsızlık vermezse, kronik yetersiz beslenme yerine, alkolizm, uzun süreli acımasızlaşma, sürekli tatminsizlik, akut ruhsuzluk (ki ruh ve sosyal yapı açısından önemi, ağı açısından örümceğin önemi gibidir) bireysel bedenlerde kapsamlı etkilerle birlikte değişimlerle sonuçlanırsa, o zaman hiçbir çare yardımcı olamayacaktır ve halk ya da halkların tüm kesimleri yıkıma mahkûm olabilecektir. Halkların her zaman yok olması gibi, onlar da yok olacaktır: diğer, sağlıklı halklar bunların efendileri olur ve halkların karışımına dönüşür ve hatta bazen de kısmi imha yaşanır – eğer, en azından diğer, sağlıklı halklar hala yaşıyorsa. Kimse uluslar tarihinin ilk dönemlerinden analojilerle ucuz oyunlar oyamamalıdır. Çünkü zamanı geldiğinde, şeyler, gene, sözde ulusların göçü denilen zamanlarda yaptıkları gibi ilerlemek zorunda değildir. İnsanoğlunun başlangıç zamanlarında yaşıyoruz ve bu yeni başlamış insanoğlunun sonunun başlangıcı olabileceği tümüyle göz ardı edilemez. Belki de hiçbir çağ gözlerinin önünde dünyanın sonunun bu kadar tehlikeli bir biçimde belirdiğini biziler kadar görmemiştir.
Gerçek ilişkiler kompleksi bakımından insanoğlu, dışsal bağlarla ve içsel çekimle ve ulusal sınırları aşan dürtüyle bir arada duran bir dünya toplumu elbette ki henüz mevcut değildir. Fakat bunun vekilleri oradadır ve bunlar bir ersatz’dan daha fazlası olabilir. Bunlar, başlangıç olabilir: dünya pazarı, uluslararası anlaşmalar ya da hükümet politikaları, uluslararası örgütler ve çeşitli türde kongreler, küre çevresinde trafik ve iletişim, bunların hepsi, eşitlik olmasa bile, en azından çıkarların özümsenmesini, gelenekleri, sanatı veya sanatın modaya uygun yedeğini, teknoloji ruhunu, siyasi biçimleri daha da çok yaratmaktadır. İşçilere de bir ulustan diğerine giderek daha fazla ödünç verilmektedir. Dahası tüm ruhsal gerçeklikler – din, sanat, dil, genelde ortak ruh – orada ikişerli bulunmaktadır ya da bize doğal bir zorunluluk gereği ikişer ( birincisi birey ruhunda nitelik olarak ya da meleke olarak ve ikincisi insanlarla yaratıcı örgütler ve birliklerin iç içe geçtiği bir şeyler olarak) görünmektedir. Tüm bunlar özensiz bir biçimde ifade edilmiştir. Geçiş yaparken düzeltilebilecek olan hemen yapılacaktır fakat bu zamanda bu dil eleştirisi uçurumunun ve fikirler teorisinin (ikisi de birbirine aittir) derinine inemeyiz. Tüm bunlara şunu söylemek için değinildi: medeniyet (humanitas), humanité, humanity ve beşeriyet ki bunlara şimdilerde göstermelik merhametli bir lütuf, zayıflatılmış ve derinlik yoksunu bir ifade ile “insaniyet”(humaneness) diyoruz – tüm bu kelimeler, aslen sadece bireyde yaşayan ve hükmeden insanoğluna atfedilmekteydi. Bir zamanlar, en azından Hıristiyanlığın tam zamanında çok güçlü bir şekilde vardı, fiziken çokça hissediliyordu. Özdeş toplum olarak mütekabiliyet bireyde temerküz eden ve bireyler arasında büyüyen beşeriyete geldiğinde ancak dışsal anlamıyla gerçek beşeriyete varabileceğiz. Bitki tohumunda bulunur, tıpkı, tohumun, atalarına ait bitkilerin sonsuz zincirinin cevheri olması gibi. İnsanoğlu hakiki varlığını bireyin insaniliğinden alır. Bireyin insaniliğinin sadece geçmişin sayısız neslinin varisi olması da tıpkı böyledir. Olan şey oluştur, küçük evren (mikrocosm), evrendir (macrocosm). Birey halktır, ruh toplumdur, düşünce birlik bağıdır.
Fakat bildiğimiz birkaç bin yıllık tarihte insanoğlu ilk kez tam anlamıyla ve tam kapsamlı olarak haricen birleşmek istiyor. Yeryüzü neredeyse tümüyle keşfedildi, çok geçmeden neredeyse tamamı iskân edilecek ve buralara sahip olunacaktır. Şu anda ihtiyaç duyulan şey, bildiğimiz insan dünyasında daha önce hiç var olmamış gibi bir yenilenmedir. İşte bu, bizi çok daha fazla etkilemesi gereken bu yeni şey, zamanımızın belirleyici özelliğidir. Tüm dünyada insanoğlu yaratılmak istemektedir ve bunu, eğer birleşmiş insanoğlunun başlangıcı, sonu olmayacaksa, insanoğlunun başına güçlü bir yenilenme geldiği o anda istemektedir. Önceden bu tür bir yenilenme genellikle geri kalandan ve kültürel karışımdan ortaya çıkan yeni halklar ile ya da göç alan yeni ülkelerle özdeşti. Halklar birbirine ne kadar çok benzerse ülkeler o denli yoğun iskâna tabi oluyordu ve dışarıdan veya içeriden bu tür bir yenilenme için umut da o kadar az oluyordu. Hâlihazırda kendi halklarımızdan ümit kesmek isteyenler ya da en azından zihinlerin radikal yenilenmesi için dış dürtünün ve canlı enerjinin dışarıdan, şifalı uykularından yeni uyanmış eski halklardan gelmesi gerektiğine inananlar, hala, Çin, Hindu ya da belki Rus halkları için umut inşa edebilir. Bazıları, çocuksu Kuzey Amerikan barbarlığı arkasında belki de hala saklı kalmış bir idealizmin ve fevkalade patlak verecek coşkun bir ruha ait fazla enerjinin olduğunu yine de ümit edebilir. Ancak 40 ya da 50 yaşlarında olan bizlerin bu romantik beklentiler yüzünden gene de hayal kırıklığı yaşayacağımız ve Çinlilerin Batıyı taklitte Japonya’yı takip edeceği, Hinduların salt çürüme kanallarına hızlıca geri kaymak, vs. için yükseleceği akla yatkındır. Asimilasyon çok hızlı ilerlemektedir. Medeniyet ve medeniyetle birlikte gerçek fiziki ve psikolojik çöküş yayılmaktadır.
Vaktiyle çürüyen rafine medeniyetten ve taze kandan yeni bir başlangıç çıktığı gibi, yeniden yükselişe geçeceğimize dair kesin, yanılmaz işaretler var mıdır? İnsanoğlunun, sonradan olacağı şey: ulusların sonu için geçici, kusurlu bir kelime olmadığı kesin midir? Şimdiden yoz, pervasız ve köksüz kadınlar ve onların erkek eşleri hafif meşrepliği yere göre sığdıramıyor ve aileyi, çeşitli, özgür ve sınırsız birliktelik hazzıyla, babalığı da annelik devlet sigortası ile ikame etmek istiyorlar. Ruh özgürlük ister ve onu içerir.
İhtiyacımız olan cesareti ve ivediliği elde etmek için kendimizi bu boşluğa bırakmalıyız. Bu sefer yenilenme bilinen herhangi bir zamana kıyasla daha güçlü ve farklı olmalıdır. Sadece kültür ve beraberinde yaşamın insani güzelliğini arıyor değiliz. Bir çare arıyoruz; kurtuluş arıyoruz. Yeryüzünde bugüne kadar var olmuş en büyük dışsal katman yaratılmalıdır ve bu katman, imtiyazlı tabakada – küresel insanoğlu – şimdiden hazırlanmaktadır. Yine de bu, harici bağlarla, anlaşmalarla ve hükümetsel yapı ya da korkunç buluş olan dünya devleti ile gelemeyecek, ancak en küçük grupların, yukarıdaki tüm toplulukların yeniden tesis edilmesi ve en bireysel bireyselcilik ile gelecektir. Şümullü bir toplum inşa edilmeli ve inşa küçük ölçekte başlamalıdır; tüm mıntıkalara uzanmalıyız ve bunu da ancak çok derin kazarsak yapabiliriz zira bundan böyle dışarıdan daha fazla yardım gelemez. Artık işgal edilmemiş hiçbir toprak yoğun kalabalık halkları yerleşmeleri için davet etmeyecektir; insanoğlunu tesis etmeliyiz ve bunu ancak insanilikte bulabiliriz. Bunun da sadece bireylerin gönüllü ilişkisinde ve doğal olarak birbirlerine yakınlaşan, aslında bağımsız insanlar topluluğundan yükselmesini sağlayabiliriz.
Ancak şimdi biz sosyalistler rahat bir şekilde nefes alıp kaçınılmaz zorluğu, görevimizi, varlığımızın bir parçası olarak kabul edebiliriz. Şimdi, fikrimizin bizim benimsediğimiz bir fikir değil de bizi seçim yapmaya – ya peşinen insanoğlunun gerçek yıkımını tecrübe etmeye ya da bu yıkımın çevremizde aşınan başlangıçlarını seyretmek veya kendi eylemimizle yükselişin ilk başlangıcını yapmaya – sevk eden çok güçlü bir dürtü olduğunu içten bir kesinlikle hissediyoruz.
Burada muhtemel bir gerçekliğin bir kuruntusu olarak tehdit etmesine izin verdiğimiz dünyanın sonu elbette ki neslin ani olarak tükenmesi değildir. İçinde karşı konulamaz türde bir kaide bulma eğilimi ve analojiye karşı uyarıda bulunuyoruz çünkü kimi çöküş dönemlerinin ardından gelen büyük dönemleri biliyoruz. Durumu gözümüzde canlandırdığımızda, hangi emsalsiz hızla ulusların ve sınıfların bu kapitalist medeniyette birbirine daha da benzer hale geldiğini; proleterlerin nasıl sıkıcı, uysal, kaba, dışsal ve artan ölçüde alkolik olduğunu; dinlerini kaybetmeleri ile her tür içsel hissi ve sorumluluğu nasıl kaybettiklerini; tüm bunların fiziki etkilerinin nasıl olduğunu; üst sınıfların siyaset, kapsamlı görüş ve belirleyici eylem açısından güçlerini nasıl kaybettiğini; sanatın züppelik, modaya uygun değersiz ve arkeolojik ve tarihsel taklit ile nasıl ikame edildiğini; nasıl eski din ve ahlak ile her sıkı standardın, her kutsal ittifakın, her karakterin sağlamlığının kaybedilmekte olduğunu, kadınların yüzeysel kösnüllük ve renkli, dekoratif şehvet girdabına nasıl çekilmekte olduğunu; doğal düşünülmemiş nüfus artışının tüm halk katmanlarında azalmaya nasıl başladığını ve bilim ve teknolojinin rehberliğinde çocuksuz seks ile ikame edildiğini; sorumsuzluğun, hâkim koşullar altında neşesiz iş yapmayı artık kaldıramayan proleterlerle vatandaşlar arasındaki tam da en iyi unsurları nasıl istila ettiğini görüyoruz. Eğer tüm bunların toplumun her katmanında nevroza ve histeriye dönüşmeye başladığını nasıl görüyorsak, o zaman kişi, iyileşme için, yeni kurumların yaratılması için kendisini toplayacak olan halkın nerede olduğunu sormalıdır. Vaktiyle çürüyen rafine medeniyetten ve taze kandan yeni bir başlangıç çıktığı gibi, yeniden yükselişe geçeceğimize dair kesin, yanılmaz işaretler var mıdır? İnsanoğlunun, sonradan olacağı şey: ulusların sonu için geçici, kusurlu bir kelime olmadığı kesin midir? Şimdiden yoz, pervasız ve köksüz kadınlar ve onların erkek eşleri hafif meşrepliği yere göre sığdıramıyor ve aileyi, çeşitli, özgür ve sınırsız birliktelik hazzıyla, babalığı da annelik devlet sigortası ile ikame etmek istiyorlar. Ruh özgürlük ister ve onu içerir. Ruhun böyle birliktelikleri aile, kooperatif, profesyonel grup, topluluk ve ulus olarak yarattığı yerde özgürlük vardır ve insanoğlu da burada vücut bulabilir. Fakat ruhun yerini almış tahakkümün, cebri kurumlarında ruh yerine şimdilerde neyin köpürmeye başladığını biliyor muyuz, bu ikameye katlanabileceğimizden emin olabilir miyiz? Ruhsuz özgürlük, kösnül özgürlük, sorumsuz haz özgürlüğü? Ya da tüm bunların kaçınılmaz sonucunun en dehşetli eziyetler ve yalnızlık, en dermansız zayıflık ve hissiz umursamazlık mı olacak? Acaba bir coşkun duygu ve yeniden doğuş anı ve büyük kültürel topluluklar federasyonu devrinin anını hiç yaşayacak mıyız? Şarkıların insanlarda yaşadığı, kulelerin birliği ve coşkuyu cennete taşıdığı ve ruhlarında halkın temerküz ettiği insanları yüceltmek suretiyle büyük işlerin halkın büyüklüğünü temsil etmek için yaratıldığı zamanlar hiç olacak mı?
Bilmiyoruz ve bu yüzden buna teşebbüs etmenin görevimiz olduğunu biliyoruz. Geleceğin sözde biliminden şu anda tamamen kurtulduk. Sadece hiçbir gelişme yasası olmadığını biliyor değiliz. Güçlü tehlikeyi, şimdiden çok geç kalmış olabileceğimizi, tüm teşebbüslerimizin ve eylemlerimizin belki de artık yardımcı olamayabileceğini dahi biliyoruz. Ve bu yüzden kendimizdeki, tüm bilgilerimizdeki son bağlarımızı da atıp kurtulduk, daha fazlasını biliyor değiliz. Tarif edilmemiş ve belirsiz bir şeyler önünde ilkel bir adam gibi duruyoruz. Önümüzde hiçbir şey yok ve her şey yalnızca kendi içimizde var: bizde gelecekteki insanoğlunun değil geçmişteki insanoğlunun realitesi ya da etkinliği var; dolayısıyla bu realite ya da etkinlik aslen içimizde var. Başarı bizim içimizdedir. Bizi yolumuza koyan aldatılamaz görevimiz içimizdedir. Yapılanın ne olması gerektiğinin imgesi içimizdedir. Süflilik ve sefaleti geride bırakma ihtiyacı içimizdedir. Adalet hiç şüphesiz ve amansız içimizdedir. Karşılıklı yanıt arayan ahlak ve herkesin çıkarını tanıyan akıl içimizdedir.
Burada yazıldığı gibi hissedenler, en büyük cesareti en büyük ihtiyaçtan doğanlar, her şeye rağmen yenilenmeye teşebbüs etmek isteyenler – şimdi onların toplanmasına izin verin; çağrılanlar onlardır; uluslara ne yapılması gerektiğini söylemeleri ve halkların işe nasıl başlayacaklarını göstermeleri için onlara izin verin.
Çev: Nesrin Aytekin
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Üstad Aemon hisar ve Gece gözcüleri için ayrı ayrı yemin etti. Diğerleri için de geçerli bir durum.
Dorne kadınları savaşır mı? Bazıları, evet. Örneğin KumYılanları. Ama bu bir kural değil. Nymeria bir savaş lideriydi ama bir savaşçı değildi - yani bir askerden çok bir komutandı.-
Yoksa Dorn’un“eşitliği” sadece en büyük oğul yerine en büyük çocuğun mirasçı olmasından ibaret mi? Bu en büyük olanı; ancak gelenekleri farklı, kadınlara başka şekillerde de daha fazla hak veriyorlar. Dorne’nin eşitlikçi bir toplum olmadığını söylemek… Ne münasebet?
Westerling’lerin Robb’a karşı komploya katılımları hakkında bir şeyler duydum. Sadece Tywin Lannister tarafından affedilmeleri değil, Jeyne’nin amcasına Castamere’in verildiği, Jeyne’nin annesinin Robb’a karşı komplo kuran Lannisterlar Boltonlar ve Freyler ile el ele tutuştukları oldukça açık. Her sabah Jeyne’nin hamile kalma şansı olmadığından emin olmak istediği için bir şeyler koyuyordu. Göreceğiz. Ama bence “Batılılar” hakkında genelleme yapmak bir hatadır, tıpkı “Lannisterlar” hakkında genelleme yapmak gibi. Aynı ailenin üyeleri çok farklı karakterlere, arzulara ve dünyaya bakış yollarına sahiptir … ve ailelerde de sırlar vardır.
Stannis ile anlaşmaya varmak “diz çökmüş” olarak kabul edilir mi? Evet.
Yabanıllar, Gece nöbeti’nden nefret ettikleri gibi kuzeyden de nefret ediyor mu? Hayır.
ACOK’taki Ser Aenys Frey’e göre, “Kale o kadar büyük ki onu elinde tutmak için bir ordu gerekiyor”. Yanılmış mıydı? Yanlış değil, belki de durumu abartıyoruz. Yine de, kale duvarları, gerçek dünya kuşatmalarındaki gerçek ortaçağ kalelerinden çok daha büyük bir garnizon gerektirecek kadar genişti.
BTW, sanırım ADWD (ve sonraki kitaplar?) İçin POV’ları değiştirme fikriniz çok ilginçti. Sanırım yeni eklemeleri değil AGOT’ta başlayan eski POV’ları kastediyorsunuz. Bu sadece bir kavramdı. Tam olarak ne demek istediğime karar veremedim.
Bu soru biraz kişisel. En sevdiğim teorimi çürüttüğü için soruyorum. Tywin, Edmure onu Red Fork’ta durdurduğunda gerçekten de Robb’un tuzağına yürüyor muydu? Onlara güveniyor muydu? Harrenhal son derece güçlü bir kaledir ve üç yüz kişilik bir garnizon ortaçağda oldukça büyüktür. Tywin, muhtemelen Roose Bolton’un kaleyi kuşatacağını düşündü. En az yarım yıl kaleyi elde tutabileceklerdi. Burada en büyük etken Hoat’ın değişen tarafıydı.
Bran’in AGOT’taki Arya ve Sansa ile ilgili görüsünü yazar okuyucunun yorumuna bıraktı.
Jack Vance, Robin Hobb, Guy Gavriel Kay Grrm’in beğendiği bazı kitapların yazarları. (Bakın belki (ç)alıntı yapmıştır. 😅)
Şahsen Robb Stark’ın kendi mezarını kazdığını düşünüyorum ve çok fazla gözyaşı dökmedim.- Eddard ile aynı şekilde- neden bu kadar sert olması gerekiyordu? Eğer başka türlü olsaydı, o adam o olmazdı. Tarih benzer hatalar yapan insanlarla doludur.
Kardeşim seriden pek haz etmiyor. İyilerin hep öldüğünü ve kötülerin kazandığını söylüyor. Ygritte’nin öldüğüne dikkat çekiyor. Ve Yaşlı Ayı (Jon Snow’un Mormont’un ölümü olmadan gece nöbetçilerinin Lordu olamayacağını söylediğimde kardeşim beni görmezden geliyor, lakin bu olmalıydı). Ve Soğan Şövalyesinin oğulları. Soğan Şövalyesinin hayatta kalan üç oğlu var.
Okuyucularınızın çoğu cesur gerçekçiliği ve bu seride her zaman her şeyin olabileceğini takdir ediyor mu? Bazıları… Bazıları bilmiyor… Beni okuyanlar… Onları eğlendirmek için başka kitaplar bulamayanlar…
Ek, Galbart Glover dul ve çocuksuz mu? Emin olmak için notlarıma bakmalıyım, ama Galbart’ın dul ve çocuksuz olduğuna inanıyorum. Bu durum devam ederken kardeşinin oğlunu varis olarak atamış olabilir.
Martin, tahtın Lannisterlara olan borçlarına dikkat çeken bir okuyucuya; Önemli olanın İnanç ve Demir Banka’ya olan borçlar olduğunu söyledi.
Okçular (veya atlı okçular), piyade ve süvari göreli bileşimi nedir? Piyade, süvarileri hatırı sayılır bir farkla geride bıraktı, ancak çoğunlukla feodal güçler ve köylü milisler hakkında konuşuyoruz, az disiplin ve daha az eğitimle. Her ne kadar bazı Lord’lar diğerlerinden daha iyisini yetiştirse de… Tywin Lannister’ın piyadeleri çok iyi ve disiplinliydi Lannisport’un Şehir Saati de iyi eğitilmişti … Oldtown ve King’s Landing’deki meslektaşlarından çok daha iyi.
Dany’nin Westeros’u fethetmek için planladığı işgal, askeri açıdan çok ilginç görünüyor. ASOIAF’ta tarihsel savaşlardan veya seferlerden sonra model savaşları, taktikleri veya seferleri mi değiştiriyorsunuz yoksa farklı savaşlardan / seferlerden fikirleri mi karıştırıyorsunuz?* Ben ilerlerken telafi ederim. Tarihten gelen gerçek savaşları karıştırın ve eşleştirin, ancak belirli bir miktar hayal gücü ve değişiklikler ekleyin
Hannibal, Sezar, Napolyon, Scipio Africanus veya Büyük İskender’in seferlerini incelediniz mi? Bir dereceye kadar, evet. Hiçbir şekilde kendime uzman demem, ama tüm biyografileri okudum, çok sayıda Osprey kitabım var ve Keegan ve Norman Dixon ve Fletcher Pratt’ı okudum.
Dany, daha fazla süvari ve okçu ekleyerek paralı askerlerinin ve Lekesizlerin ‘ordusunu’ güçlendirmeye devam edecek mi? Resmi olarak yayınlanan e-postalarınızdan birinde daha büyük bir asker grubunun ADWD’de görüneceğini okudum. Bu grup Dany ile mi ilgili? (Sanırım bu potansiyel bir spoiler sorusu, bu yüzden bu soruyu cevaplamak istemeyebileceğinizi anlıyorum.) Beklemeli ve görmelisin.
Rus hayranları grubumuz adına sizi selamlamak ve harika kitaplarınız için içtenlikle teşekkür etmek istiyorum. Ortaçağ tarihinin ve irfanın büyük bir hayranı olarak kişisel olarak da teşekkür ederim - Ortaçağ dünyasının bu kadar güzel ve canlı görüntüsünü edebiyatta görmek çok nadir bir şey. Tekrar teşekkürler:). Rica ederim. Nazik sözler için teşekkürler. Kitapları İngilizce mi Rusça mı okuyorsunuz? Her iki durumda da, onları sevdiğinize sevindim. Ama ayrıca size birkaç soru sormak istiyorum - elbette, çok fazla zamanınızı almaz ise… Bu soruların ilkini ve ana kısmını bir süredir tartışıyoruz lakin kendimiz net bir cevap veremedik. Kuzeydeki tarım meselesi. Şu ana kadar kitaplarda gördüğümüz kadarıyla, yazın bile kar Kuzey’deki toprakların çoğunu kaplıyor gibi görünüyor ve kesinlikle kışın hepsini kapsıyor, değil mi? Ben yaz aylarında kar “toprakların çoğunu kapsar” demezdim. Ara sıra yazın kar yağması yerine… Kuzey, yaz aylarında bile gerçekten ısınmaz, ancak her zaman buzlu değil ve sürekli kar da yağmaz. Kış, farklı bir masal.
Ama orada bir sürü insan yaşıyor. Ne yiyorlar? Çok fazla yiyecek saklanır. Füme, tuzlanmış, tahıl ambarlarında paketlenmiş vb. Kıyıdaki nüfusun yiyecekleri büyük ölçüde balıktır, iç kısımlarda bile nehirlerde ve Uzun Göl’de buz balıkçılığı vardır. Ve bazı büyük lordlar kendi kalelerinin yiyeceğini sağlamak için seraları denetlemeye ve korumaya çalışırlar … Winterfell’in “cam bahçeleri” gibi… Ama kısa cevap … eğer kış çok uzun sürerse, yemek biter … ve sonra insanlar güneye gider ya da aç kalır …
Karsız, tarıma elverişli alanlar var mı, yoksa “daha ​​büyük mevsimler” içinde önemli sıcaklık değişiklikleri var mı? Bir hasadı büyütmek için en az birkaç ay ılık sıcaklık (15-20 santigrat derece) gerekir. Kuzeyde mevcut mu? Ara sıra. Mevsimlerin rastgele doğası göz önüne alındığında güvenilebilecek bir şey değildir, ancak sahte ilkbaharlar ve uzun yazlar vardır. Üstadlar, ne zaman ekilecekleri, ne zaman hasat edileceği ve ne kadar yiyecek depolanacağı konusunda tavsiyelerde bulunmak için sıcaklığı yakından izlemeye çalışırlar.
Ve bir kış geldiğinde ne olur - beş, altı yıl uzunluğunda? Kıtlık olur. Kuzey acımasız.
Şüphesiz, sadece Güney’den tahıl ithalatı Kuzey’in ihtiyaçlarını karşılayamaz. Ve bu arada, kış aylarında Güney’de kar yağıyor mu? Evet, bazen, bazı yerlerde. Ay Dağları oldukça fazla kar alır, Vadi ve nehir arazileri batısı daha da az… King’s Landing’e nadiren kar yağar, Fırtına toprakları ve Menzil’e de nadiren, Oldtown ve Dorne’na neredeyse hiç kar yağmaz.
Dany’in köleleri kurtarmaya çalışmasını çok saçma, mantıksız ve boşa çaba olduğunu düşünen okuyucuya Martin; Dany’in küçük, deneyimsiz ve iyi niyetli olduğunu ve bu hamlelerin gelişiminde etkili olacağını söyledi.
Yüzsüz doğulur mu olunur mu? Yani; reflekslerin, dengenin, birini öldürme yeteneğinin üstünde yetenekli bir suikastçının beklediği fiziksel ve zihinsel niteliklere sahip olmaları gerekiyor mu? Gerekli becerilere sahip olan herkes Faceless Man olabilir mi, yoksa ailelerden çocuklara geçen bir miras mı? Kesinlikle miras değil.
Yüzsüzler ne zamandır varlığını sürdürüyor? Binlerce yıl… Braavos’un kendisinden daha uzun.
Rhaegar, Ser Barristan ve Sör Jorah Mormont tarafından melankolik, asil ve şerefli olarak tanımlanır. Bu adam bana, özellikle de Harrenhal’daki turnuva gibi halka açık bir etkinlikte, karısını aldatan türden bir adam gibi görünmüyor. Öyleyse neden güzellik kraliçesi olarak Lyanna’yı seçti? İyi soru.
Bu arada, umarım Jon Snow ASOIAF’ın Frodo’su değildir. Jon benim en sevdiğim karakter ve onun Frodo gibi olmasını istemezdim, hastalığından ve hastalığından dolayı yaralanmış… Jon, Frodo’dan daha uzundur.
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2020.07.23 16:51 MaddKossack115 Old World Blues Style "Ending Slides" - Buryatia

As someone who liked the Ending Slides from the Old World Blues demo (and understands why technical difficulties has gotten them slashed for the immediate future), I have been thinking about writing "Ending Slides" for the TNO Russian warlords. I admit I haven't played the mod in full (due to not being much of a HOI4 expert, therefore not really being able to lead each warlord to victory), but I am addicted to TNO's lore enough that I want to give writing for it a spin!
I'm starting with Buryatia (sticking to its "regional reunification" of the Russian Far East for now) partly because Blessed Sablin is easily one of my best picks for Russian reunifier (even despite of how much of an Early Game Hell he faces against Yagoda), partly because several posted events have given me a good idea for how his campaign will function, and partly because it doesn't appear there are any "Shock Twists" (such as Hyperborea Aryan Brotherhood., BurgSys Komi, or Yeltsin Sverdlovsk) to worry about factoring into the events. I have marked this entire post as a Spoiler due to some of Buryatia's events being posted to Reddit as spoilers, and because of a few "epilogue slides" that will feature some other spoilers outside of Buryatia.
So without further ado...
Slide 1: Victory Over Irkutsk ("Slide Image": Several NKVD soldiers holding their hands up in surrender)
"Despite the odds of a hastily rallied militia against some of the most hardened soldiers of the former Soviet Union being perilously slim, the Buryat ASSR was able to beat back the NKVD forces, and captured Genrikh Yagoda, bringing an end to his tyranny. With "Chairman" Yagoda in the custody of Sablin's rebellion, the rest of Irkutsk's forces quickly crumbled without his direction. Many surrendered to the Buryatia rebels, while others desperately fled west into Siberia to escape the wrath of a popular uprising.
Historians to this day debate how exactly Sablin's forces were able to achieve such an unlikely victory; some speculated that Sablin's generals were able to use guerrilla warfare to take the conventional NKVD forces by surprise, others think the volume of men and women taking up arms was enough to nullify the NKVD's quality with sheer numbers. While some have even speculated that Sablin's victory was due to primarily Yagoda grossly underestimating the capability of his rebellion, one thing that cannot be denied was that Sablin, for all the accusations of his 'naive' ideals, had a tactical cunning that backed his words with the actions to defend them."
Slide 2: Yagoda's Fate ("Slide Image": Yagoda locked behind prison bars)
"After Genrikh Yagoda was captured, he was found guilty of multiple crimes against the people of Buryatia, Irkutsk, and much of the Soviet Union. While many expected the trial to end with Yagoda's summary execution, he was instead sentenced to life imprisonment, to demonstrate that Sablin would provide justice instead of retaliation.
While Yagoda wasted away in his cell, propaganda posters he had erected were torn down, plaques with his name were replaced with slogans rallying the people, and his legacy, blood-soaked as it was, would fade away with time. Yagoda would ultimately pass away in his cell, his final days tormented with the belief that Sablin's victory was simply the death of the Soviet Union."
Slide 3A: Mikhail's Exile ("Slide Image": Tsar Mikhail exiting a plane in Australia, waving to a crowd of reporters)
"After Sablin's forces liberated Irkutsk, they turned their attention to Chita. Pulling off another upset victory against the White forces supposedly led by "Tsar" Mikhail II, Sablin's questioning of the bested monarch revealed a shocking truth; Mikhail, having originally lived in Australia as Michael Andreevich, was essentially forced into being a puppet for the old White generals, who desired him as a figurehead rather than a leader.
Deciding that Mikhail's involvement to the White cause was next to negligible, Sablin excused Andreevich from the trials levied against other White commanders, and simply punished him with exile from Russia, and forbidding his return. Michael, simply wanting to return to Australia, did not argue this sentence, and left on the first flight to Sydney. The reporters who arrived to question the returning Russian Prince were among the first media figures in the OFN to learn of Sablin's rebellion."
Slide 3B: Mikhail's Fate ("Slide Image": Tsar Mikhail's corpse, having been executed by either Rodzaevsky's or Matkovsky's forces)
"Unfortunately for "Tsar" Mikhail II, the fascists to his east had captured and executed him before Sablin's forces could liberate Chita from the west. Going through his personal writings, Sablin felt a twinge of guilt, as he realized that Mikhail was nothing more than a pawn of the White armies, and that what few crimes against the people he committed did not warrant an execution at the hand of bloodthirsty fascists. Sablin resolved to send Mikhail's remains to Australia, to ensure he would be buried in the place he truly considered home."
Slide 4A: A Tale Of Two Vohzds ("Slide Image": A photograph of the Rossiyskaya Fashistskaya Partiya, ripped in half while focusing on the images of Rodzaevsky and Matkovsky)
"The bloody feud between the mad Rodzaevsky, and the conniving Matkovsky, was still raging when Sablin set forth to liberate Amur and Magadan from their grip. The two men were a twisted reflection of the revolt Sablin launched against Yagoda - an old tyrant trying to squelch a young upstart, who had left the elder's side out of rejection of their cruelty. Although Sablin's forces would first crush Rodzaevsky on their march eastwards, they offered little clemency for Matkovsky after he was beaten soon after. Although Matkovsky was the lesser of two evils, his commitment to fascism, even if less extreme than his former master, was enough for him to be judged guilty in the eyes of the people."
Slide 4B: The All-Russian Vohzd ("Slide Image": Konstantin Rodzaevsky at a rally, delivering a fiery speech)
"When Sablin's revolution took its final steps into the east, the ruthless Rodzaevsky had ground his rebellious follower Matkovsky under his heel. The paranoia, the purges, the camps, the massacres - Fighting Rodzaevsky was like fighting Yagoda all over again, except with the unfiltered hatred and insanity of the National Socialist system. When Rodzaevsky was finally brought down, the people's justice was delivered as swiftly as it was brutally. Now few dare speak Rodzaevsky's name aloud, in an attempt to banish what little of his legacy remained from the memory of Russia."
Slide 4C: The Lesser Vohzd ("Slide Image": Mikhail Matkovsky delivering a speech to a crowd)
"As Sablin crossed into Amur, the area had already fallen from the hands of the psychotic Rodzaevsky, into the hands of his former protoge, Matkovsky. In many ways, Sablin's final opponent in the Russian East was like a darkened mirror image of himself. While both Sablin and Matkovsky rebelled against old, paranoid tyrants who were fanatically devoted to their despotism, Matkovsky did not hold the revolutionary zeal of Sablin, but the coldly pragmatic calculations of 'realpolitik'. Rather than truly change the system he rose up against like Sablin, Matkovsky simply watered down its ills, and gave paltry rights to those that would have been enslaved or exterminated under Rodzaevsky.
Yet ultimately, poison was still poison regardless of its relative potency, and delivering 'equality in oppression' was still delivering oppression. Matkovsky's trial would find him guilty of crimes against the people, and would sentence him to death, albeit a swift and mostly painless execution compared Matkovsky's far bloodier lynching of Rodzaevsky. If Matkovsky was the lesser of two evil men, than his death by firing squad would prove to be the lesser of two deaths."
Epilogue 1: The Northern Storm ("Slide Image": "Father" Alexander Men in prayer)
"Yet while Sablin and his allies secured their holdings over the Russian Far East, the remote villages of the north have suddenly coalesced, and formed a far larger threat... "The Father", the charismatic yet mysterious founder of the "Divine Mandate of Siberia", has begun sending forces on raids against the recently formed Far Eastern Soviet Republic. Although The Father may have some good intentions, his methods are at fundamental odds against Sablin's, and therefore war between the two sides is inevitable. Already the FESR's armed forces are being called upon for mobilization, and are planning for a new campaign into the cold, cold north."
Epilogue 2: Brothers of Anarchy ("Slide Image": Siberian Black Army riding on horseback, flying the flag of the Siberian Free Territory)
"Perhaps a scenario even more unlikely than Sablin reuniting the Russian Far East is an Anarchist Free Territory being established in Siberia. But yet, that is exactly what the Siberian Black Army has done, having just formed the Siberian Free Territory after driving every other Central Siberian faction under their hooves.
Their presence to the west of Sablin's Far Eastern Soviet Republic is proving to be a conundrum. On the one hand, they share a good amount of socialist idealism, and providing democracy in both the government and workplace. However, the Black Army's dogmatic disdain of 'statists', as well as its reliance on the military to secure its position by force, would make negotiations for a peaceful unification a daunting proposition, even with the common ground between them and Sablin. Time will tell if the two sides are able to discuss their differences peacefully, or if only another war can resolve the differences between anarchism, and democratic socialism."
Epilogue 3: The Queen of Rus ("Slide Image": "Princess" Lydia Krylova grips a sword by its hilt, whilst being flanked by two "Kingsguard" elites)
"However unlikely Sablin's victories in the Russian Far East were, the rise of 'King Ruik II's' Grand Principality of Central Siberia was far more so. A baffling collection of anachronistic aesthetics and governance, King Rurik's blending of ancient monarchy with modern labor unions was, if not the product of a sane man, had some degree of method to its madness.
However, the Principality's freedoms have been slowly been chipped away by King Rurik's daughter, "Princess" Lydia Krylova. Having sidelined her brother Yuriy's proposed social reforms, Lydia has convinced her father that the only way they will be able to unite Russia under the Rus banner is if they expand their military with an iron fist, to pound all other factions into submission. With the somewhat socialist-leaning Prince Yuriy now on the losing end of the line of succession, Princess Lydia has turned her gaze upon the Far Eastern Soviet Republic, as both a great bounty of land and resources, and a potential threat that must be uprooted before it grows further. Sablin will have to marshal his forces quickly, as underestimating the might of Grand Principality will almost certainly be fatal to his revolution."
Final Slide: The Revolution Marches On! ("Slide Image": Sablin hailing a crowd of cheering citizens in Buryatia)
"Although Sablin has finished his chapter in the Russian Far East, the larger story of his revolution is yet to be written. It may end with other factions conquering the FESR, snuffing the revolutionary fires that Yagoda and the Harbin reactionaries initially failed to extinguish. It may end when negotiations force Sablin to bend the knee, to serve a far larger faction with a more experienced leader at the helm.
But whatever end awaits, Sablin will fight - fight for the people, fight for the revolution, fight for freedom! Whether he is bested in battle or the negotiation room, or if he manages to unite all of Russia under his leadership, Sablin will persevere, no matter the odds. For even if his attempts ultimately end in failure, he knows that the attempt itself will inspire those to come, and that if enough people can be inspired to action, they will eventually achieve triumph - even if it is a triumph he may never live to see."
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Rusya'da Tek Başına 7000 İnsan Öldüren Adam: Vasily ... Rus dilini sewmeyen insan 😆😆😆😄😄😄 - YouTube Rus robot kostüm çıktı içinden insan varmış Rus gazeteci Halep yenilgisini anlattı Onlar sanki insan değildi OMEGLE DE TESTERE 'YLE İNSAN TROLLEME (Rus Kız Tavladık ... Rus Hitman (Russian Hitman) Şakası  Türkçe Altyazı

Son dakika... Rus iş insanı ve karısı koronavirüs aşısını ...

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Russian Hitman Ransom Prank! - Duration: 4:42. VitalyzdTv Recommended for you. 4:42. Şakacı Mustafa Karadeniz - Balon Şakası (Dayak Yiyor) - Duration: 12:37. SURİYE'Lİ MÜCAHİDLER HALEP'TE ESED KUŞATMASINI ve BİRLİKLERİNİ PERİŞAN EDİYOR! ALLAHU EKBER! İŞTE KANITI!SURİYE'Lİ MÜCAHİDLER HALEP'TE ESED KUŞATMASINI ve BİRLİKLERİNİ ... ' OMEGLE DE TESTERE 'YLE İNSAN TROLLEME (Rus Kız Tavladık) ' Adlı Video. Herkese merhaba arkadaşlar bugün sizlerle birlikte testereyle Omegle de insanları tr... Vasily Mikhailovich Blokhin, Ocak 1895’te Rusya’da dünyaya geldi.O tarihlerde doğduğu topraklarda büyük bir sefalet hakimdi.Ailesi köyde yaşayan çiftçi bir a... Prikol WORST NIGHTMARE for Russian Military US Military advanced robot technology - Duration: ... Yaşayan 10 Yarı Robot Yarı İnsan - Duration: 2:57. OHA diyorum! 625,476 views.